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As was promised in a previous thread about the game, here is the story of a Nechronica campaign lasting over a year. It's the lengthy tale of a group of wee and not so wee lasses who try to not make their way through the ruined remains of the world and not die (more) in the process.
Before we get started, let's get a brief run down of some of the cast.

Ghee (Age: 12): About twelve, the firt thing you notice about the girl i that peeking from her thin, sparse hair are many tens of eyes, covering most of her scalp, of various colors and sizes. Some of them aren't human, and clusters of them track each of you individually, the rest reflexively scanning the area. Wearing the frilliest, most disgustingly girly white dress ever, the hem only slightly covers her raptorial, digitigrade legs and tail, and the neckline is low enough to show off a quite intricate shiny metal medallion on her collarbone, its centerpiece a shiny red gem. as the distance closes, you can see her face is mostly immobile, her lips having been stitched together. When she speaks, her mouth doesn’t move. Her hands are dark with machine oil despite her frilly attire, and she wears a book strapped to her back the size of her entire torso.

Ghee's the quiet, dour type who'd much rather be reading in silence or fucking about with some experiment then talking to people or having fun. She's also very prone to making silly advanced technology.

Valentine (Age 16): A girl who is about 5' 5" and quite thin with long brown hair. She is wearing what looks to be a vest with the front covered in sewn on pockets, her pants are covered in patches as well and she has a beret upon her head. The beret is the only thing that actually seems to fit her. She has a large rifle slung on her back and armor plating is embedded into her arms. She also has two pistols holstered at her sides.

Valentine, eventually, ends up becoming the leader/big sister type. She's got a paranoid streak that has her expecting just about everything to go wrong, and an innate distrust of inhuman shit. She also claims to be a doctor.
File: Fallen Leaves.jpg (499.23 KB, 744x1168)
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Shalott (Age: 12): Shalott: She is slightly taller than Ghee, has cat ears and a cattail and looks...weird. Some of her fingernails are teeth, she has black lines around and through her eyes and her legs are a little discolored. She is wearing a slightly torn skirt and a shirt that look like a school uniform. The lower arms of Shalott are covered in spikes. By the end, she has a very flexible spine, a shotgun, a backpack full of flesh that she keeps around with her, and a short, thick tentacle growing out of her right arm.

Shalott became the center of care for everyone with her becoming more and more mutated. She's what you'd expect from a small girl who just wanted to make friends and make everybody happy. It doesn't help that she's a cannibal.

And lastly, there's Fallen Leaves. She's an NPC who was with us the entire way. The GM used pic as her token, so that's what she looks like. She's prone to anger, a bit foul-mouthed, and has done a lot of bad shit in the past.

The story, with some exceptions, is written by Valentine's player. Now onto the story proper.

Valentine was not around for the first session, so the account of that comes from Shalott's player.

Shalott traveled with Aides and Azure Flowers away from something huge, meet a stone girl who pointed them to Ghee and Madeline who then went to Fallen Leaves. Fallen Leaves is a sniper girl. She's also missing both her eyes at this point in time and uses her sniper rifle as a crutch.

She explained everything there is, the huge thing was a former Ally of her who now is called Equalizer, because he mutated into a city-huge worm that eats everything in its path. She knew how to kill him through. The plan was to rig up a city block that we where in with explosives, play bait and detonate it inside of him to immobilize him. Then we walk inside of him to finish his vitals off.
File: The equalizer.png (37.53 KB, 519x591)
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37.53 KB PNG
The second session started with them detonating a questionable amount of explosives in the worm's gullet, the question here being "Where in God's name did you get all of that?" This is where they enacted step two of their masterful plan to kill Equalizer, get inside of it. It was certainly a plan to come in on that makes you wonder what kind of game you're getting yourself into.

Fortunately for them, they didn't have time to question the validity of this plan as step two was completed for them. The worm's momentum carried it far enough that it ended up swallowing the cathedral they took cover in. The party as of this moment is Shalott, Ghee, and Fallen Leaves who are described above, and Madeline, Aides, and Azure Flowers. Azure flowers is pretty much a freaky tentacle monster that is vaguely girl shaped while Aides and Madeline look pretty normal, if memory serves. Anyway,they continue onwards for a bit before a voice calls out to them. This voice comes from a mostly destroyed building, the only potential sign of someone they can see is a gun barrel sticking out of a window. The voice asks them if the loud bang was their fault.

The party is both surprised and suspicion about this turn of events. That someone is actually alive, for a certain definition of the word, in this worm is certainly odd. There's a bit of back and forth as Ghee readies to fire a laser beam at the suspicious person. The stranger decides to leave their perch when its mentioned that they may be able to get out of the belly of the beast.

Enter Valentine, looking quite scared and practically hugging her AT Rifle. The party gets moving as Valentine and everyone else is quite anxious to get the fuck out. Introductions and such occur as the party continues on, everyone being various degrees of welcoming to their new member.
After some banter, we run into what are probably stomach parasites and everyone reveals how comically unaware we are of the rules. Nothing overly terrible happens, however, we do decide that using arms for the support 1 means that you wiggle your arms during the action. This logically follows that since you can use it to help allies as well, that we can wiggle our arms to inspire our teammates to not fuck up. Any-who, some people take some damage and some of which is patched up with Valentine’s first aid kit.

The party continues deeper into the beast until we hear noises that is either more eating, or the worm's heart. Valentine says never been this far in before as it was too dangerous a proposition trying to get past all the parasites and shit. Leaves, meanwhile is acting a bit nostalgic and talks about the history she had with the worm before he was a worm. We do eventually find the heart, which is a freaky mass of arms and mouths. We learn Leaves fed Famine, the former name of the worm, her eyes for reasons. Combat starts, shit gets shot and stabbed, and the mass dies when Leaves uses freaky aiming powers to finish it off with her own AT Rifle. The mass falls into digestive juices as Valentine gets filled in on what everyone was doing here.

