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What makes life worth living?
Knowing that you will die.
Hoping that when you fall asleep you wont wake up.
Japanese Lettuce Hardcore/ Ashleigh Darrach
Autogynephilic fantasies.

she really is this girl? I didn't read the other thread where they were talking bout her, it was too long.
>use Google anal play Image Search
Holy crap. This is not him.
Recreational drugs
Having a nice long shit.

Not even joking. A good shit is heavenly.
I think that the same person made the thread and gave the first three answers...
>i haz a jok
>i kud tink of 1 moar so i haz 2
>lol i haz 3 cuz i thot of 1 moar
>gona tel da jokes
>but no1 wats to eer dem
>ok fownd solushan mayk thred tok to maself
The joy of figuring things out.
That makes you a prostate massage lover. How do you feel about that?
in heaven actually.
Through Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus I've found my own personal meaning of life.
But it's different for all people: Being the XXI century, there are people who still believe in a supreme God being relevant to our ordinary human lives. Go figure.
Other people. However, they also make life not worth living.

But, knowing that you will die, and will someday no longer be able to feel or remember the pleasures of life, is it still worth it? Is the desert of struggling and suffering worth the smaller oases of joy?
The chemical highs my brain gives me when I do certain things.

doing what i love, chemical-induced highs, the promise of long run prosperity

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