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Previous thread: >>31980063
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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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>creating the thread before the old one reaches bump limit
This thread is already two posts in and there are no greens.
You are all lazy writers that make your slave refuse the saddle.
Castrate yourselves and boil your balls in mare piss.
Fourth for penis.
Would you mind telling me more?
>third comment

Guess there isn't one
It was forth, >>32007758 got deleted.
This one

>Master sets the last bottle on the coffee table before the couch; you let out a low whistle.
"I didn't know there were this many bottles here."
>"It's all gifts and leftover from previous party, I don't drink as much as I used to, so it just keeps piling up in a closet."
>There are at least twenty different bottles of liquor, whiskey, rum or vodka.
>He also brought a pack of beer, a few bottles of coke, and everything that he could find that could be somewhat related to a snack.
>"This is perfect!" He claims, letting himself drop into the couch. He grabs the remote and turns on the TV, putting Netflix on again.
"Are we watching another movie?" You ask, taking your seat next to him on the couch.
>"No, I just want to put a series to pass the time."
>He quickly finds something to his liking and plays it.
>The Griffins.
>"This is utter shit. The jokes are not funny, and I don't even get half of the references because they are all related to the U.S.."
"Then why do you choose that?"
>He shrugs. "It passes the time. I can watch it without having to watch it, you know?"
>You kind of get it.
>"Anyway, what do you want to start with?"
>You give a look at the display of bottles, trying to spot something standing out.
"I don't know, what do you suggest?"
>He stretches his arm and grabs a black square bottle.
>"Coke and whiskey, always a good start," he says, pouring the alcohol in two large glasses.
>He fills a half with whiskey, and the other half with coke. Then he hands you your drink.
>The glasses clink one against the other, then in the same movement you two take your first gulp.
>This one, despite being diluted, is far stronger than the beers you drank yesterday. But despite the surprise, you don't cough.
>You had stiffer drinks back home.
>"So, how is it?"
"It's good, I like it!"
>"Yeah. Just be careful: the sugar is a traitor, you can get wasted before you know it."

"But, Anon, ain't that why we're drinking in the first place?"
>You are in a playful mood tonight.
>He gives you a surprised look, then a smile.
>"Totally. But still, better take our time getting wasted, I'd like to make it last."
>"Hand me those please." He add, pointing to one of the bags of chips.
>You do as you’re told, and start sharing the salty treats with him.
>On screen, Peter is rolling on the floor, puking spasmodically under the watchful eye of his dog.
>You chuckle.
"Eh, that's a bit funny actually."
>You can see Master rolling his eyes.
>"Yeah, if that is the kind of humor you like, better start watching South Park."
"I think I saw that already. I don't think that show is for me."
>"No? Why's that?"
>You remember a scene in which a fatty in a red jacket dismembered the pony his mom offered him, just because she wasn't a unicorn as he wanted.
"It just didn't click?" You try, uneasy.
>Master shrugs and simply empties his drink.
>You do as well.
>He pours himself a second drink, then does the same for you.
>"You want to play a game?"
>You swallow your drink before answering:
"If you want to. Which one?"
>"Don't know. I don't think you can hold a controller with your hooves?"
"You mean like for those video games? I never tried, but no, I don't think I can. Unless it’s one designed for ponies."
>"Wait, that exists?"
"Yeah, I saw an ad on the TV once. They do all sort of things."
>He seems to give a deep thought about it.
>"Odd I didn't heard about that. I suppose that's because I never owned a pony before you."
"Make sense."
>You take another sip at your drink while he goes on the next proposition.
>"Well I still have cards... You don't know how to play Magic by chance?"
>Did he just... Is he making fun of you for not being able to use magic anymore?
>That may not be it, because seeing your contraried face he instantly raises a hand and apologizes.

>"No I don't mean magic with your horn, I'm talking about a card game named Magic. Forget it."
>"I still have regular cards also. I've got some board games too. Or we could just make a talking game."
"What, like twenty questions?"
>"Boring. No, I have something more interesting."
>At that he pulls out his phone and starts tapping on it. After some time he reads out loud whatever is on his screen:
>"Vinyl, have you ever made fun of a cripple?"
>The image of this grey pegasus crashing into a tree comes back to your mind.
"Hu... yes, I think."
>"You drink!"
>You blink once.
>Then you take a sip from your drink.
"Ok, I know this game. It's my turn to ask you something now, right?"
>"Nope, it's the phone who choose who got the question and what it is." He says, handing you the device that now reads:
"Anon: tell an humiliating story or drink three times."
>You shift your gaze toward him.
>"I pissed myself at school, in college even. In the middle of the class."
>You can't help but laugh at that.
"Really? Oh that must have been terrible!"
>"You bet yeah. Vinyl, You drink each time your start a sentence with a 'W'."
>"You drink."
>"You drink again."
"Wait that's not- Harr!"
>By the time you get it, you just have to empty your drink in one-go.
"That's not fair!"
>"It's the game, Vinyl. Ok tell me what's next," he says, handing the screen for you to read the question.
"When did you lose your virginity?"
>"You drink."
"Why? Oh damn it!"
>You take your two gulps as Master slowly dies from laughter.
>"Ok, I was nineteen," he finally answers.
"Nineteen? Isn't that awfully late?"
>He shrugs. "A bit late I guess, but I'm still in the average."
>This is the human's average?
>"Vinyl, same question."
"What "what?"? Oh buck it."
>You drink again. This dumb rule is going to kill you.
>"Twelve, only in the middle-east did they lost it at that age!"
>You don't get it.

"Yeah, it's a bit early I reckon', but I'm not far from the average either."
>He takes some time to think about it, scratching his beard.
>"I suppose humans and ponies don't mature at the same age then."
"Probably yeah."
>"I hope. Well, guess I must drink then. The one who lost his virginity the latest drink."
>He takes a big swig from his glass, drinking half of it in one go.
>"By the way, how old are you?"
"You don't know?"
>"Why would I?"
"You bought me, didn't you took a look at my papers?"
>They are fakes, but the information on them is still true.
>"I must admit that I didn't. You looked in good shape and health, that was enough to me. Plus I liked your mane."
"Thanks, I guess."
>"Yeah. So, how old?"
"Twenty two."
>He nods his head, then grabs some snacks.
"Can I ask how old you are, too?"
>"Sure. Late twenty."
>It's your turn to nod.
>You two are more or less from the same generation. Well, if there is something like a human-pony alike generation.
>"Ok, next. Vinyl, do you know to play music? Eh, I guess not, you drink."
"But I do play." You protest.
>"How? With your hooves? I'd love to see you pluck a guitar's strings with thoses."
"I used to be able to do magic? Plus you know, I totally can play the guitar with my hooves."
>"Yeah ok, so you play the guitar?"
>You make a circular motion with your hoof.
"I learned to, yeah, but I prefer electronic music. I used to be a DJ, you know? Hence my cutie mark."
>"The thing on your butt? I knew that had some meaning to ponies. But wait, electronic music? A DJ? You guys had that technology?"
>You feel insulted, but you do your best to keep your temperament in check.
"Yes, we had. We're not as uncivilized as you seem to believe."
>"Eh, go figure."
>You really need to refrain yourself from snapping at him right now. Instead you just empty your glass.
>"You don't have to drink you know, you answered right.
"I needed it."
>"Poor little pony. Need a refill?"