The mass contains what could be considered the real heart of famine, the source of its hunger powers. Leaves mentions that she has her own special piece and she doesn't want to have two. So we have a discussion in and out of character of what to do with it, Valentine, for obvious reasons, doesn't want
it and would rather break it and be done with the whole thing. Mechanically, we could give it to someone who is not a Gothic and they would be able to get Gothic skills as class skills, or we could give it to a Gothic and get the mystery box option. We picked the mystery box option. Aides cuts Shalott open with her katana and shoves the black heart of Famine into the chest of the wee lass.
That was the end of the second session. Valentine being found alone in the worm and Shalott having its heart shoved into her are things that will come to define these characters in the future. Anyway, session three starts and Azure Flowers disappears for good due to the player disappearing. The first casualty of the campaign, but not the last.

The third session starts with the party discussing what to do while still in the worm. We decide to follow Leaves' advice of heading to Rome since none of us have any other place to go. She lets slip it's in our best interest to avoid a necromancer named Morrigan.

Morrigan, or as we sometimes call her, the crazy bird bitch, is the big necromancer on the block. She controls most of what was once Europe and on a side note, she allegedly doesn't make her own dolls. Morrigan has a thing for birds and some other things that would come to light in the future. She's the
BBEG of the campaign, and Leaves just so happens to owe her for all those lovely explosives she borrowed. This is an issue as Leaves had no plans to pay her back, banking on the fact that she was going to die killing Equalizer.

The party makes their way out of the worm and find that some birds are already picking at the corpse. We decide that messing with the undead birds is not a great idea as we notice some massive ones pass overhead. These are the forward scouts of the aforementioned necromancer so we have to book it.
We do consider the possibility of shooting Leaves and handing her over, as we weren't really involved in the deal and, logically, the necromancer should have no beef with us. We decide not to as none of us really want to test whether or not the necromancer is insane enough to find us guilty by proximity.
File: 1422540822358.jpg (113.22 KB, 687x965)
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-Lab at the Border-

We're not so fortunate as to escape by just legging it. We get some birds following us and Leaves advises against shooting them as that would just make our pursuer angry. We sprint for half a day and found that, while being undead means we don't really get exhausted, our poor dead bodies don't really like the treatment. Eventually Leaves startles the birds as we make our way into a hidden cave. Safe in our cave, we decide to rest.

There's a bit of back and forth as we make our way past a blast door and down some caves till we come to a room with identical exits and the sound of dripping water. We pick one and go down it to find ourselves in what looks the same room with even louder water. Some of us go ahead to scout, only to run into the rest of the party who waited for them.

Everyone's a bit confused by the fact that they managed to loop around in a straight corridor. The ones who went ahead hear the water even louder now. The decision to split up to brute force our way into the right entrance dies when we realize that there are also a number of tunnel exits above us, 40 of these exits are accessible to us. Ghee then decides that the noises in her head are too much and she fires her laser down one of the tunnels, it goes out of every tunnel until it hits the ceiling which shimmers. After she recovers from being hit by her own laser and a bit more consideration and experimentation, Ghee lasers the ceiling and doesn't stop until we get flung about by the room ceasing to exist.
File: Smug birdlady.png (3.84 MB, 2056x2266)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB PNG
The new room is metallic and has mysteriously smoking equipment. Ghee is rewarded for her success with a smoking chest as her laser also overheated. After she cools off a bit, Ghee scavenges some not so burnt bits from the ruined equipment and we venture deeper into what we figure is a secret lab. We come to an elevator with floors marked with interesting names as "Super Conductor" and Genetic Storage. We decide on the one marked Kinetic Weapons as that sounds suspiciously like guns and those are handy.

Exploring the floor leads us to partially assembled gliders and schematics and finding that some kind of robot called a "Knight unit" is missing. We find it shut down in the testing range and after closer inspection, find that it's "manned" by a mound of flesh as it comes to life.

To our dismay, Morrigan has been to this facility long before we did as she taunts us over the machine's speaker. That's when it attacks us, or at least tried to. It got its ass handed to it before it could land a single blow. Since we had such an easy victory, we celebrated by looting the testing range. We find a launcher that shoots spiky anti-armor grenades which gets handed off to Valentine, some kind of auto-cannon that fires rounds with a chemical payload, and a cannon that went through a target on the test range as well as several meters of wall behind it. We take the former two and leave the latter as A: We were carrying a lot of shit at that point B: The recoil from that cannon would tear any one of us in half and C: It's fucking huge.

Pic is what the GM used for Bird Bitch.
After we finish indulging in the fine offerings of the testing range, we decide it's a good idea to get the hell out of Dodge. That doesn't quite pan out as, in the GM's words, a "hurricane of birds" pours out of
the elevator when we get to it. We decide to run back to the testing range and seal ourselves in there as the door is reinforced. Suggestions of using that large cannon to kill the birds come up by are shot down when we find the cannon is both too heavy and bolted down. This leads to plan B- fire the cannon repeatedly to dig our way out of the facility. We can hear the sounds of birds smashing themselves into the door as we load shells large enough to require two of us to carry them into the cannon. Six shots and we have a way out, which is good as the cannon has almost torn itself off the mounting. We break the stuff holding the cannon down and fuck with it by loading it and
then stuffing another round down the barrel.

Half way down our escape route, we hear the birds break through and the voice of a triumphant necromancer who begins to thank us for lining up but is cut off by an explosion. Valentine comes to the conclusion that Morrigan is not a particularly clever person and we decide that we can rest after our enemy just blew themselves up.
File: Regrets, some.jpg (91.42 KB, 480x360)
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-Dress up-

(This whole chapter or what have you, was written by Shalott's player)

You see, after we annoyed Morrigan at the lab, she had to head back because of all of her wounds. That didn't mean that we where safe through.

