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File: OSR-Logo-KISS.png (45 KB, 1304x696)
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Trove: https://mega.nz/#F!3FcAQaTZ!BkCA0bzsQGmA2GNRUZlxzg!jJtCmTLA

Useful Shit: http://pastebin.com/FQJx2wsC

So Raggi's new LotFP playtest rules have CON modifiers dictate the HP die used. Better the score, higher the d#. Thoughts? I think it's pretty cool, myself.
Mind spoonfeeding a retard on where Raggi's playtest rules can be found? I have been hoping he would get around to releasing them.
He mails them out to people who are part of the Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society (like a fanclub type deal).
Show me maps you've drawn, /osr/.
File: Zochoto campaign Map.png (24 KB, 600x800)
24 KB
The extant of my map making skills.
What if we made a flow chart for what OSR system people should use?
Isn't there already one?
Not that I'm aware of, but I'm not in these all the time so maybe.
File: Men&Magic1.png (59 KB, 658x490)
59 KB
I'm reading the first print of Men & Magic (OD&D) and I can't figure out something.

How do you know if a prime requisite is +1, +2 or +3? Is it the number of raises you put by lowering other ability scores, or is it like 13/16/18 capstones? If so, what page/books says it because I can't find anything about that here and don't want to rely on other editions.
Oh I just realised, I think +1 is 13, +2 is 14 and +3 is 15. Since usually in clones it gets interpreted as Constitution 15+ = +1 on hit dices.
What's a good, zero-prep dungeon to run?
I've got a game tomorrow, but I've been so stacked up with stuff that I didn't get around to sitting down and writing anything out.

My fate rests in your hands, /osrg/
It's nearly as good as the Keep on the Borderlands map. without the grid overlay and less tediously drawn trees. Don't beat yourself up.
totally serviceable and also looks like something a random dude would draw, so looks authentic to what an adventurer would make.
gives it a nice charm, really.
File: 1459551845711.jpg (95 KB, 650x550)
95 KB
Does anyone know of a place I can play Rules Cyclopedia D&D in a text based format, Preferably with an instant chat-based system and dice rolling program integrated. Roll20's OSR territory is barren. Most other places do a play-by-post format and that's not really what I'm looking for. Last case I'll go with voice-chat.

I recently left my girlfriend I was engaged with. All my table's player's were more friends of her than of me, so I had to close the game. It was my only form of release, so I'm looking for a new table.
Not rules cyclopedia, but critkeeper in the pastebin link has b/x.
I'd prefer RC, but if B/X is all that's there.. That site seems pretty barren as well, but It looks like a very good system for text-based play. I'll probably use it along with gridmapper
What do you think of this houserule?


Alternatively, I was thinking of something inspired by fallout.

Damage Threshold: TN you must meet for the hit to not deflect.
Damage Resistance: static % modifier.

So going off the latter options?

I do 8 damage. I have DT2 which I bypass, but I do 4 damage because plate armor has a DR of 50%?
Can someone explain those constitution bonuses? What does "Will withstand adversity" and "chance of survival" mean?
Sounds ok but it doesn't feel "right", idk why tho.
So I finally read through World of the Lost. I'm a bit disappointed that in a module set in 17th century Nigeria, slavery is only mentioned in the context of ayys coming back in time to enslave the world. It feels like if Better Than Any Man didn't mention there was a war on.

If I run it, I'm thinking of making the slave trade a major part of the conspiracy against King Ishola. He's seen its effects on nearby cities, and has enacted laws to prevent slaves from being sold beyond Khirima's borders. The conspirators represent pro-slavery groups within the factions: warriors interested in purchasing western arms, merchants who would profit from the trade, and priests who see Ekpe style enforcement societies as a means to consolidate their control.

I'm not that happy with the Chinese showing up everywhere either. Zheng He visiting Mozambique once doesn't mean the Chinese rounded the Cape.
It's the chance for surviving ressurection, polymorph effects, and petrification. I think. I don't remember what it specifically applied to in OD&D.

It got more fleshed out in Greyhawk, for what it's worth, although personally I think it overcomplicated things a bit.

You might also know it by the name "System Shock".

>Oh I just realised, I think +1 is 13, +2 is 14 and +3 is 15.
Yeah, that got made explicit in later printings - presumable because people got just as confused as you were!

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