"Please." You grumble.
>This guy is starting to act like an ass.
>He takes your glass and fills it, this time with another bottle.
>"Taste this, and tell me what you think."
>You take the glass and give a look at its content.
>It's green colored, and smells a bit of herbs. You take a sip.
"Wow, it tastes as good as it's strong!"
>You cough a bit, but gladly take another sip.
>"I know, right? Some mix it with energy drinks, but I say that's a waste. You seem to drink pretty well, you had alcohol in your place?"
>Again with the condescending questions. What is he thinking, that you lived outside and ate grass all day?
>Humans are all the same in this regard.
"Yeah, of course we did. Humans don't have a monopoly on civilization, y'know?"
>"Sorry, I didn't meant to be rude, there's no need to be displeasing."
>Could he be more annoying? You prefer to take a drink instead of making another snarky remark.
>He takes a drink too before asking:
>”Say, do you mind telling me a bit more about your place?"
>Your head had started spinning a bit, and it takes you more time than needed to process the question.
>"If you don't want to, that's cool, you know."
"No, it's ok. But, ain't it my turn to ask you something?"
>"Probably. What do you want to ask then?"
>You try to gather your thoughts, bringing your glass to your lips to gain some time.
"Why do you want to know about Equestria?"
>You drink.
>"I don't know... to know you more?"
"You don't care."
>"Yes I do, I-"
"No you don't. I'm just your slave, Anon. Why do you bother?"
>You see him furrow his brow. You know you're going the wrong way, but that's why you drank tonight.
>"Vinyl, can you tell me what is wrong with you?"
>You chuckle at that. Everything is wrong.
"Tell me, why do you keep me?"
>You stare in his eyes, not bothering to hide your hate toward him anymore.
>"I want us to be friends, Vinyl."

>You stand up, wobbling as you do so, and push an accusatory hoof toward him.
"Keep acting like you care about me, like you give a shit about my worthless life. The truth is that you just want to forget Mistress. My sole purpose it to help you forget this bitch, nothing more."
>Anon looks at you dead in the eyes, raising an authoritative finger.
>"I think you drank too much, Vinyl, and so did I. I'll let that slip if you tone it down right now."
>You look down on him, before grabbing the nearest bottle.
"Pulling the ‘Master’ card now? I thought we were friends, you know."
>You uncork the bottle with your teeth and drink straight from the neck. But quickly Anon grabs the bottle and takes it away from you.
>"I said that's enough!"
>You dismiss him with a wave of the hoof.
"It tasted like piss anyway. So..."
>You spread your legs, as to present yourself to him.
"Wanna fuck me?"
>"What the fuck?"
"I know you're going to do it at some point, so just get on with it. Your shitty mate dumped you, you're alone and you have needs... go for it, really! That's why you kept me and not her, right? Come on, forget this bitch and come get so-"
>A fist interrupts your rant, and you feel yourself hitting the ground before your brain can register the shift in your balance.
>"What is your problem?!"
>Looking up, you see Master towering you, fists clenched. Feeling something wet on your face, you wipe a hoof on your muzzle, and notice that it returns stained in red.
>You try to get up, but the blow you received, as well as the excessive amount of alcohol in your blood makes you lose your balance again, so you just fall back on your haunches.
>"She left me, but that doesn't allow you to disrespect her," he says, shakily.
>"I'm trying to be nice, ok? Just... why can't you be nice too?"
>You simply stare at him, or at least try to as the room is spinning around. He looks he's about to cry.

>"I still love her... But she doesn’t, and I don't know what I can do to forget her. I-I hate my life, Vinyl."
"You hate your life?" You manage to say. "Bucking asshole, you really want to complain about your life to me?"
>Anger starts showing on his face, but you don't stop. You don't want to stop now.
"There are ponies that I love, too. But they are not just gone, they are bucking dead! I had a life before, friends, a lover, my own damn house! All of this is gone! I got enslaved, raped, almost beaten to death..."
>You try to take a step toward him, but everything is moving around you, and you start to feel nauseous.
>So you point to what's left of your left ear and continue:
"I did this to myself with a pruner to escape the monster that owned me at the time. And you know what? It hurt like tartarus and it served no purpose in the end!"
"I'm trapped on this earth of yours, and there is no escape, you guys are everywhere! I'm bound to be a slave until I die eventually."
>You struggle to keep straight, the world around you has shifted into a blur of colors.
"So, you hate you life? Do you want to switch with mine then?"
>You take a huge breath. You've been feeling more and more sick and now you can't ignore the nausea anymore.
>Your stomach suddenly tenses, and you puke right then and there.


pastebin: https://pastebin.com/va5dDWep

I don't know if you guys are having fun with this, but I sure am. Initially this green was supposed to end with this scene, but I decided to change it to allow for some one or two more updates.

Also, as much as I love Anon_01's story, I missed my link here >>32008365 and rather intended to link to >>31980623.
Powerful story, Norlf, really feeling her pain. Getting both of them drunk lets you have them tell it like it is, their brains art too impaired to develop the polite lies that normally protect them both. Will be even more fun to see them after the hangover, when they have to build the sober future around the ruins of those revealed lies. Can Anon forget Mistress? Can he be friends with somepony who does not have the option of walking away? Can Vinyl forgive him for enslavement? Don't know, but want to find out!

>wrong link
Ya, that threw me.
File: 1520350771974.png (457 KB, 1000x1000)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
This bastard half breed is the last on the auction block
Do you buy it or leave it to be incinerated?
What do you do with it?
That thing is too ugly to fug. Incinerate.
Enjoyed the hell outta that and definitely want moar.
quick little update

>Anon picks up the black gym bag he dropped in the hallway and spills his content on the ground.
>"Put everything that is not cloth on the couch!"
>He rushes to the staircase only to return with his hands full of cloth.
>He throws it on the couch and rushes back into another room.
>When he returns you grab his legs.
"Stop! Anon, please stop!"
>He freezes.
>"We have to hurry!"
"Anon, talk to me! What is going on?"
>"You're going home."
>"Did he...?"
>Anon' eyes wander towards your hips.
"You were just in time."
>You close your eyes and tighten your grip around his leg.
"Thank you, Anon."
>"Why did you stop me?"
>You point to your cutie mark.
"I protect people."
>"Even him?"
"Even him,” you nod.
>"I should have killed him, that would buy us more time."
"Time for what?"
>Anon kneels down.
>"I'll get you to Equestria."
>Mouth hanging agape you stare in disbelief.
"Have you lost your mind?"
>"I'll explain later. Just do as I tell you. Trust me."