Birds where still following us so we decided that to hole up in an abandoned house for a while. The house was basically a farm house, not al ot to it. Now, remember it was said that the heart did something else to Shalott? Well, for the cost of the power of healing cannibalism, she got the hunger. Everyone around her started to look more and more delicious to the point of the hunger almost taking over.

It became clear that we had to give Shalott something to do when she kept staring at one of the birds outside. Sadly, there where no boardgames left.

The only thing we could do was a small dress-up party.

Madeline told Shalott about that idea. She loved it and went upstairs while Madeline practically had to pull Ghee up there since she started tinkering on something. Once she got upstairs, she saw a Valentine looking lost while a Shalott started to throw on all the clothes that she could find.

"I dont think thats how you're supposed to do it" said Madeline to which Shalott replied ''But I'm winning!'' She explained further how to play dress up, but everyone kept missing the point. Shalott put on clothes over her normal clothes, Valentine put a shirt over her vest and Ghee starts to look silly in a far too large sweater.
It was clear that Madeline was the only person here that knew what to do, so she started to sort through everything to get the best stuff out. She pulled a dress out for shalott, which didn't suit her and told Valentine flat out that her vest doesn't suit her. This was the point where Fallen Leaves steps in.

Leaves stayed at the doorway. ''Having fun, kids?'' Shalott informed her that she was winning until Madeline told her that she was wrong, Valentine just gave a maybe and Ghee told them that she has less fun than it is visible to her. The only person that had a great time was Madeline, who now made new
outfits for everyone.

Fallen Leaves: ''Ghee, you're always having less fun than is visible to us. It's like, negative fun or something. Anti-fun?''
Ghee: ''I can be fun... How do you be fun?''
Valentine: ''Do something that makes others smile?''
Madeline: ''I don't think she can be fun then.''
Valentine: ''Oh.''

We talked a bit more about Ghee and what would be fun to her. We soon learned that she likes silence and reading and could be classified as the most boring person in the world. The outfits from Madeline where done shortly after. Valentine had to wear some normal stuff (but slips her vest back on the
second Madeline's head is turned), Shalott got something that looked like a school uniform and Ghee got a very special outfit from her. I am going to quote Madeline on what she said here.

Madeline: The outfit she held in her hands was the epitome of feminine, or at least its was before years of dust and neglect took its tole in the delicate white fabric, leaving it an offish grey
Still though the dress was covered in all sorts of frilly bits and ribbons make it quite girly none the less like something you'd see on a china doll “You're gonna look SO CUTE”

Ghee states her concerns, but Madeline just tells her to shut up and look pretty. This is the point where Leaves tells them that she misses having eyes, so obviously we had to do something about this.
The plan was to get some flesh, remove Shalott's eyes and give her those eyes while Shalott just regenerates her own eyes. We agreed to do this later since cannibalism would just ruin the mood right now. They also agree on wearing those clothes so Leaves could see them. Valentine and Ghee where not so happy about it, but still agreed to it. This also spawned the next plan. See, why should only we dress up while Leaves didn't have to do anything? (Leaves at this point got a little nervous. She may have been blind, but she could still see what was coming.)

A short 3-loli assault later and the door was locked with Leaves on the ground. Shalott, Ghee and Madeline where all giggling while Valentine just watched. Ghee turned a curtain into a cape, Shalott brought some other clothes and Madeline did the fine tuining. The end result was that Leaves started to look both incredible embarrassed and actually feminine. It's clear that she's as far out of her element as she can possibly be.

Everyone likes what they did to Leaves. However, there was still one person here that didn't had any new clothes. "...!...M...Madeline needs a floppy hat!" squeaks Ghee, immediately blushing at her outburst. ''Yeah! With ears!'' Agreed Shalott.

Valentine found the hat for them while Ghee started to collect as many ribbons and other cute things for the hat. Shalott focused on the most fluffy stuff she could find. A few stitches to the hat and it was done. Madeline actually tried to hide from them at this point but Leaves and Valentine had a thirst for revenge.

They pulled her to her doom. They put the mess of a hat on her while Madeline kept making a very long and stressed 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'.

Madeline: ''I feel ridiculous.''
Fallen Leaves: ''It looks alright from here.''
Ghee: ''Is it fun?''
Madeline: ''...yes. I guess we both look preety silly now, huh?''
Shalott: ''But you don't!''
Shalott had to make sure that everyone understood that they had to wear those clothes now until Leaves got her new eyes. They soon found out that the birds around the house left, so it should be safe enough to continue on with there trip to Leaves friend.

Now, you might have noticed that someone here wasn't mentioned. Well, Aides player didn't show up for this session, but that didn't stop us from dressing her character up offscreen. I dropped the bomb rather quick with the suggestion of the curtain-kimono, since Aides basically went rules of nature on an enemy last session. We then decided that this kimono had to layers, a floral print tablecloth and a ''frogies and duckies'' shower curtain.

And that's the end of our little dress up segment. We end up getting into episodes like the more then we probably should. If anyone's actually reading this, feel free to ask questions and shit. It's getting kind of awkward posting all of this with no replies.
Oh, I've been reading along with these. I'm sure some other anons are too!
-Host Hostage Hostel-

(And now back to the world from Valentine's point of view)

After making ourselves fabulous, we continue towards Rome, home of Leaves' friend. As we near our destination, we run into a tall, impossibly smooth wall. We get shalott to use her spikes to climb up it and drop a rope we nicked at some point. This is when the birds show up and we scurry up the rope as fast as our parts will let us. When we get to the top, we see that the land beyond the wall is nothing but polished metal, crystal, and white stone. We throw the rope down the other side and use it to lower ourselves, except for shalott who throws the rope down, followed shortly by herself, headfirst. Madeline catches her, only to get gored by Shalott's spikes and have her guts spill out all over the place. After apologizing, Shalott asks if she can eat said guts. She does not get to eat them as that would just encourage her to disembowl her friends more often. Ghee asks what would happen if Shalott ate her own guts. Shalott's only response is that she doesn't think her own body taste good.

