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File: skinpeeledoff.jpg (637 KB, 1111x717)
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There was a thread on this board not too long ago about Tokaimura that got archived. I wanted to clear up some confusion around the photos that circulate online, and get attributed to Tokaimura.

The infamous photo of the totally skinned man in the bed is not Hisashi Ouchi. There's no definitive backstory on the image, but my belief is that it's of a Chernobyl liquidator. The "ChooseDeath" image that sometimes pops up in conjunction with Tokaimura is also actually of African-American men who experienced an extreme allergic reaction antibiotics.

In this Imgur gallery, I have some rare photos of the two Tokaimura casualties. Some of them come from medical papers that were published online just 5-7 years ago, even though the incident occurred in 1999.

File: OuchiChest2.jpg (169 KB, 609x345)
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169 KB JPG
Hisashi Ouchi's chest
File: bjr58976-2.jpg (222 KB, 1280x683)
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222 KB JPG
Masato Shinohara's chest
File: hisashiouchiintestines.jpg (333 KB, 1040x498)
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333 KB JPG
Hisashi Ouchi's intestines at autopsy
File: shinohara copy.jpg (210 KB, 786x423)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Images of Shinohara
File: shinoharahand.jpg (92 KB, 766x326)
92 KB
The progression of Shinohara's hand
File: ouchichest.jpg (427 KB, 1070x641)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
More shots of Ouchi's chest
File: skinlessface.jpg (349 KB, 840x597)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Possible post-mortem photo of Shinohara
File: ouchiendoscopies.jpg (317 KB, 1092x446)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
Ouchi's intestines losing mucus membranes, and hemorrhaging blood.
File: ouchiparotidgland.jpg (95 KB, 943x620)
95 KB
Ouchi's enlarged salivary gland
File: PCCring.jpg (16 KB, 402x481)
16 KB
Premature Chromosome Condensation (PCC) rings in Ouchi's chromosomes
I think this picture might be fake, just look at the hand.
It looks too convincing to me to be fake. The only thing I struggle to make sense of with the photo is why you can't see the left foot.
No, sadly this picture is real indeed. This man wasThe human body is constantly repair itself, from the fibers in our muscles, to the growth of hair, and the digestion of food, our bodies are in
constant motion.
At the nuclear factility some radioactive waste hit 2 workers.
When the radiation hit M. Ouchi's white blood cell count dropped to nothing, and his cells were no longer able to recreate. Slowly, his body died without the repairs necessary to maintain life. Skin graphs did not take, he aquired infections, and his body fell apart as he suffered general necrosis. This is what you see - a human being without cell regeneration/repair.
Poor dude
File: 1547356926214.jpg (239 KB, 581x791)
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239 KB JPG
Are you guys fucking blind?
This is clearly a prop made of rubber or silicone.
It lacks the appearance of real flesh.
Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are fake anyway. Why buy into that Jew Einsteins rambling? Total fraud.
They should put a bullet in these poor people heads.
File: l-40729-wack.jpg (15 KB, 700x690)
15 KB
>Hisashi Ouchi's intestines
File: 1547442024255.jpg (35 KB, 640x404)
35 KB
>Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are fake anyway. Why buy into that Jew Einsteins rambling? Total fraud.
That isn't Ouchi though. The guy in the image has no leg, none of Ouchi's limbs were amputated.
That's correct. Doctors thought about amputating Ouchi's right arm because the amount of muscle wasting was elevating myoglobin in his blood to dangerous levels. But they didn't do it because they thought the wound wouldn't heal properly.
File: 32452.jpg (6 KB, 205x246)
6 KB
I'm actually impressed that you still care, OP.
Keep it up.
Thanks correct info about this subject. I can't imagine the pure horror that was for these people, to suffer this way till the only end they could have.
that is someone who was burned by fire, or possibly molten metal. not ouchi, but he might have been in a similar state towards the end.
no chernobyl liquidators had radiation burns that severe.

a criticality accident with several kg of plutonium (just like tokaimura and the demon core incidents) gives off MUCH more radiation than just a few chunks of graphite or uranium thrown out of a reactor.
The op pic is not from any nuclear accident you faggots...
Who cares? Fucking melt.
Vladimir Pravik is one Chernobyl liquidator who is known to have lost skin on 100% of his body (although there's no record of him having a leg amputated either). This book gives a description:


There are also rumors that Pravik's eyes changed from brown to blue, and that he had blisters on his heart.
it says that he was burned both by radiation and actual fire, probably mostly fire.

if i remember correctly, only a few people actually died from ARS at chernobyl, most of the deaths were due to the actual explosion and resulting fires.
one of the radiation deaths was a fireman who didn't realize he was standing right next to an ejected fuel rod all night.
For what it's worth, here are a couple Korean sites which state the image is of a Chernobyl firefighter:


File: 1525363745204.jpg (96 KB, 912x905)
96 KB
File: 1547413627163.jpg (66 KB, 1024x576)
66 KB
>/pol/bitch detected
Years back I read a story about two Russian sailors that were trying to steal precious metals from a nuclear bomb and ended up triggering the high explosive initiator whilst bashing the Nike with a hammer. Anyone recall this? I can't find it anywhere these days. Perhaps it was bullshit
>nuclear power and weapons fake
Suuuuure. So what were those things that caused all the craters in Nevada? Also go back and try to pass 10th grade chemistry before posting
>two Russian sailors that were trying to steal precious metals from a nuclear bomb and ended up triggering the high explosive initiator whilst bashing the Nike with a hammer.
This story makes no sense at all. What precious metals are in a nuclear weapon? Anyone with access to a nuke isn't going to be smashing it with a hammer. A Nike is a US missile...
His name is actually pronounced more like "Oach" as in "oat," with the first part of the name being heavily dragged out. That's what it sounds like in the documentary about him anyway:

Maybe they meant to say "nuke." Regardless, I'm pretty sure anyone who had a nuclear bomb or missile explode right in front of them would die instantly. Not the origin of the infamous photo.
ouchi indeed...
>DNA losing the ability to replicate
Good lord. That sounds absolutely terrifying. The photos themselves were scary but to really find out why is tragic.
>What precious metals are in a nuclear weapon?

he was implying that the conventional explosive trigger exploded, possibly without the plutonium pit even inserted.
i never heard of that incident, before.
but two russian guys did fall to sleep on an unshielded strontium RTG one time (because it was warm at night) and got irradiated.

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