>The gym back is half full with all kinds of things from cloth, cigarettes, tools, meds and various other things.
>Anon picks up the pocket knife from the couch.
>He steps towards the unconscious uncle of his.
"Anon, don't do it," you beg.
>"Calm down."
>He bows over him and searches man mans pocket.
>He takes out cellphone and crushes it with his feet.
>Then unplugs the phone and takes the it under his arm and picks up the bag.
"We need to go."
>Anon snorts another line and moves towards the front door.
>You follow him.
>He switches the light off and the two off you leave into the darkness.
>With the knife folded out he stabs the two front tires of Charlie's car.
>"Alright time to bail."
>The both of you get into the car and Anon starts the engine.
"Can you please tell me what is going on?"
>While staring down the empty roads and snuffles and gives a harrumph.
>"Shit is fucked."
"I can tell as much..."
>"I'm going to jail for this and that means your fate is sealed."
>"But my boss has some construction in Equestria and I'll bring you there before I get arrested."
>"Better take a good leak, you're going into the bag."
>You deflate into the backrest.
>Trying to process the input.
"Just like that?"
>"Just like that."
"Won't they search your bags?"
>"Nobody cares about some tools of a construction worker. They wave us through when we get in and only frisk on the way back."
"Sounds to good to be true."
>"It is."
>Anon takes a smoke out of his pack and lights it up.
>When he lower the window the wind and noise from the highway starts to flood the cabin.
>"I have no idea what happens once we're through the portal and if he calls the police before we're there we are screwed."
"That's why you tossed the telephone into the back and cut his tires?"
>"Gotta meet at the venue at 4 a.m. Try to sleep."
"Why are you doing this?"
>"To save your life."
>Anon turns on the radio.
>The clock shows 22:53.
>Maybe you should've stopped Anon a little later.
>He raises the volume high enough to drain out the sound of the car.
>You won't get much sleep tonight.
File: 1329008.png (155 KB, 874x818)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Skittles when?
Thanks Anon, you appreciation means a lot.
Anon and Candance need a scene of drunks in the story of CYOS
Buy it, kick your ass and then take it home so her can live in peace
File: Why-Are-You-Sad001.jpg (35 KB, 500x322)
35 KB
Please only shut up anon
I add more marks on the way to the incinerator.
She can suck me off as I make more heritage friendly or burn.
I can safely say i didn't see this coming.
Is this because of the drugs? it almost feels like we are missing some crucial bits of information. like is why did his uncle have a key? does that mean the house is not really anon's? is snowflake?
File: 6e4.jpg (9 KB, 342x342)
9 KB