Well as this was going on the birds have been coming ever closer and we leg it to a bunker with a camera watching us. After much pleading to the door by the others, Leaves calls Daedalus a shit and that does the trick. We delve deeper until we run into a pretty man observing science shit. Said pretty man is Daedalus, a man with a fairly unique view of nature and how things should work and the social skills of a brick.

(GM's description of Daedalus: Daedalus: A boy of about twelve with curly brown hair and glowing blue eyes. Greek. He wears an adult sized labcoat tailored to be more like a robe. The overly long sleeves are still there, just rolled up. Height is 142 cm or about 4'8”. Always floats a short distance off the ground, both to look taller and not trip. His default expression is a know-it-all smirk.)
Daedalus is a gracious host and is willing to feed Shalott some excess body parts he has laying around. This is when we enact an absurd plan hatched early on. We remove Shalott's eyes and give them to Leaves, letting Shalott grow new ones thanks to her hunger powers.

This isn't an entirely pleasant process, as Leaves realizes she has no eyelids after we put them in and Shalott's face wouldn't be fit to show on TV as her eyes grow back. At the mention of the worm, Daedalus pulls Leaves away and Valentine gets suspicious. Aides comes along as Valentine decides to check both for a way out and what those two left for. We find the two with Leaves undergoing eye surgery, Daedalus notices the two interlopers immediately and there's a bit of back and forth that ends with the surgery completed and Daedalus politely calling Leaves a number of unflattering things. Leaves is unsure whether to thank Daedalus or to hit him. Valentine helpfully suggests that she can do both, advice that Leaves takes to heart. With both of those tasks complete, we are taken back to the rest of the party for exposition.

Daedalus, Leaves, and what used to be Famine are the prototype dolls and served as a template for all those that came later. Shalott asks if this means she ate her dad. Valentine is not happy with the familial interpretation of this relation as that would make Leaves her mom. We find out that there are 7 of these prototypes, each containing a key of some sort to a facility in Siberia, all the keys are required to gain entrance to it. This facility is Damocles, a place that, if Daedalus is to be believed, would allow whoever controlled it to rewrite reality "on a planetary scale." Also if Shalott gives parts to people they may get infected with a cannibal berserker virus thing. Everyone feels the need to take a step away from Shalott after she says she sees nothing wrong with eating her friend's guts if they're already on the floor.
File: 1422312062213.jpg (787.29 KB, 1280x719)
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787.29 KB JPG
There's a loud metallic crash and Valentine mysteriously disappears (missed this session due to a wedding). Daedalus reveals that he has an agreement with Morrigan, tech for labor (and hints that he gives her other “services,”wink wink, nudge nudge). Leaves responds by blowing his head off. He falls to dust and reappears behind leaves, letting that one slide because she's his friend. He also has a plan, the party tells Morrigan that they have Daedalus hostage and will blow him to kingdom come if she doesn't back the fuck off.

To make it convincing, a fight starts. It ends with Daedalus getting shot and cut to pieces. He technomagics most of himself back together, sans a foot as Shalott took the opportunity to get a taste of him (“tastes like lightning” according to her). They drag Daedalus to a communications room and introduce themselves to the angry Morrigan outside.

She asks how the party was able to get him; Shalott answers by taking a bite out of the foot on camera. Ghee feeds Morrigan a nice story about how they have the place wired to blow and that all she needs to do to prevent that is let the party go. Morrigan doesn't quite buy that we won't blow the place after we leave, but a threat to kill Daedalus on camera, and breaking his arm for good measure, seals the deal.

The party gets some free time and there's a lot of talking, in short, Leaves demonstrates that she is a terrible conversationalist, Aides gets a laser sword, the party agrees to set up atmosphere messing devices, and Shalott gets a shit ton of meat from a 3d meat printer. Oh yeah, also there's a scene with Leaves confessing that her rude behavior to Daedalus was because she liked him that ends with a kiss. Shalott, who incited this, is excited by the development. More importantly, we get a sweet boat in exchange for agreeing to set up those devices.
-Whether the Weather Will Change-

So we set sail for Africa to begin our new quest. We run across weird rock maybe-creatures floating in the water as we pull up to a concrete pier to disembark. After failing to figure a way to ensure our boat doesn't float off while we're all gone, we decide to leave Leaves to watch the boat as we go to set up the weather control device.

The party comes to the ruins of what was probably a city, ravaged by Equalizer, though the signs show it was smaller then when we killed it. Valentine gets this unshakable feeling that she's been in this place before as the party finds a good vantage point to set up the machine. We decide on the roof of a building; Valentine watches for danger as the rest of the party sets up the machine.

