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If all humans were the same colour of green we'd fine something to hate others for (eye colour, size of their ears, the way others talk, etc) human's a tribal and that's why you hate people with different skin colours.
File: 1472043685703.png (372 KB, 962x578)
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>race is only skin deep
File: 1472043822583.png .png (94 KB, 1047x625)
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please stop replying to moronic bait threads
File: 1519904931102.jpg (431 KB, 1280x1707)
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If race isn't only skin deep please tell me why this guy is smarter than all the white people on the planet.
Americans hating Euros and vice versa - it's tribal
Whites hating blacks - it's tribal
You hating the guy that has a bigger house than you - it's all tribal

You only hate people of different skin colours because it's something that stands out.
File: pakis.jpg (90 KB, 750x744)
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Fuck off, Achmed. I look down on (not hate) certain races based on their inbreeding and stupidity, and interestingly, one of those is your own. Fucking Pakis treat sister-fucking like it's a sport.
Not bait, it's true. Look at the SJW's. They are tearing each other apart now over the most trivial bullshit.

Humans will always find ways to hate a group because a reason. Evey we all looked the same.
I never understood how pakis fuck such ugly women desu, leaf.
>Humans will always find ways to hate a group because a reason. Evey we all looked the same.
Pretty much this.
I think the Amis-Euros thing is just an offshoot of normal European ribbing, though. Even today, Frogs are Frogs, and Krauts are Krauts, and the Limeys are the fucking Limeys, perfidious Albion and all. When we need to fight together, though, we do pretty well, as pretty much every nation on Earth has found out at some point.
File: 1460234085002.jpg (111 KB, 332x426)
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Sometimes I think the whole face-covering thing for Muslims is not such a bad idea.
I fookin' hate you beause you spelled colors wrong. What the fuck is wrong with 'you people'.

Silly Wanker.
>Hates how we spell certain words
>Takes all of our lingo because they finally realized "jerk off" and "douchebag" were incredibly unintelligible
File: 1490559299007.gif (3.95 MB, 307x325)
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3.95 MB GIF
pls tell me the tattoos are photoshopped
That's an rx7 right?
The existence of a few intelligent niggers does not change the fact that the vast majority niggers are completely retarded
File: poo-dung.jpg (53 KB, 600x599)
53 KB

I hate your rotten English teeth because you didn't have to eat your meats in order to get the goodie puddings.

I'm not even taking the piss mate.
I actually met a nice Black Man the other day. I think the Matrix manifested him for me. It was a Morgan Freeman. One of those ashey negroes with freckles. He was kind of authentic looking.

He had a cool calm demeanor that was fun to talk with. I liked the guy. I was from Louisiana I think.

That is probably like the 10% of black people I meet though. The rest are fucking savage niggers. We should save the 10%. Those are good people.
File: 123.jpg (18 KB, 244x300)
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or maybe its because they have lower iq and need to be constantly supported by whites in society. it might also have to do with the fact that they are more violent and rape more women of your race.

the skin colour as never the problem. Its the genetic behavior.
bait alert
Not because of skin colour. You're forgetting about 400 years of slavery which would hold any race back. If they weren't enslaved and they were still behind then id agree with you but because of 400 years of slavery and 100 years of real oppression (not this sjw bs) then id agree with you. But I can't.

Always question why statistics are why and how they are.
>I hate your rotten English teeth
America has the worst dental health in the world while britain are top 3.

Try again, this is your last chance /pol/
>or maybe its because they have lower iq and need to be constantly supported by whites in society.
400 years of slavery + 100 years of oppression really makes a difference surprisingly..it's crazy right?
File: New-Britannia.jpg (115 KB, 1920x1080)
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OP's Identity revealed.
>getting trolled this hard
Well done.
File: 1517419092946.gif (564 KB, 800x430)
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564 KB GIF
>400 years of slavery + 100 years of oppression really makes a difference surprisingly..it's crazy right?

Low Neogo IQ comes from environment....I know right? I will now post Pasta on the Bantu Tribes which most of the modern Negros have evolved from. It's the most eye-opening thing I've read in some time.
(Pasta Attacks 1 of 2)
Humanity, like Wolves, is a species with numerous subspecies. While all are capable of interbreeding and creating hybrid, each distinct strain exhibits its own unique social and survival behaviors.

Most Africans are Bantu's. The Bantu were a highly aggressive form of hunter gatherer humans that literally killed and ate the competition. Like the Khoisan peoples. The Tropical climate of their native land also insured they would not need to form complex societies or develop advanced technology in order to survive effectively. Suitability became less about social behavior, and more about how strong you were, and how good you were at procuring from the ample bounty of your environment at that very moment. This meant things like rules based tribes, and planning ahead were actively selected against in favor of immediate gratification.