"Help me, help me, help me, you have to help me Arnold!"
>"Woah there! Just relax Sparks what's wrong?"
"What's wrong?! First my friend tazed me! Then that random human did it again and bucking branded my ear! Then I wake up locked back in my cage just waiting for something else awful to hapepen and you ask me whats wrong!?"
>He 'hmm's slightly and raises a hand to play with your newly imprinted ear.
>"You know white and purple looks kinda good on you actually. Gives ya that exotic look."
"Arnold! This is serious! I-I'm marked for life now! I'll always be a slave now... even if I get away or this all somehow ends I can never escape it... It's a part of me forever... I-I can't..."
>Don't cry!
>You said you'd be strong so don't cry!
>He hugs you tighter letting you bury your face in his chest and NOT CRY!
>"Shhh. It'll be alright. Just let it out, that's it."
"I... they're going to hurt me Arnold. Please can't you get me out of here? I don't want to hurt, not again. I don't want to be broken all over again, I can't take it, not another happy horse please!"
>You'd almost lost yourself in happy horse.
>A scared little pony went in and a semi comatose shell came out.
>You can't blame him for your time there though.
>They'd told him you were going somewhere kinder, somewhere they'd train you, but where they'd respect you while doing so.
>You'd been sent to happy horse behind his back for pissing off some human in charge, for wasting their time and resources by running for so long.
>"Nothing like that sheila, I promise. Sorry you went to that horrible place to begin with. I didn't know until I tried tracking you down a few months later and found your paperwork all 'missing'."
"I know. You tried to do right by me, I know. I just... I can't take that all over again please."
>You push off his chest and look up at him pleadingly.
>"No need to worry about that I swear. You be good and they'll treat you alright here. They like to keep the goods in good condition whenever they can."
>Is unconscious 'good condition'?
"I-I just got the buck shocked out of me Arnold. I was so scared of being branded I panicked. He just held the button down and shocked the buck out of me until I passed out..."
>His face contorts into an annoyed grimace and the hand supporting your back moves up to your neck.
>"Big broad bloke? Scrappy brown hair?"
>Your breath catches a bit as you lift your chin to allow him access to your sensitive singed neck.
>No matter how many times it happens something about human fingers around your vulnerable pony neck sends chills up your spine.
>Probably some deeply ingrained prey species thing.
"Y-yeah that sounds right. He was so nonchalant about it, like I was nothing but an animal to him..."
>Your initial trepidation about his fingers melt away as he starts to massage the sore flesh.
>You purr in pleasure but resist the instinct to wiggle your tush, that's behavior's for another human.
>"Randy's a right cunt especially when it comes to ponies. Ever since blue kicked his ass that one time he's taken it out on any horsey he can. I'll see if I can't keep him away from you, call in a favor or two."
"Thank you! Thank you so much master."
>He laughs and lifts your now dreamy gaze-
What? The massage feels really nice!
>-To meet his own.
>"I'll not soon forget what you did for me sparky, I owe you my life. It's the least I can do to look out for you when I can."
>It's odd, even though Arnold is technically the reason you wore chains in the first place it's impossible to blame him for it.
>He's not a pony sympathizer by a long shot, but never the less he respects and cares about ponies as intelligent individuals.
>He might be of the 'ponies are better off as servants' school of thought but still you could never hate him.
>To his philosophy's credit, you did end up in a happy healthy home where you were well cared for just like he'd promised.
>Anon's care vs hiding in the woods like you did before your capture is an easy choice.
>"I'm not your master though so just arnold will do!"
>Crap! Did you call him master?
>You didn't mean to do that!
"I umm... I meant-"
>You never get a chance to come up with an awkward explanation.
>Instead something fast and blue flies into the room and lands on Arnold's shoulder.
>Something with a rainbow mane.
>"Hey guyss whats-ahhh!"
>The blue bitch doesn't even get to finish her greeting before you've leaped up and tackled her to the ground!
>"Ow ow ow Twilight stop it! Not the ear!"
>It most certainly will be the ear!
>You attempt to rip off the appendage as payback for what's happened to yours!
>Bucking taze you will she?!
>"Hey hey hey! Break it up!"
>You'll do no such thing!
>All you tried to do was help her and how'd she pay you back!?
>The pegasus struggles but you've got her pinned firmly to the ground with your teeth tearing at her sensitive ear.
>"Ok! Ok, I'm sorry owwww stop it!"
>Bitch you ain't sorry yet!
>"I said that's enough sparks."
>Despite your best efforts there's no fighting a hand pulling you by the back of the collar.
>Arnold pulls you off the now slightly battered mare and lifts you back into your cage!
"Hey come on! You don't have to-"
>Lock you back up...
>Well too late for that.
>Having taken care of you Arnold drops to the floor and scoops up the teary eyed pegasus.
>"I expected a bit better from you sparks. You know Blue right? She was just doing her job so no hard feelings."
>Oh now she gets held and you have to pace back and forth behind bars?
>No fair.
"I know Rainbow Dash or at least I thought I did!"
>That makes her tense up even if she refuses to look your way.
"I never thought a mare who prides herself on loyalty would taze a friend!"
>Her pride overcomes her shame causing her to turn and point a hoof towards you.
>"Hey! My orders were to bring you in and you looked flighty! Sorry I took you down, but I didn't want you doing anything crazy. Your one to talk though, weren't being honest with me either were you? Luna had a little group of hers nearby that I bet you were a part of huh?"
"Of course I didn't tell you that you'd call the humans on us!"
>"Uhh duh? Luna's just gonna get more ponies hurt playing her little war games and you don't need to encourage her."
"War games?! Rainbow this IS A WAR!"
>"Pft. You really think this is a war? You should see real human wars, this is just Luna trying to act cool and the humans not wanting to hurt perfectly good ponies."
>AKA not wanting to lower the value of perfectly good slaves.
"How can you be loyal to them Dash? One electrocuted me until I passed out today and then he put this on my ear! That's going to be there til the day I die!"
>Her ears splay a little at hearing you were hurt but she doesn't back down.
>"Y-yeah well you were probably putting up a fight weren't you? Or it was Randy, but Randy doesn't count because he's an asshole."
>Finally Arnold's had enough and steps between the two of you.
>"Yeah it was Randy, but that's enough out of both of you. Blue head back to the room and grab yourself a snack, you did great today."
>"... Yeah ok, thanks boss."
>She looks at you like she wants to continue the argument, but isn't willing to disobey Arnold's direct orders.
>In the end she silently slips out of the room.
>Now that it's just you and him you can't help but wilt a bit under the look he's giving you.
>She deserved it but maybe attacking his partner(?) on sight wasn't such a great idea.
>"The two of you go way back then?"
>He opens your door again but makes no effort to grab you or help you down.
>You lay on your belly neat the edge and swing your forelegs back and forth absentmindedly.
>"You don't have to get along with 'er sparky but you do have to watch your behavior around here. They won't keep you here forever and if you don't want to go back to training next you'd best act right."
>Happy horse!?
"No no no no no I can't! I've already done my time don't let them send me back!"
>"The big calls aren't up to me sheila. I'll mention your previous training and you be sure to cooperate and you'll probably get send straight to auction instead."
"Wait, auction?"
>"Yeah, can't keep you in this tiny box forever."
"No, I mean why the auction? I-I have an owner..."
>"This 'Anonymous' bloke right? Shame for him, but all the laws surrounding all this slave stuff that say your his only reach as far as earth. The minute you stepped foot back in Equestria you were free game."
>You're sure he means 'free game' as in fair for anyone to take a shot at and not 'game' as in an animal...
>"So just because you got caught again doesn't mean you go back to him. If he wants you back he'll have to buy you same as anyone else. It's a weird law, but if some bloke's got such poor control over his pony they end up a world away he's probably not a fit owner anyway."
>No no no! He is a fit owner!
>Is that weird to think?
>That's a little weird to think.
"I uhh, I guess there's no chance you can get me out of here either huh? Back to Equestria?"
>He gives you a weak smile and rubs the palm of his hand up against your plushy cheek.
>"Sorry girly, security's way too tight for that and they'd have my head on a pike. Took this job because I had fun working with you and though maybe I could give other ponies an easier transition to their new lives. I'd rather not throw all that away especially if it's not gonna accomplish anything. Better to have someone like me who'll treat 'em right then someone like Randy who'd smack 'em around just for fun."
>Well that's hard to argue with...
"I... I see. I didn't really expect you to be able to but I had to ask."
>You wouldn't want him to put himself at risk for you, especially if he's helping ponies in his own way.
>Sure he's still dragging them back into slavery but if he doesn't do it someone else will right?
>Someone like Randy?
>There's definitely some weird morals to argue there but you understand his perspective and motivation.
>Plus he seems to be good to Rainbow so you're thankful to him for that.
"So your rainbow's what? Handler?"
>"Blue? Yeah handler's a good way to put it. We work well together, she's a clever hard working girl that one."
"She mentioned a Dan earlier?"
>"Ha yeah, that's me. I gave her the nickname blue so she wanted to return the favor. She had a hard time coming up with a new name on the spot though. I think Dan's just the next human name she thought of, but it's what she calls me now."
>Yep, that's Dash.
"I'd believe it."
>It sounds like she's barely changed.
>You know besides the whole loyal to the completely other side thing...
"I'm just glad she's with you instead of someone like Randy. I know you'll treat her right."
>"Aww that means a lot sheila. We'll find someone to treat you right too I promise. Blue's been super excited ever since you showed up. Girl was even talking about you maybe coming and working with us. I wasn't sure if you were the same Twilight I knew but I figured the chances were good. Dunno if you'd be comfortable with this job though. If not we'll find you a good home minding someone's house."
"T-that's very generous Arnold, but I don't think i'd be comfortable helping with... this. Besides I have someone who treats me right... Well I..."
>Oh no, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.
"I HAD someone who treated me right b-but I left him..."
>The ear scratch is comforting, you lean into it.
I still fail to see why this is a thing
>"Regret running do ya?"
>You nod.
>"Shit sorry to hear that. Would he take you back?"
"I-I don't know... I'd like to think so."
>Would he?
>"Trouble is communication with the otherside is kinda slow from here. No electronic connection or anything. They'd normally just throw you back up on the auction block and never tell him you'd been found. Helps keep this place funded and avoid the legal drama of someone threatening to sue even though the laws on our side."
>No no no you don't want a new random master you want Anon!
"Isn't there some way to contact him?! Please, I'd really like to try! I don't want a new master!"
>He smiles.
>"He must have been sweet on you huh darling? You've got that desperate look of a girl missing someone important to her."
>Are you really that transparent?
>Try not to blush.
>Blush a lot.
"If I have to go back I'd rather go back to him."
>You have to close an eye as he cups your soft pony cheeks with a hand and rubs it with his thumb.
>"There's a good girl."
>A good girl for begging for your slave master back?
>Hello weird squirmy conflicted feelings.
>"Not too proud to admit your mistakes are ya? Maybe if you tell em your sorry and offer him a nice big kiss he'll come a runnin with his wallet! Ha!"
>He teases but you'd offer Anon much more than a kiss to shell out the cash your for disobedient flank a second time.
>Surely he'll have some stern words for you once he gets you home, but that'll be it right?
>There was a time he'd have taken a more old fashioned approach to disciplining you over this, but the meaning of that has changed in recent months...
>M-maybe he'll use it anyway...?
>Down girl you can think about that later!
"M-maybe. There's some way we can contact him right? There has to be some way."
>"Eh, best I could think of is sending him a letter? Like I said, they'd rather keep him out of the loop to avoid the hassle, but they don't check my personal letters headed out of base. Hard to say if it'd get there in time though. Where did you live?"
"Georgia! Try, please! You have to try!"
>That makes him smirk and smile at you even more.
>"I know a smitten lass when I see one so I'll see what I can do. The portal here lets out in new mexico so it's no short trip but maybe an express letter would get there in time."
>Y-you are not smitten!
>Ok who are you kidding you've been smitten for a long time now.
"Thank you."
>No need to let him see your blush over the smitten comment.
"So what happens to me until then? Are they gonna question me? I really don't know anything I swear."
>"Yeah they'll want to ask you a few things. Just be truthful and it'll be no big deal."
>And betray Luna and Cadence's trust? Never.
>Problem is you're an awful liar.
>No choice but to play that bit by ear and hope.
"Anything else I should be worried about?"
>"Eh not that I can really think of. Most important bit is you've really got to act right if you wanna skip more training. Yes sir, no sir, doing what everyone says, answering question, being respectful, all that kinda stuff. You know I think you're a sweetheart so it probably won't be that much trouble for you but no outbursts like with blue earlier understand?"
"Alright. Er, yes sir."
>"Knew you had it in ya. Here, for your trouble."
>His hand goes into his pocket and returns with a cube.
>A blue sugarcube.
>You slap that shit right out of his hand so hard it shatters on the ground.
File: 1648616.png (782 KB, 1976x1000)
782 KB
782 KB PNG
bit of a slow update but things should advance quickly from here. Also more cat fights with dash, maybe. I blame the new poe league for eating up all my time donate exalts so i can spend less time farming and more time writing :3


>You slap that shit right out of his hand so hard it shatters on the ground.