Valentine spots movement and when she looks through her scope sees the reflective shape of a person. Valentine ducks down and looks to the sky, wondering how that much light could be reflected when there's no visible sun. When she looks again, she finds the shape has halved the distance but doesn't really seem to move otherwise. After the thing fails to respond to her shouting at it, Valentine resolves to not take her eyes off it, lest it take the opportunity to get closer. She does however, hear something else moving below. Shalott volunteers to go investigate as Aides watches the area for more danger, somehow failing to notice what Valentine sees.
Shalott, meanwhile runs across a man's descent into madness in the form of words scribbled into a wall with a knife and more of those weird stones, one of which has the knife sticking out of it. Shalott hears more noises below before deciding she'd really like to not be alone and runs back up. Aides goes back down with Shalott, Valentine still refusing to look away from the man, to investigate more. When they get there, they find the stones gone and then they realize that perhaps the local rocks aren't all that friendly as more scrapping is heard. This time, the sound came from the roof. Ghee, with her many eyes, spots what is best described as a porous rock monster climbing up. She lasers the railing it was, on sending it plummeting to the ground. Ghee also notices that she can't see whatever it is Valentine is looking at. With a threat present and the machine set up, we decide to fuck off. Valentine fires at the figures feet and they run out the building.

We're booking it before more have a chance to show up. Valentine looks in the direction that the figure was only to have it touch her face as the world fades away for her. What Valentine sees is the destroyed city being even more destroyed by Equalizer. Someone with a face she can't recall shoves a rifle into her hands and tells her to run. The others see Valentine freaking out as more stone monsters pop out of the ground. Everyone decides to leg it, Valentine because of worm 'nam flashbacks and everyone else because they don't want to get murdered by rock men. Fortunately, Ghee grabs Valentine and pulls her in the right direction as she's just lost in her own world.
Everyone arrives at the boat to find that Leaves is having her own rock problems. We all get on the boat, Valentine still having her emotional break down while everyone else tries to keep the beasts from climbing aboard. Valentine eventually realizes where she is but isn't much help as even an Anti-tank rifle only pushes them back. Shit goes from bad to worse as the damn things form a line to blockade the exit of the port.

Everyone tries to figure out how to break out as Valentine fetches the Auto-cannon they looted from that lab. While the rocks were able to handle bullets, fist, and what have you, the chemicals didn't agree with them and it's able to make a hole in the line. We make our escape with Leaves driving the ship through the breach, Valentine expending all of the ammo in the cannon keeping the breach open, and everyone else keeping more of them from
getting on the boat.

After escaping, we set course for Egypt to place device number two. This time, we go up the Nile and pass by a lot of water damaged buildings. After spotting a good building from the river, we go a ways to park our boat and set out for it. The building we chose was once an apartment, filled with tripped booby traps. Ghee takes the time to reset most of them as the rest of the party run into rooms full of mutilated bodies and bone spikes jammed into walls. We consider finding another place to set up, but everything looks like it's been that way for a while so we decide it'll be fine here.

Since the universe loves proving us wrong, we get attacked by the things responsible for the mess. The battle is fairly long, due more to the fact that the dice decided there needed to be a lot of misses then anything the monsters did. With that out of the way, machine number 2 gets set up without further incident.
File: 1422543046187.jpg (412.93 KB, 620x874)
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412.93 KB JPG
Like the last foray, nothing really happens on our way to set up Machine three until we get attacked, again. This time, however, things don't go quite as swimmingly for us as Shalott loses her head and her arms. Little is said as Ghee and Valentine shove meat down Shalott's throat hole so her head can grow back. A sight terrible enough that we get our first madness check for the campaign (The GM realized last session that they were a thing). Even after her head grew back, she still wasn't a pretty sight.

This brings up a concern that's been brewing, Shalott turning into a ravenous, regenerating monster. Leaves reveals to Valentine that what's happening to Shalott is pretty much the same decline as Famine's. It's at this point that Valentine begins to make plans to kill Shalott herself. As much as she likes the lass, she's not going to let another Equalizer run about. This isn't helped by the fact that Shalott refuses to answer the question of whether or not she'd eat other members of the party.

(It's also worth noting that Madeline's player stopped showing up at this point, making her casualty #2)

With tensions unresolved, we head to our next destination, the island of Crete to set up the last device. This time, however, we run into trouble on the waves and our boat gets hit by something.
After toying around with the boat for a bit, tentacles appear out of the water. Everyone on deck gets ready to fight as Valentine attempts to gun the engine and escape. The dice prove that 4 is the worst number as two addition rerolls end with the result being 4 so it's time to fight. We get our shit slapped as we slap their shit, including Valentine who usually sits in Eden but a tentacle decided she'd be much better with her guts strewn about in Elysium.

Things don't get better for us as more tentacles appear faster then we can kill them. We kill a few more before the GM reveals that if we killed enough of them that if we get someone to Eden, (where the boat's controls are located) we can drive the boat out. Ghee, who is the fastest of us, manages to reach it and gets us the fuck out of there.

So we get out of there and we get to patching ourselves up, Valentine ignoring the gut wound she has until someone points it out. Shalott offers to help with that, and despite the obvious misgivings anyone would have, she allowed to do it. Shalott takes some guts for herself, replacing them with bits of metal and hoping no one would notice. Shalott tries to deny taking anything to Valentine's face, but it don't work so good with everyone else standing behind her and seeing the guts she's holding behind her back.

Before anyone can get her to put them down, Shalott jams them into her mouth. Valentine, seeing her own guts being eaten before her, loses it and grabs Shalott demanding to know what's wrong with her. Aides separates the two before anything worse can happen and Shalott runs off crying. Aides claims she'll take care of Shalott if she goes to far and leaves to comfort her. Valentine doesn't trust her and discusses what to do if Aides can't do the deed herself.

(This is the last time that Aides player shows up, making her the third casualty. That leaves us with the players that remain for the rest of the story, Ghee, Shalott, and Valentine)
File: 1422313417450.jpg (51.87 KB, 348x464)
51.87 KB
51.87 KB JPG
Things are awkward for a time after that before Shalott decides to try and apologize for what she did in the form of giving Valentine a necklace made out of what she found lying around and promises to never do it again. Valentine accepts it and feels more uncertain about the future (namely her plans of murder). It's also at this point that Shalott grows a tentacle out her right arm (in mechanical terms, she has the meatsnake part now).