Compare this to the White people, who are descended primarily from a interbreeding of northern caucasoids and neanderthals. Winter came every year and you had to plan ahead constantly. Instant gratification over long term spatial concept of time was actively selected against, as well as anti-social behavior. To be abandoned by the group in Winter is a death sentence.

We see the results of the divergent evolution of these subspecies play out today. Caucasoid humans have an almost pathological relationship with time. Constantly planning for the future, making lists of what they need to get done today, tomorrow, next week, next year, next 30 years. This mindset naturally trends itself into adherence to a rules based society. White people can biologically project out cause and effect. If I steal X, get caught stealing X by Y, then Z will happen after a certain amount of time, causing me to lose years in prison. By contrast, Bantu humans never developed this trait, indeed it was actually selected against. Their natural environment rewarded immediate gratification, and anyone who was cautious got outmuscled.
(Pasta Attacks 2 of 2)

Why do Nigs Nog?

That is a serious answer. While mostly similar to us, blacks and whites have many different features (most obviously skin color) such as bone structure, hair form, and, most relevant to the discussion, an insistence on narcissistic materialism ("showing off"), especially if that stuff if """free""'. A black's need to show off is so persistent that when given a chance to take something of value, they will 99% of the time. Amongst whites it's much, much lower. This is most likely due to the average intelligence of blacks being much lower. More intelligent and empathic people know that looting, while benefiting the individual, is toxic for communities, especially ones with community members in need of aid
>be asian collecting trash for a living
>save up money to go to 1st world country
>study hard
>become doctor
File: 1346788847453.jpg (105 KB, 400x393)
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105 KB JPG
>t. Achmed
Fuck off, ape. Not even lying, I'm whiter than you, Mahamutt.
>Low Neogo IQ comes from environment
It's not easy to just work hard when you come from a bad environment. You come from "privileged" and that's why it's easy for you to say, just work, just learn and get a good job..
I hate you for making me sound like an SJW fuckhead .
File: Tesla.jpg (474 KB, 940x1260)
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474 KB JPG
2/10 made me reply
Different cultures. Can't be compared. It's like comparing whites to arabs.
"I'm wider than you achmed"
File: 1513312467124.jpg (17 KB, 413x395)
17 KB
>blacks and whites have many different features (most obviously skin color) such as bone structure, hair form, and, most relevant to the discussion, an insistence on narcissistic materialism ("showing off"), especially if that stuff if """free""'.

-Some blacks have "white people" bone structure and vice versa. That's to do with genes and enviroment not skin colour.

-Implying whites never show off?

Tasty bait.
File: 1481833782004.jpg (154 KB, 625x538)
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154 KB JPG

I'll give you the empathy you are asking for. I often consider what it would be like to be black. There was a black OP the other day that did AMA and even did the Black Hand Timestamp.

It was kind of touching as you could tell he was Le Based Black Man. He even got considerable sympathies since whites empathized with his own race hating him for being Uncle Tom and whites hating him simply for looking like a nigger.

And I get the "growing up rough" part. But in the modern day...with no much State protection; so much momentum in the media; etc. So much damnation of the Evil White Man....how much more do we need to see to determine that most Nigs simply Nog and will never stop demanding more.

It's like that scene from Boys in the Hood where the father is talking about liquor stores on every corner of Black neighborhoods. Shit, I sometimes listen to Biggie Smalls rapping about how he loves to kill and rob black people. Statistically, blacks kill each other much more often than whites do. Somebody will post that damning infographic.

I'll give you "rough upbringing" but at some point in time I'm going to ask blacks to finally take some responsibility for themselves and their people. Be the proper role models and be members of society. Stop playing victim. Stop glorifying Ghetto Culture.

We were so much closer to racial harmony in the 80s. I'll tell you that. I had a lot more love for blacks then than I do now. It's the SJW "war on the white man" that has brought all my hatred back.

Morgan Freeman was almost right. Get rid of Black History Month. Stop shoving that shit in our face and we'll stop seeing a so much a difference. But to be honest....that subterfuge has to continue because only a select few blacks will stop acting like victims and start acting like members of society. I feel sorry for those clawing out. But for the others, I have a great amount of animosity.
Most european systems are very social because they were built upon nationalism, but nowadays they spend the tax money to import migrants and support them while our middle classes vanish. Atleast our 'racism' is just misled hate for the elites, because they are openly destroying our socialism for the sake of a global welfare state solely sponsored by the underpaid workers while they get even cheaper competition and their newborn 'countrymen' consist of 30%+ migrants
Please tell me you're a bot. :DDD
>most Nigs simply Nog and will never stop demanding more.
I agree with this. I can't say most but I agree that there are some that just want more and more and will end up buying the newest jordans or an iphone with that money. That's not just nig mentality that's broke mentality. Look at any hick or here we have chavs, they're the same just white.

>Statistically, blacks kill each other much more often than whites do
I know. I'm not an SJW or BLM advocate.