You better have twilight explaining how that shit work in the pony body and how almost ruin her life. Arnold would usually be kinda ignorant in that thing, he only care for the pony being happy and the bluecubes bring a lot of happiness to the ponies
>not another happy horse please!"

I imagine that the level of abuse Twilight received there resembles what she suffered in "Something, at least" of AWF, at least in the mental sense
>>To his philosophy's credit, you did end up in a happy healthy home where you were well cared for just like he'd promised.

And Twiligth paid her care and love with jealousy and betrayal

The bluecubes dude. Twilight don't have all the fault, maybe 70% or less for ignore Octavia and fill her mouth with that shit
That's a typical defense of a junkie when he steals or kills someone for money for drugs, and we all know how he ends up
Twilight should just throw the remains of Dash's element at her face, if she can somehow get a hold of them.

That'd rightly fuck up Dash's mental stability. Either it would "fix" her or destroy her. Either way it is a win win since she wouldn't be out in the field anymore.

>Pft. You really think this is a war? You should see real human wars

Rainbow probably know more about human military power than twilight. To be honest if the ponies turn into a real threat the human just need to nuke the shit out of equestria and call the day.

How much know dash to have that mentality? or she is just loyal to humans because they give to dash a lot of this
>His hand goes into his pocket and returns with a cube.A blue sugarcube.

By the way I looking forward for twilight auction, maybe that new mark in twilight ear will help her to scare other buyer or just attract the ones that want a cheaper pony

>just attract the ones that want a cheaper pony

Here come the candidates

>Random farmer that make twilight work to death
>A knowing Pimp that will make Twilight more cum than pony with his clients
>The usual guy that get a lot of money with snuff pony videos
>A pony breeder that inseminate ponies with pic related
>A desperate Dr Roger that want a chance to get back the audio files and continue with his heat potion for the breeding market

Extra point for tension: Anon bring Rarity with him and Sweetie belle appear in the auction too.
Kind of worried about the big picture plot here. The involvement of the Elements of Harmony and Lunas inter-dimensional hideout would seem to require Twilight to Save The World, as she and her friends are in the habit of doing from time to time. Instead it looks like she's heading back to earth in chains, and Anon ponying up for her again is the best she can hope for. But where will you take it from there? Another tearful reunion? Another spanking? Another fight with Rarity over how good pony-slaves should behave? Another soul-crushing introspection? I really loved all those things, but don't see how you can keep them fresh again.

Regardless, your story literally took my breath away, got this tightness in my chest with that "Help me, you have to help me Arnold!". That's what great writing does: makes me really care.

>The involvement of the Elements of Harmony

How than would ever help? The humans aren't corrupted villains(NMM) or a god of chaos.

>Collect the element
>Deus ex machina
>All the ponies in earth return to equestria
>All the humans in equestria return to earth
>Portal closed forever
>No one damaged at all
>just the breaked ponies
> No slavepony Rainhoe Trash to verbally abuse and whore out to the colts who bullied her.

I has a sad.
But they are a serious threat to the nation and the species. Like the >>32009277 says, the EofH are the stories deus ex machina, the plot device the Mane Six (and the writers of the show) use on the big problems that nopony could address otherwise. Why does Vega have them around, if not to address the big problem of pony slavery as a whole? Rainbows right when she says the humans are not fighting a real war here, just harvesting resources, but I'm not sure why Lunas holding back. There must be something else Vega has not shown us yet and the EofH must be part of it, but no idea what.
ohshit thats an update from Vega
and its past 1 am
have work tomorrow
shit shit shit

>Why does Vega have them around

To know how are the other mane6.
We already know that applejack, fluttershy and pinkie pie are mostly fine or at least not broken like rarity used to be or rainbow dash right now.

>I'm not sure why Lunas holding back

Maybe she know how dangerous are the human, just like rainbow dash. If she pissed enough the human or turn into a threat that would be "game over" for all the ponies or the whole fucking equestria
>Pft. You really think this is a war? You should see real human wars
>Dude human weapons are better than magic LMAO
I'm so fucking tired of this meme. The ponies have magic, control the weather and have retarded strength. The humans don't have a fucking chance to win, the humanity should be the one slaved by the ponies
Humans also possess an advantage in numbers. I won't go through the autism of trying to calculate just how many ponies exist in Equestria but based on what we see in show you're kidding if you think it's more than a few million. The US has over 300,000,000 alone.

t- butthurt pony slave
I have my ponies having gotten and kept a T80 running and flattened large areas of Earth
It was not a gentle war and very much a sort of whatever started this, only one of us will be standing.
ABCUM were also deployed, so it got hairy fun.
In Vegas story the humans had a small research team that made some fundamental breakthrough, kept it secret, and made a surprise attack with some sort of technological anti-magic generator, and modern weapons. That was enough to capture Celestia and rout Canterlot, but Luna must surely still have several offensive options. She can open a portal to anywhere on Earth, and there could never be enough generators to cover it's whole surface.

Post link.
Not written yet, just passing references.


I find it better to have it more shown.
So Bash mentions that she manned a tank, Dust flattened chunks of Russia
Its going to be fun when Lyra reaches Equestria.
Debating on having a blasted deadlands feel as the methods employed fucked everything up and a sort of overgrown wrecks and battles where the scary things are in that humans have no idea how to handle Equestria.
Sort of like Pandora from Avatar, but with more napalm, sentry guns, and stuff that can really only be stopped by using "war dog" unicorns kept around and feared by anyone not their master
Sounds like gizmo again
gizmo again.

You can just use your trip when your talking about your stories dude.
I know, it just doesn't stick in the field and I am too lazy to fish it out of the file

gg lmao
Twiligth takes a capricious attitude, on the one part she wants to be treated as if she were still a free being so she behaves rebellious and emboldens herself before the situation, but when she realizes that doing that only makes her situation worse, she literally begs for mercy and she hopes that such action suffices to appease her captors, as if miraculously the things are solved and she could recover her previous life, those surprises in her behavior are part of her charm but also one of her biggest faults, one would think that his 'stay' in pony horse could have changed it, but it seems that the treatment her received there was quite mild in comparison with what one expects from the word Discipline.

Arnold shows the classic attributes of the 'civilized white man' accepts the nature of things and that the strong have authority over the weak but that does not mean he abuses of his power, both his affability and his great confidence in himself must have been part of the attributes that achieved the loyalty of 'Blue' in who should see as his mortal enemy, she recognizes that he is her captor, but also recognizes that he respects the value of the ponies beyond seeing them as simple merchandise, he values his spirit and he looks for the way to facilitate his transition to our civilization with a fair treatment, without a doubt he could have gone to explore the challenges of this new world but instead he decides to stay on the border and help the captives, Rainbow Dash has chosen well to whom you give your loyalty.


If I were Twiligth I would definitely know all the relevant information to contact Anon, in the case of not being able to find it she could at the auction attract the attention of some buyer and risk telling her that she already has an owner, and if the person the purchase at the auction she can assure you that Anon will pay generously for her ransom, that she will earn more by giving it to her human than any plan him has in mind for her.

The only problem here is if Anon really wants it back


This part should be the saddest part of the green (apart from Twilight's attack on 'Blue') literally the occupation of Equestria was like a children's game for humanity, the fact of using private security and not military forces demonstrates the real control that they have the kingdom, humans have not only come to steal ponies and take gold and jewels, they have come to stay, the first settlers have created settlements to prepare the ground for what will undoubtedly be a great migration, apparently Nothing can avoid it and clearly the forces of Luna and Candace have so little relevance that they are seen as a minor nuisance, Dash is right, for them rebellion is just a game, they tolerate the antics of the last princesses but eventually humans will discover the way to invade the hidden dimension and the game will end forever.