Not to long after this, we arrive at Greece to find something useful, for once. The shore is covered with the wrecks of ships, just what we need to make better repairs on our boat after the last fight. Though we also find that we're not alone. There are zombies stripping some of the wrecks, they make no reaction to our presence, but that just means there's a necromancer nearby. We decide to focus on repairing our boat as those not involved setting the machine or repairs keep watch.

Eventually we see a larger group of zombies approaching. We decide to leave Shalott to go greet, while the rest hide, as she is clearly the most innocuous and more importantly, dangerous up close. After the party conceals themselves, Shalott gets the attention of the large group and a well armed undead comes out of the group. He's got a number of tentacles, guns, and no discernible facial features. We regret our choice in diplomats when Shalott mentions that we're not on friendly terms with Morrigan and just yells at everyone to come out when the man asks. Keep in mind, he's made no indication one way or another of his relation with our enemy.
Valentine and Leaves decide to stay hidden as Ghee comes out into the open, hoping that we can at least conceal how many of us there actually are. Shalott continues to show her mastery of negotiations by flat out telling how many of us there are. It's at this point that Valentine decides to come out into the open, hoping that she can stop Shalott from giving away even more information.

Fortunately, he's no fan of birds either and likes our work in that area. He almost gets his head removed by a hidden Leaves when he mentions that Morrigan and Daedalus are, to put it more bluntly, fucking.

There's some more talking and exchanging of information. This, relatively new, necromancer is named Lamorak and he's in a bad way. Apparently, Morrigan's never lost a fight against another necromancer, and he has the misfortune of being her enemy. There's suspicion that she can see the future, but that shit's hard to prove. If we want to be able to take Morrigan down, we're going to need more help then we have at the moment. Unfortunately, most necromancers are assholes and won't help unless you beat the shit out of them first, not exactly the most trustworthy of help. We also find out that there's more keys to Damocles floating around, and our new friend has one.

Somehow, we sidetracked pretty damn badly and get into a discussion of what genus of plant Twinkies come from and whether or not anything is alive in the most literal of senses anymore. Our new friend leaves us to go do more important things as we debate this vital topic. We conclude Lamorak isn't trying to back stab us as anyone with sinister intentions, or limited patience, would likely try to kill us during that discussion.
With the machines set up, we decide it's time to collect the keys, aka Leaves' old comrades. Leaves also demonstrates a remarkable capacity for terrible puns at this time. "Is it breezy up there on your high hearse?" Of course, no one believes her when she says it was intentional. Anyway, The closest seal is the Hunt, who is residing in India at the moment. We also manage to find and fix a busted up radio.

Gonna have to take a break from posting the story now as college is calling. The story will resume in a few hours. There's plenty more left as what's been put up so far is only half of what's already been typed up, and what's been typed only covers about 60% of the campaign. If you want any more on what's getting skimmed over, go ahead and ask. One of the other people involved in the game will probably answer.
Pretty damn cool so far. At first I thought it was a little odd how fucking far the group travelled earth, but then again I guess being undead they wouldn't mind it? Was this ever brought up in game at any point? >Wow we started out in italy and are now in India, having got there (by the sounds of it) mostly by foot.
Shalotts player here, it wasn't that odd for us. To be honest, some of our sessions are cut out here because we just spend the time talking about stuff. So it wasn't just a ''plop, we are here now.''

We played pretty loose with travel times, the closest we got to solid numbers was that we traveled from Greece to Chile and back in about 2 months. We also did most of the traveling in our boat, which is quite fast and powered by the most long lasting and powerful of fuel sources, bullshit. And as >>37952665 said, we usually did at least some role playing on the way. Those bits are glossed over here because as they do have some good moments, it's mostly just talking so we'll only elaborate on it if someone asks.
did any of you consider fishing?

you might have found some of the last alive things in all the setting...water is very good about damping radiation and magic after all...


that and fish might have sated some of the cannibals appetites...
considering that we got attacked by a mecha-kraken at some point, no. we didn't want anything to do with fishing.
...scaredy cat...
File: 1422633972732.jpg (236.04 KB, 1200x1432)
236.04 KB
236.04 KB JPG
-Hunt for the Hunt-

We set off from Greece to India via the Suez canal. There's no incident on the way to the Suez, but we do find guard towers that look like they're made out of bone. They're actually not, some assholes just decided to try paint it to look that way. This has us on guard as that's the action of someone who's either smart or crazy. Eventually a voice calls out to us telling us that there's a toll. After a bit of back and forth on how rude it is to not list how much the toll is, they demand half of our cargo. Valentine is not really willing to get into a fight on the boat against an unknown number of enemies nor give up any scrap and shit we're carrying, so she offers them Shalott's meat, after consulting her. Valentine tells Shalott to make no attempt to short change them, as they'll be more likely to buy that they have nothing else that way.

Our boat gets boarded by two flunkies, after hooking our ship to a barge, and negotiation breaks down because they don't like our meat. Ghee decides the charade's gone on long enough and cuts down one of the towers with her laser. Valentine throws the boat into full throttle, taking our boarders and their barge with us. Then a fight breaks out. It's almost laughable how bad we beat them, one of the three is annihilated by friendly fire and the other two are quickly rendered combat ineffective. We accept their inability to do anything as a sign of surrender.

Shalott helps herself to the bits and pieces of meat on deck as Valentine and Ghee attempt to get our prisoners into a talking condition. We tell them that what happens next is on their head. We get a megaman looking motherfucker, named En, talking first and he's fairly reasonable in that he knows answering our questions honestly is in his best interest. The other one, named Zada, is not so cooperative. In fact, he's down right rude. Valentine attempts to be calm and reasonable, saying she's a doctor and that she'd rather fix people then break them.
it came up once, but between the fact that the water is literally acid, the difficulty in getting fishing equipment that wouldn't disintegrate, and the unlikelihood of anything edible coming out of that, we decided against it.


