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Why do you freak the fuck out about Trump like he’s a real life Freddie Kreuger? Every reaction to everything Trump says and does is too over-the-top to be taken seriously. Honest answers and examples only, please.
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They're deranged, self hating White people.
thats a jew
Every Single Time
If you want to watch a progressive spontaneously combust, ask them how they feel about Trump making animal cruelty a federal offense.
The same reason /pol/tards bitch at white genocide and other overblown nonsense. It's part of the culture war that's been going on for a decade now.
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>another sponsored thread
fuck off jews.
Just ran this experiment verbally to a leftist jew across the breakfast table. The reply came back immediately:

>yeah, that's one of the few things I agree with. I'm mostly concerned with the hypocrits in the senate now - not what a lake duck figure head is memeing about to get ahead in the polls

Wow that was amazing so fucking amazing thanks /pol/
>file name
Ok kid.
Simple, it's easier to be told how to feel and how to think than to think and feel for yourself.

Does the MSM and academia tell you how to feel? Are they pro or anti Trump.
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Trump is a narcissistic asshole who kills his own people with grimaces. therefore it will end up like Beneeto.
I’m going to repost this question later. I just realized most democrats are still passed out from whatever no-good they were up to last night.
leftists have no over arching life goals, religion etc, so their politics are their identity, they believe they're 100% right and everything they believe is right and everyone else believes it, so when trump won it really struck a deep pyschological blow to them . they're basically going through deep pyschological trauma because the reality of situations don't match their ideas.
Have you seen the Hilary and Merkel memes on here?
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>overblown nonsense
why do people that openly hate whites track it then?
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>kills his own people with grimaces
nice projection
I kind of understand this to a point. I remember thinking Kerry would win because EVERYONE hated Bush, or so I believed. I never so much as kicked over a waste basket though.
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I think Obama lifting their spirits for eight years had an effect too. They thought they were going to rule the world, especially with Madam Hillary running, they were surely going to dominate another eight years.
Trump put a stop to that.
It's like promising a small child ice cream, but when you get there, they only have a flavor he doesn't like.
He could settle, like a normal child, and try something he doesn't like just for the sake of getting ice cream, or he could whine and scream, make a scene, and possibly destroy someone else's property because he doesn't get what he wants.
Lmao is that Limmy?
It’s the Trump tactic that has been brilliant. Make them hate you so much they do insane things and destroy themselves. They set themselves up for it, really.
Not a Democrat but certainly a leftist. The stupid 'takedowns' in the media make me cringe, but your president is just morally fucked.

Like, if someone you knew cheated on 3 of his wives, set up a charitable foundation in his name then mishandled it (may not have been him directly but his fucking name is on it), brags about literally everything he has done (and some stuff he hasn't), does some Big Brother style rewriting of the past shit on the fly and basically just bullshits his way through everything, then you probs wouldn't want him governing your life.

And don't even pretend like he doesn't lie ALL the time. But it's cool, so do most other politicians, MSM just seems to have forgotten that.

Don't get me wrong, some of Donny's traits are perfectly suited for the job, and he clearly hasn't ended the world yet like so many people on my side of the fence were raving that he would. But at the end of the day, you're all following a retard, man.

I wouldn't trust him to hold my drink while I took a piss, let alone run the world.
I mean, thanks for that broad brush perspective, but what has Benito Dorito done while in office to warrant a mass meltdown?
I've spoken to quite a few people about this.

It's basically MK-Ultra shit. You've been told all their lives that "Male masculinity", specifically white male masculinity, is bad.

Trump's not a pushover; he's a bully. Couple that with his rude personality, and it's easy for them to hate him.

> Defeated their Satanic idol "Hellary Clinton"
> "Grab her by the pussy!"
> Anti-Trans / Pushed back against LQBT
> All of their movie idols have spoken out against him
> Their cherished, maximum zogged News Network has Lemon spout off every day about how bad Trump is.
> His votebase is predominately whites from small cities/rural areas-- Their "Enemy".
> Hasn't bent the knee to BLM
> ICE Deportations (muh immigrants!)
> Muh 200k while they refuse to look at any facts what-so-ever.
> Trying, and being rather successful, at keeping the peace in the middle east by being unpredictable and extremely threatening.

He's been made into the perfect villain for them. It doesn't matter that his policies are good, or if they've made more money under his presidency. Or that he's literally given them plenty of free money (We got like.. 200$ under obama?) There is literally nothing he can do to change their minds at this point.

They aren't like you. Your mind is open, and you're willing to accept new information. You probably still don't even trust Trump. You question everything.

They can't. They're NPCs.
Because they feel like they're in Star Wars. They WANT to be in star wars.
>You've been told all their lives that "Male masculinity"
You see I never heard of this term until I was 21. Never heard anyone say this in school
because social media outrage culture has made hyperbole the accepted norm. can't get those tasty twitter likes unless you're foaming at the mouth about whatever topic you're pretending to care about for the next hour until you find the next hot thing to be upset and offended about

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