How much do they bet that Roger acquires Twiligth in the auction and uses it as a guinea pig for new and more powerful drugs and still more addictive sugarcubes?

Great Update Vega! congratulations!
File: Valiant_Shield_formation.jpg (409 KB, 3000x1714)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
>t. butthurt pony
Assuming that the portals are large enough to carry more than civilians and small vehicles, also assembling war machinery is something that requires time and space, I do not think the ponies are waiting for humans to finish building tanks and jets

>Soldier Pony: Hey, ape, you finished putting together your toy?

Human Soldier: Do not talk to me horse! We're supposed to be at war!

>Soldier Pony: It's getting late, do not you want to come to my house and drink hot cocoa?

Human Soldier: ....... you won this round pony -If my lieutenant discovers me he will make me clean latrines for a month!-
B-but Anon?

>How much do they bet that Roger acquires Twiligth in the auction and uses it as a guinea pig for new and more powerful drugs and still more addictive sugarcubes?

Literally 0 because anon would still blackmail him when octavia inform that roger buy twilight and send him to jail. Sure, twilight will not be relegated to anon but at least twilight will be safe and anon will be ready to buy her in the next auction

Who the fuck care about the slaver? Anon is a bad guy don't matter how "good" he pretend to be with his slave.

Anon will never be the good guy because he own a fucking slave
File: Biohazard-Bacteria.png (275 KB, 640x340)
275 KB
275 KB PNG

>you need an army to win
The humans have a lot of method to beat the ponies that don't need a fucking army
The auction information can be obtained online and Rogers could be looking for new ponies to follow his experiments, then discover that Twiligth is not only for sale but marked as fugitive, conclusion: She escaped from Anon so he can acquire it without fear repercussions, just change the name, give some bucks to the auctioneers and him will have back to your perfect test subject and legally he could do what he wanted, since now it belongs to him
Calm down, Boris.

>Random farmer that make twilight work to death

Twilight meet Applejack route

>A knowing Pimp that will make Twilight more cum than pony with his clients

Twilight meet pinkie pie route

>The usual guy that get a lot of money with snuff pony videos

Twilight meet bad end nº 35

>A pony breeder that inseminate ponies with pic related

Twilight meet fluttershy route

>A desperate Dr Roger that want a chance to get back the audio files and continue with his heat potion for the breeding market

The drug beat twilight, she become totally loyal to Roger thanks to the sugarcube 2.0.
Bad end nº36
Applejack was acquired by an evil human who forced her to receive punishments and abuse in place of her sister, both try to flee but Applebloom dies and Applejack is found by an anon in a sorry state a few hours before a tornado attacked the region where he lives

Pinkie Pie was acquired by Pack Adams and every day helps doctors put a smile on the faces of children and terminally ill patients with cancer

Fluttershy was acquired by a kind and wealthy old lady who lets her live surrounded by forest animals, although Flutter wants to see her friends again she knows that is the last happiness left to the venerable old woman so she can not abandon it

Remember that if you look at like, the wizards from harry potter...

Despite their magic, all the spells in the world don't stop a sniper round you aren't expecting.

"Well. If you really insist, then I'll see about transferring you."
> Lattice slumps in relief.
> "Thank you, Your Highness."
"There is no need. We will have to find a proper place for you to work, though."
> "Anonymous took us into one of the enchanting shops. Even if I cannot grow the crystals from nothing, I think I can still form them - mend them, make them better for enchanting."
"That would be good. Do you know what Tourmaline's preference is?"
> "No, Your Highness. You would have to ask her yourself."
> From the way he said that, you have to suspect he would much prefer not to be the one asking her.
"Very well. Anonymous will have to give his approval for shutting down this experiment, but-"
> "Oh, that won't be a problem! He took me aside and explained that I should feel free to speak up if I didn't think the project was going to work."
> Somehow you're actually delighted to hear that.
> Anonymous taking a direct, sympathetic role in managing the ponies?
> Perhaps your efforts had been getting through to him after all.
> Unfolding a wing, you lay it across his back.
"There's no shame in this, Lattice. We may be slaves, but all I ask is that you do all you the most you can."
> His head falls, shoulders actually shaking a bit.
> As if your wing was a far heavier weight.
> "I don't deserve your kindness"
> Channeling your best impression of your Aunt Celestia's ever-calming tones, you use your wing to draw him in against your side.
"Everypony deserves kindness, Lattice."
> "Not me. I don't want to be special. I don't want to be a leader or anything like that."
"Well, no one is telling you that you have to be."
> "G-Good. I'll just - just take a quiet job in one of the shops. And that - that will be enough. No more. Thank you, Your Highness."
> His breathy expression of relief is almost euphoric in nature.
> What did he fear - standing out?
> Being recognized by Anonymous?

> But he said it was Anonymous who talked him into saying this...
"Lattice, I've said before there's no need to thank me."
> "Yes. There is. You're too kind. I don't deserve any of this... recognition, and somewhere else... I never told any of my previous owners about my magic."
"Were you afraid you wouldn't be able to use it?"
> "I was afraid I would be."
> He does not elaborate further, but instead just opts to eat the rest of his meal in silence.

> In the exact center of your study, the two miscreants stand facing a different form of judgement.
> On the one side, Flurry Heart sits with wings hanging limply at her sides and eyes locked on the floor.
> From the way her haunches are held just off the floor despite how it must be making her legs ache, you can guess that Cadance hadn't been easy on her.
> Next to her Megan stands similarly bowed.
> You know you hadn't gone soft on her.
> Sandwiching the two opposite your own stern gaze was Mayor Mare.
> If anything, she seemed even angrier than you:
> Jaw fixed hard and eyes alight with anger.
> "The two of you have no idea what you even started here. Look-"
> A hoof is pointed out the window, towards the camp in the distance.
> "Look at that. All of it. And then believe me when I say that every day we struggle to make it work, because your father has given us something great. He has given us somewhere we can be comfortable. Where we don't have to fear cruelty."
> She marches forward and to draw herself up, and while Mayor Mare might not objectively be as tall as Megan her presence is far more overwhelming.
> "Do you know what would happen to us, if you got hurt? Everything out there would burn to the ground. That would be it. The end. The police would get involved, Anonymous would be shamed, and he would never be able to give you what he wants."
> Megan turns back to shoot you a pleading look, but you only offer a shake of your head.
"Don't look at me. You knew this would happen."

> Again her head falls down, but a moment later Megan manages to speak:
> "I'm sorry, Mayor Mare. I - shouldn't have run off like that. You are right. I didn't know."
> "Uh-huh. I... I'm sorry, Mayor Mare. Please don't be angry?"
> Both apologies barely seem to phase her.
> Instead she eyes each with a fierce expression:
> "I almost throttled the stallion when he came in to tell me you were running off with random ponies. That's how scared I was. That's how angry I was. Do you think that is enough?"
> Megan hangs her head again, golden curls falling to either side of her face.
> "M'sorry..."
> The furious look holds for a moment longer, and then Mayor Mare huffs angrily.
> "I want to forgive you. I really do. But you can't understand how terrified I was. I might follow your father's orders, but I look out for everypony here."
> Sniffling gently, Megan nods.
"Mayor, come to my side."
> "Do we go back to our rooms now, Daddy?"
"Not yet. There's one other pony you need to apologize to first. Mocha?"
> Both girl and filly jerk upright as your maid enters the room - but she seems just as nervous as those she is going to lecture.
> While Mocha seemed ready when you left her waiting just outside, now she stared with glassy, distant eyes.
> Finally she speaks:
> "Didn't you all learn... anything from me?"
> Lifting a foreleg - the one that had been broken - she turns it over to stare at the underside.
> "I... you are my Master's own daughter, Miss Megan. You know what this cost me. You know there are ponies who would be willing to show you what you were hoping to see if you really asked."
> When neither of them give any response Mocha turns more resolute:
> "I'm - I'm crippled! I'm broken! Master Anonymous paid so much to have me healed back up and even now, I'm still-"
> Her horn sparks to life - fitfully, erratically, as it often still did when she was worked up.