We ask him who their boss is; he tells us their name is Fallen Leaves. We tell him not to joke and Valentine stops Leaves before she says something stupid. He says he's not and gives us a description of this alleged Leaves and a very hungry companion who bears some similarities to Shalott. We're getting rather impatient but come to the conclusion that there's imitations of the seals running around, and have been for years. Eventually Leaves gets pissed off by the dumb ass insisting he works for the real Leaves, and screams into his face that she's the real one. Valentine, on other hand decides to switch tactics and calmly explains how they don't want anyone to know they've been this way, the importance of the Hippocratic Oath, and why it's in one's best interest to follow the doctor's orders. Leaves asks him to describe the copy's personality. That exchange goes as follows:

Zada:"Charismatic. Menacing. She's a necromancer. I think she's really close
with that toothy kid. A little too close."
Leaves: "Evil me is with Famine like THAT?"
Zada: "Seemed so."
Shalott: "Like what?"
Valentine (Whispering to Shalott): "Like how Daedalus got on with the
necromancer. Just... don't ask her about it."
Shalott: "So, Bizzaro Leaves and Bizzaro Famine kiss?"
Valentine: "Yes... they do."

(Shalott's a little, how you say, innocent, in case that isn't clear)

It's decided that we take En, the reasonable one, with us as he can lead us to a potentially sane necromancer named Vega (who has memory manipulation powers). Meanwhile Zada, the rude one, gets a tracking device placed in him without his knowledge and dropped off a distance away. Oh yeah, we also took their barge.
Nobody cares about your horrible fetishes.
File: This is maybe relevant.jpg (231.66 KB, 1200x774)
231.66 KB
231.66 KB JPG

Well, that's just too bad then, because our horrible adventure fetish is going to be posted anyway.

After another uneventful stint of boat traveling, we come across trees and a shore made of meat. This, apparently, is the work of the Hunt. Surprisingly enough, Shalott decides not to start shoving the ground into her mouth as we disembark. It's a wonderful place and it only gets better, with meat juices dripping from trees and twisted monsters devouring each other. According to Leaves, both of these are parts of the hunt and it just happens if he stays in one area too long.

We eventually come across a massive gash in the landscape that cuts through a hill, with burnt monsters all around. A body that gets shoved into the gash dissolves almost instantly. Before we can decide what to do, a terrible scream fills the air and everyone fails their madness check that comes from hearing a land of meat cry out in pain. After everyone regains some composure, Valentine decides that whatever can make a gash that big isn't something they should try to face, also she doesn't like meat land. Leaves is also willing to book it, despite her misgivings about leaving a friend. Shalott on the other hand, refuses to leave someone to die, she's in fact, quite willing to run in by herself if she has too. We follow, not willing to leave Shalott to get killed by whatever.

We eventually come to the "center" of the Hunt, a large mass of flesh, which is under attack by a floating blue entity emitting absurd amounts of radiation. We see how absurd by watching a claw that manages to strike it instantly disintegrate. It's a fairly close fight, close in that it almost kills the Hunt and Shalott almost gets her ass disintegrated through physical contact (She almost killed the Hunt by eating him because crit fails).
>>Well, that's just too bad then, because our horrible adventure fetish is going to be posted anyway.

Suit yourself.
The attacker is down but not completely out. We find out she is a copy of Priscilla, another seal that we haven't encountered yet, and according to her, the other copies aren't gonna be happy about this. She also decides to tell us that she's going to go up in a massive blast. As this conversation is going on, the Hunt disengages himself (or a part of himself or whatever) from the mass and thanks us for saving him. Ghee suggests that he help us get the hell out of there before we get taken out too. He ends up taking us for a ride on a literal wave of meat, getting out of there just before everything in that general area gets incinerated. Everyone is rather friendly to our new ally, except Valentine who says next to nothing to him.

After they arrive at the boat, Shalott picks up on the fact that Valentine isn't the Hunt's biggest fan. She even figures out the exact reason why, which in her words is, "...many many mouths and the fact everything around him looks like a stomach after some time...?" Valentine, quite rudely, denies all knowledge of what Shalott's talking about.

(GM's description of the Hunt- An irregular being able to alter his body. Technically Indian. The Hunt's default form for most of the campaign is five many-segmented limbs supporting a conical drum shaped body. The body is covered in the eyes and mouths of several hundred different animals. Invertebrate. Usually slimy to the touch. Height is roughly 160 cm or 5'3” and diameter is roughly 120 cm or 3'. Generally, the Hunt speaks with multiple mouths in order to emulate the sounds of human speech, though he has difficulty with conveying and understanding thoughts. Refers to others as “the (name)” to signify he sees them as separate beings.)
-Welcome to Dwarf Fortress-

The trip that follows is basically two sessions of us being a bit silly and having character development. There are attempts at fun, Valentine and Leaves have a heart to heart, made less awkward by Valentine causing Leaves to bang her head on a wall, and we decide we're going to Japan to find Leaves' next
comrade, Leng; also to hopefully visit a hot spring as you tend to smell pretty bad after two months of fighting shit and going to a place that rains blood.

After a trip that maybe lasts a week, we make it to Japan. We decide to leave the Hunt and En to guard the boats. The party sets off, both to look for Leng and to loot the city we docked at, but mostly to nick stuff. Our shopping trip is cut short by a building collapsing. We ask Leaves if Leng would do that, the answer is yes, though Leaves thinks she might just be having fun. That theory, however, goes out the window as several more buildings fall down and an explosion occurs. We decide that it's probably a good idea to try and intervene in the apparent battle, Leaves and Valentine heading off for a good position while Ghee and Shalott run straight in.

