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File: screenshot.1.jpg (248 KB, 961x723)
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So, a friend of mine who has a big friendship with ones of the minor contributes of Silvagunner got the opportunity to learn about the full roster of the tournament as it was already decided before he knew it, they told him not to share it with anyone, but LOL, I don't know if he did, as he provided me a low-quality pic of the full siivagunner roster for me. Most arts are still in the works, but the names are there. I will provide high quality image later :)
More Details, BTW

>Reggie is still alone, they have yet to choose a new partner for him. My friend heard rumours it could be Doug Bowser.
>Quote's full art is coming really soon!
>Some of the Names on the bottom are Mr Bean, Toa Metru, Indoraptor, Rowley Jefferson, It's just so blurry LOL, so how can I tell all of the names? XD
>Character next to Jack Bros will have pokemon music as their music source, thats very interesting
>Character next to Mr. Bean will have music from star wars AND STAR TOURS, it kinda says Captain Rex, who was played by Paul Reubens, PEE-WEE HERMAN CONFIRMED?! :D
>Mr. Beans source list includes music from live comedy shows, including his own
>Toa Metru have lots of LEGO related music as their sources, including everyone's favorite song, Everything Is Awesome
>Indoraptor has Lots of Music sources related to dinosaurs, including Jurassic Park AND Jurassic World
>Dark Green Box has very long name, but it does have something to do with veggies and fruit, WTF....
>Rowleys source list also includes music from movies such as Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life and High School Musical
>Tourney will start on August

Imgur Link
This is fake man. lazy af.
but its by a friend of mine who kinda has good relationships with Silvagunner, how can you say that?
Give me proof as to how this guy works with Siivagunner, then I'll believe you. And why can't he post a higher quality photo if he's right next to his computer?
can you post a non-dogshit picture
Lesson of the thread: Always take your medication.
what does this friend do for silvagunner exactly, how are they involved?
I just got sent this phone recording from one of the video editors' computers, the leak is confirmed
Maybe I'm not seeing it, but all trailers up to this point have an explicit connection to the tournament, so where was it here? Was the Siiva logo on the letter?
But hey, seems believable enough
waiting on an answer from my connection but my best guess is that its a work in progress
ok so assuming this isnt OP again, who the fuck else would go through the effort of putting together a fake joke trailer for a joke channel with actual effort
i have no reason to believe this is fake, yet there is no way it's real
File: kfad2.png (509 KB, 961x723)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
Just ran OP's picture through FotoForensic, this is the result. I'm not an expert on the site, but I think it's telling me that it's fake.
not OP, people on the team are just restless that its taking so long desu im surprised leaks didnt get out earlier

my source gave me another vid of him fucking around with the after effects file for the text so there is no way that this isnt a recording from a real siivagunner computer

>not OP
I can tell, you write sentences like a normal human being
If we don't get that high quality image in 10 minutes OP is a bigger fag than he already is
I am a massive faggot who loves swallowing cock.
Lmao literally fucking any of the old soundclown memers can work with siiva
including myself, nobody gives a shit
File: bean.png (623 KB, 1144x1861)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
also not OP, but i've got a work in progress version of mr. bean's art too. fuck this shit

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