> Mocha takes a few moments to calm her breathing, and the burst-popping of her horn slowly fades back to silence.
> "...did you know, when I was hurt he came down to my hospital room and held me? Told me it was his fault. His. Fault. He was hurting so badly and I could tell even though I was the one who'd been beaten. Hurting. For me. And that hurt even more. I'm nopony. You're - you're his daughter and Miss Cadance's daughter."
> Another hard swallow while she catches her breath.
> "Don't you dare make my Master feel like that again. Don't you dare. Especially you, Miss Megan."
> Cautiously, Megan reaches out with a hand:
> Palm up, open almost as if in a peace offering.
> "No!"
> Mocha backs up, warding the hand off with a raised hoof.
> "I'm - I'm not going to give up. I know what could have happened too, and that - that really scares me. I don't want to see you hurt. I don't want to see you hurt Master."
> Instead, Flurry Heart stands fully up and mumbles something.
> You can't hear what, but Mocha's ears rotate forward.
> Evidently it was enough said, however, as when it is done she ventures forwards to nuzzle Flurry Heart's cheek.
> You're not surprised she'd cracked early.
> Mocha Cream might have been distraught, but she was still soft at heart.
> Still, as you watched Megan nervously step forward to join in the hug you can't help feeling a little glad as well.
"Mocha, why don't you take the both of them back down to their rooms?"
> Extracting herself from the hug, she dips into a bow before rubbing her eyes clear.
> "Y-Yes, Master. Come on, both of you."
> After the door shuts, you turn to eye Mayor Mare with one raised eyebrow.
"So. You almost throttled a pony?"
> "I... yes, Master. I actually did - he was so surprised I don't think he even tried to stop me. It's a little bit of a blur."
"You know, if you need some time off... Cadance needed it badly, and if you're lashing out now-"
> "No, I think I'll be okay."

> She wrinkles her nose, and somehow the wrinkles spread to meet with those reaching down from her eyes.
> "When he came in and said she was off running with Celestia-knows-who I saw the whole thing crashing down. I was thinking it would be the end of this place, we would all be sold off..."
"That thought really scared you, huh?"
> "Master Anonymous - like I told you before, for an older mare like me there aren't many options. I don't have many decades left to work, I'm not the strongest pony, and my talents... not many people would have a good use of them."
"You do have talents, though. That's why I gave you this role."
> "You did. But before I came here..."
> She sighs, moving to sit facing you.
> The glasses come off her muzzle to be held in one hoof and rubbed nervously.
> "When I was first taken, they needed to keep everypony in line. I pretty quickly figured out that I would be going nowhere good unless I showed myself useful, so - I kept ponies in line. I quieted them, I browbeat them, I applied my talent to make sure they were passive even when they were being pulled from each other and sold off."
> Every word is spoken with a kind of heavy weight only memories can bring.
> "It would have broken me eventually, I think. One day I wouldn't have been able to do it anymore, and I'd have been sold off to a hard-labor camp. That'd have been the end of an old mare like me. Then you brought me here. I saw somewhere I could do this - and instead of ponies just being treated like things, we had homes. We had each other."
"I wasn't exactly the kindest Master back then, though."
> Despite the protest you reach out to brush your hand through her mane.
> Mayor Mare hesitates a moment, then tilts her head into the touch.
> "It was enough. You were... hard sometimes, but not a monster. I felt we had a future again. So I gave you all I could."
"And that's just fine."
>Not my choices

Fuck you!

> You hold the pose a moment longer, sending a few strokes through the mare's thinning mane before leaning back in your seat.
"Unfortunately, I might have another challenge for you and Cadance to handle."
> "Do tell."
"Actually, you tell me first - has anypony located their family through the computers I gave you? The ones connected to the markets?"
> Mayor Mare's face brightens noticeably, ears perking up.
> "Yes, Master. A few. Would you like me to send them to you?"
"Immediately. I'd like to bring them in at the same time as I bring in new security... which, especially after the incident this morning, I'm going to have to. Some will be hired, but - do you remember how I was talking about bringing in a few griffons to act as security?"
> "...yes, Master."
"You sound uncertain."
> Mayor Mare shuffles her hooves nervously.
> "I've only met a griffon once in my life, Master. She was... not pleasant."
"Well, I'll hold them to the same standards I expect out of you. So, about those reports?"
> "Of course. I'll go right and get them."
> What lands on your desk, however...
> Many of these ponies are not what your first choice would be.
> Some have behavioral flags on their records; others have no particular skills you can integrate at this late stage of the expansion.
> Others are just...
> Old.
> Very close to the age when they'd be assigned fewer hours or light duty.
> That would be a weight on your profits, even if it would improve morale altogether.
> There was a very good reason the ponies' little graveyard didn't take up much space.

What do we do?
> Acquire the located family members purely by random lottery, as we have promised. We have to keep our promises!
> Acquisition by random lottery, but set aside a maximum quota of risky purchases. It's as fair as we can afford to be.
> Acquire only ponies who can benefit the operation, ensuring we can continue growing further. After all, that means more can come later, right?
>tfw Landscape
>tfw dead
>tfw Applejack will never see her sister again
We do what we promised. Period. We are a person of our word, and we need to show Mayor Mare that, as well ad ourselves.

And wow, poor Megan and Flurry. They obviously got it good and are going through the wringer right now. I also liked the touch of Mocha being most concerned about how they made Anonymous feel rather than how they could have been hurt. She's still infatuated with him and simply doesn't love herself, and she projects that onto the situation with Flurry and Megan. Sad to see, but I'm glad she and the two girls could hug and have a tender moment between them.

I think Anon should maybe say something to Mocha about her sad assertion that she's nothing, a nopony. It's not true, and she needs to know that for her own sake so she can think of herself as being able to do things other than please Anonymous.

Griphons! Griphons for everyone!

>> Acquire the located family members purely by random lottery, as we have promised. We have to keep our promises!

Keep your promises and your ponies will thank you in the future, do not see it as an investment, accept those that others would not and give a place to rest those who have suffered so much will improve your image among those of the population that still believe that you are a cruel master, above any good publicity before the media and the demonstrators will be giving a second chance to those who could have abandoned hope.
Yeah but Twilight didn't know the effects before she took them unlike irl junkies.
shouldn't anon be able to press charges against the producer of those cubes because they made his former property mentally volatile and made her able to flee in the first place?

It can't be in those slavers intention to even force feed her those damned things when they're the reason why she's there in the first place.
>Who's family do we leave to die out there?
Let the money decide, as it must for most big decisions in any successful business.

We promised we would TRY, but our ponies must have understood there would be some we could not afford to buy, and more we could not afford to keep. For each case we calculate their present value as we do for any individual acquisition, then add a bit more for the relationship, because that's valuable to us as well. These low-value ponies have a commensurately modest purchase price; If the numbers add up they do, and if they don't they don't. That's just business.