The latter two get stopped by an unhuman looking crystal woman. She tells them that they are not to interfere, she also sounds like she really doesn't give a shit. We get a name out of her, Longinus, but otherwise she seems content to have us stand there. Valentine, meanwhile is in a building by herself assessing the situation. She realizes then that she doesn't actually know what Leng looks like, but she figures that the crystal one is not Leng and fires. Ghee hooks the woman's leg to stop her from evading a shot that goes right into her faceplate. Shalott contributes by ruining one of her legs.
Now that one lazy roadblock is out of the way, we actually take a good look at the two who were actually fighting each other. They both look like short, heavily armored cyborg women. One has a hammer and is missing an arm while the other has a pilebunker and a rocket launcher. None of us make a move, so we don't accidentally attack the wrong one. A shot cracks out and the rocket launcher equipped one loses her head. Ms. Headless is then punted through a store front, and a few more buildings, by a hammer.

The one with the hammer is Leng, and she is not pleased by our interference. Leaves starts making her way down to the others while Valentine stays in place and shouts. The conversation that happens in the mean time is as follows.


Leng gets filled in on why we swung by the neighborhood as Valentine makes her way down to the rest. We, in return, find out from her that she's been having a grand old time fighting her copy, who of course, isn't out but ain't around anymore. In addition, we find out from Leng that the aforementioned hot springs are nearby. We split up to gather the shit we dropped before the fight.
Ghee and Shalott go back to warn the boatsitters, who are keeping themselves
entertained by the Hunt making various animal noises with his many mouths.
The Hunt is a very accommodating fellow, but most people tend to avoid him due
to being a meat monster with a strange speech pattern. According to the Hunt,
there is was a bird that sounds like chainsaws and gunfire. Neither the Hunt
nor En are invited to the hotsprings.

Meanwhile, Valentine made her way back to Leng and Leaves, who were catching
up on old times. Valentine unintentionally sneaks up on the two and Leng attempts to intimidate Valentine. Valentine tries to stand her ground, but she ain't really fooling anyone that she regrets sneaking up on someone that can crush her like an egg. The others make it back, and the party sets off for the hot springs. Along the way, we discuss making sausages out of zombie meat.

What follows is, what the GM refers to as, the hotspring episode. It's a whole lot of talking and guessing at why there are clones running about. Love comes up and Shalott decides she needs to find everyone boyfriends, even if they have to get a necromancer to make them. Everyone else raises objections to this idea, whether they be ethical or practical.

(GM description of Leng: A black-haired woman who looks like she could be anywhere between sixteen and thirty. Two forward-angled horns jut from beneath her rough-cut hair and her right arm ends above the elbow in a jagged stump of bone. Height is 152 cm or nearly 5', excluding the horns, which extend up into eye-gouging range for the average person. Her clothing changes nearly every time she fights, but seems to prefer whites (to show the blood better) and silks (for durability), as well as whatever jagged pieces of scrap metal she can adorn herself with. Her signature weapon is an unbreakable warhammer that weighs more than she does. Generally sports the most self-confident grin in the world when not frothing with rage.)
After that last awkward discussion, we decide that we had enough bathing and start heading back. On the way, we get into a discussion of what can be defined as human and whether a soul exist. We do decide that souls exist, since it's possible to survive having the brain destroyed, and that memories are likely a part of the soul. Both Ghee and Valentine start to show their mad scientist side as they discuss the possibility of removing Ghee's brain as a safe guard against the necromancer that can fool with memories. Valentine also considers observing injuries sustained in combat to further their understanding of how the undead body functions. Shalott is concerned but Valentine tries to assure everyone that she isn't going to do anything unethical.

Our plans to split up and loot the city some more are foiled by En running up to warn us another boat has shown up, and that's when we met the other party.
File: Alleah.jpg (430.38 KB, 1680x1050)
430.38 KB
430.38 KB JPG
-A Tale of Two Parties-

You see, the GM has been running two campaigns in the same world the whole time, for convenience's sake we'll call them group A (us) and group B (them). They started earlier then us, but they're not the ones telling the story so they're group B.

The description they gave us is as follows:

Lauren: A disappointingly plain-looking, black-haired girl in a black dress that starts shredding away about halfway above the knees. The palms of her hands are wrapped in coils upon coils of slim wire. Something seems to be off about one of her eyes.

Kerata: Dressed in military-style clothing along with an armored flak jacket worn over. Her hands are metallic, her fingers scissor-like. Protruding from her light-silver hair is a small satellite antenna along with what looks like the tip of a scorpion's stinger. Something can occasionally be seen moving around her collarbone. On her back is a PTRS-1 rifle and a spear made of bones. There appears to be mushrooms growing on her

Alleah: See picture as that's what was given to us.

We get introductions out of the way and there's some banter between the two. They figure out pretty quickly who's who in the party, but more importantly, they fill us in on some of what they've been up to and vis versa. They tell us of their time with two of the other seals, Priscilla and Latria. Priscilla got mauled in a fight with a copy of the hunt, and Vega's sucked up her memories so she's not gone forever. Latria's also in pieces. We eventually get around to figuring out what we should be doing and decide to
part ways. Group B is going to stay in Japan with Leng and the Hunt to track down the copies on the island while we go visit Vega and see what we can do to help. We do, however, take the opportunity to take some more shit before leaving.

There's more to come, but once again, this has to be put on hold due to outside considerations.
I agree that it's still a little weird to be so mobile during a campaign. I feel like the travel time should have had a bigger impact on the BBEG's ability to make and carry out plans

It did matter, it just didn't have a chance to catch up to us yet.

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