>Stop playing victim. Stop glorifying Ghetto Culture.
I agree. Also, a lot of black kids grow up with out dads, even though it's a meme in the white community..and black it has some serious psychological effects on kids of all colours.

>I have a great amount of animosity.
I understand and i'm against a lot of that. Just depends on the circumstances and the person in most cases. A Somalian woman got a free house here for no reason? She doesn't even work. Things need to change.
File: Vanessa-Bristow-1.jpg (88 KB, 640x480)
88 KB
>I agree. Also, a lot of black kids grow up with out dads, even though it's a meme in the white community..and black it has some serious psychological effects on kids of all colours.

The point here is where I start to identify with black men more. They get a shit deal due to feminism and State Welfare. There are lots of black men in MGTOW and at that point, you can't be too racist anymore because you have a common enemy.....The Woman. Now you're united in cause.

State Welfare for blacks came out of the times when there was rampant, open racism but now it's like a terrible cycle. Single Mother Cancer. No strong father figure. Son turns to gangs. Grow up on State Welfare. Rinse Repeat.

A lot of pulling blacks out of poverty is killing the feminist movement and bringing back the nuclear family. That would do MORE for blacks than any affirmative action policy ever did.

And that's the issue with Ghetto Pop Culture. And now, somewhat ironically, white women identify with this culture as well. That gets into (((their influence)))

Society needs the Nuclear Family. That goes for whites and blacks as well. That is the starting point, not the SJW shit we are bombarded with today..
File: 1519790532.jpg (192 KB, 905x768)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Fucking nailed it. My country too is being fucked up by this bullshit, and it needs to stop. I voted for this fuckhead, but if I had known how bad he would be, I'd have voted for Harper instead, which makes me feel dirty, but it's true.
Different genes*
Or apples to oranges, right?
It's genetic, and whites are superior to Arabs in every way.
Wtf, I love multikulti now.
File: niggerfaggots.png (231 KB, 500x927)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
and here i was thinking i hated stereotypical niggerish behavior because i hate stereotypical niggerish behavior. now i find that i hate stereotypical niggerish behavior because niggers are nappy headed, broadnosed, big lipped shitskins. thanks for setting me right.

Then you have to differentiate between native blacks (descendants of the slave trade) and immigrant blacks like Somalis.

Immigrants are taken in for the wrong reasons. We are going against nature.

A: White/Native women choose career over the Nuclear Family so replacement rates in industrial countries plummet and bringing in Immigrants is a Hail Mary to maintain the Taxable Bodies in a Nation. For capitalism to work, a population must always be in growth.

B: Liberal Guilt. Emotional politics instead of logical politics. Females will scream "We Have To Help!" without thinking *IF* we can help without capsizing our own ship.

When you fly in the airplane, they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask FIRST before you help your child with their mask. It sounds so CRUEL but it's a great analogy on what is going on with immigration.

Right, so you bring in these immigrants that don't even know WHAT THE FUCK SOCIETY IS, much less a Nuclear Family. They are uncivilized. You cannot integrate these people in such huge numbers. And simply handing out Welfare to the new immigrants brings on a MASSIVE amount of animosity from White Men like myself who wind up footing the bill. Now I fucking hate everybody. I hate women for voting for this mess. I hate most blacks for soaking up my tax dollars. Now I won't participate in society. I've gone MGTOW. I refuse to pay taxes so I work under the tax bracket....just enough for my Vidya; computer; pizza; beer and a comfy bed.

This, my friends, is how a society collapses.
Leaf, stop trying so hard to American. It's never gonna happen. You're worse than Brazilians constantly trying to be white.

I agree. When you don't have a father figure to guide you and to tell you how to get a job, and how to do certain things you rely on your environment and that environment tends to be riddled with gangs. Then when something happens to their mother they may to turn to a gang to make extra money or something. The "blacks have a lower iq" than whites in America statistic isn't based on just skin colour is what i'm getting at.
American blacks make all blacks look bad.
File: 1514994589470.jpg (151 KB, 860x1200)
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151 KB JPG

We literally nuked & firebombed the nips to hell less than 100 years ago, Japan is thriving today. Gonna need a better exucse bongtard
I completely agree. The problem with a lot immigrants is that they also want to change the land their coming to. A lot of immigrants want sharia law.. stupid really. Hopefully things change fast.
>He says, from 'England'
Blacks make blacks look bad, mate.
>500 years of oppression + slavery + CIA fucking with black community distributing and selling cocaine
>1 nuke where they had the help of the surrounding countries and the country that nuked them to help them rebuild.

Big difference. That's like comparing a hitman with no morals to an sjw..doesn't work.
File: BQeaC.png (207 KB, 353x450)
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207 KB PNG
Again, stop trying so hard to american. I can tell you're a female poster trying to fit in with the "edgy lads" and if you want to do that just go to /b/, no one honestly cares bud.

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