>Of course, it's not business to the ponies at all; it's family! They might very well think he DID make an open-ended promise. I'm writing in character as Anon and this is how he sees things. That inherent difference of perspective is what drives the drama in this whole story. Anon might be well advised to show his books to Cadance, or even somepony like BonBon; she ran a small business herself, right? Let her see how at this large scale his luxurious lifestyle is not a significant load on the camps overall budget, but an influx of loss-making refugees would jeopardize the whole operation. Not sure if he respects them enough to even think of being that open though.
>"I don't deserve your kindness"
Who, and what, is Lattice? I was one of several who were sooo sure he was a disguised Shining, but several of these lines are pointing to "changeling" instead. What loyalties and motivations would a bug infiltrator enslaved and brought to earth as a pony have? Can he still hear his queens voice across dimensions? Whatever will Anon make of them?!

>And that hurt even more. I'm nopony.
You know that 'Define The Relationship' talk with Mocha that Anons been putting off forever now? He should stop putting it off, or his second-favorite pony will have some sort of emotional crisis.

>"I applied my talent to make sure they were passive even when they were being pulled from each other and sold off."
Ouch. Story logic's making it inevitable that some of Mayor Mares skeletons will come rattling out of her closet at the worst possible moment. Perhaps one of the broken-down 'family value' nags Anon is buying will remember the LAST time they saw her! Then publicly and hysterically denounce her, and trot out the horrors of slavery they've suffered ever since... alone.

If they ask Cadance for justice in the matter, or take it into their own hooves, that would put her in a tight spot. She can hardly say they have no right to be angry, but her own limited justice can hardly cover the injustices of slavery everywhere either. We've never seen her deliberate a tough case as a judge, but that must have been one of her duties as Princess of the Crystal Empire.

>I might have another challenge for you
What challenge? Fetching some papers?

>a few griffons
The ponies Anon trusts he has reason to trust. Rumble and Flurry, specifically. He will need to trust these new catburd slaves quite a bit for security work, but what will it be based on? Or will his trust have no basis... We've been eagerly waiting for them, and the drama-soaked choices they'll bring!

>Wut do?
Already said my say.
File: lO2-tRXhAkA.jpg (73 KB, 1024x768)
73 KB
Well, shit just got real. I hope he is at least going to try and disappear in Equestria, or at least to elaborate.
>Acquisition by random lottery, but set aside a maximum quota of risky purchases. It's as fair as we can afford to be.

It might not be exactly what we promised but this is the best option for the moment. This is a test run and we don't want to have it compromised with too many problems. Maybe if it's successful we can consider loosening restraints. Besides, it's still random for the most part.
>Keep promise?
>Make money?
Just lie, like with the "random" ponies Anon took to the city. It's really hard to confirm something is NOT random: Every once in a while a coin really will come up heads a dozen times in row, and someone actually wins the lotto week after week. Anon can claim it's a "random lottery", but the winners "just happen" to mostly be the profitable ones.
File: 1479384354447.png (3 MB, 1100x714)
3 MB
>"Better take a good leak, you're going into the bag."
Different pony, for different story, but always liked this pic. She's so trusting.
Keep our promise. Ponies will see what's up if we do otherwise. It won't gest past these ponies, especially Bon-Bon.
I really miss that green.
Fucking this. Durr hurr, humanz have nukes, they'd totally use them in an offensive war for land and enslavement. It's not just fucking boring, it's idiotic and shows that the writefag is not only uncreative, but knows nothing about warfare.
t. horse salty about superior human military and dick power.
t. Salty writefag who can't figure out how to make ponies slaves without durr hurr humanz invaded.
> nation that hadn't have a war for past 1000 years
> only military force is useless olympic-tier flyers and shiny swaggers from similarly useless castle guard
> no proper intelligence service, any shit that happens is completely unexpected by government
> no weapons except for simple fireballs and zappers, that can be cast only by strong trained unicorns, which are small chunk of third part of nation, everything else is spears and throwing rocks from above by pegasi
> meet humans, who will first spy the shit out of Equestria with drones from stratosphere, and then lazily use ww1-tier strategies to destroy equestria's ancient transport network, cut supplies to military centers... scratch that, hold control of mere food supplies between small agrarian villages and big industrial cities and starve them to surrender, don't even need to burn the fields with incendiaries
> all this can be done completely without involving human personnel, just drones at unbreatheable heights and cannons
> meanwhile medieval chain of command desperately tries to at least figure out how to zap one single drone without massive losses
Gee, Equestria has so much military expertise and potential
Yes, because Equestria doesn't have four demigods that are able to move the sun and moon on a whim, or a literal chaos god that could turn every drone into a flying pig on a whim.
Also, your use of 'humans,' like Earth is a unified government is showing how fucking stupid and lazy you are. Do you seriously think every single nation in the world would unite with the singular goal of invading an alien world and taking captives? If 'they're primative' was any excuse, Africa would still be getting raided on a daily basis.
The moment one country marched any kind of military through the portal, they'd be labeled the newest North Korea and face retaliation the world hasn't seen since world war two.
Well, it's easier to spot sun and moon than a tiny drone in A FUCKING STRATOSPHERE, which IR cameras allow it to operate behind clouds. And attetntion of these deities is something you avoid during a recon phase, if you're in post-Columbian era.
> every single nation in the world would unite with the singular goal of invading an alien world and taking captives
I didn't say anything about "unite", but they'd sure try to claim territory through their own portals before opposite side of the Earth does.
> and taking captives
And here we are again at that point, where we are assuming this thread's implication don't exist, after that we're pretty much off-topic since enslavement is a local canon. Let's keep at the point, where enslavement is a goal that happened and return to ways of reaching that goal, not goal itself.
> Africa would still be getting raided on a daily basis
Africa is already split by main political forces of the area, diamonds and oil are serious deal and each territory has its protectorate, any fights would be between masters, not between local niggers who won't give a flying fuck about who wants that field over yonder for an oil patch, they don't own it and each side already hired mercs to settle the disagreement.
> The moment one country marched any kind of military through the portal, they'd be labeled the newest North Korea
Depends where the portal would open. Equestria is rather unpopulated, and it's not Monaco to have 16500 citizens per square kilometer, most of its map is fields, forests and other debris. It would be considered a big luck to pop up even near some village, not mentioning a handful of big cities.
File: images.jpg (3 KB, 276x183)
3 KB
Go for a creepy feel like >pic
Make it so that Equs died if you know where to look
>Yes, because Equestria doesn't have four demigods
True, but let's look at them. You have the sun princess who has canonically crumbled under any threat including her own sister, who happens to be the next so-called demigod. Then the other two are the princesses of love and friendship. Both have triumphed over magical threats but never have experienced anything that resembles a war.
>a literal chaos god that could turn every drone into a flying pig on a whim
He lives in his own realm, the scope of his powers has never really been defined and as the literal spirit of chaos how could he not have some affinity for disruptive outside forces seeking to destroy the order that has controlled Equestria for 1000 years?

The ponies' values and social structure make them sitting ducks against a powerful force intent on colonization. They roll over when presented with a show of force. We've seen Sunbutt do it repeatedly, and the entire Crystal Empire do it under Sombra. Given a portal, a technological way to damp magic and the imperialist interest of a major human military power like the US I can't imagine the ponies mounting a defense. By the time they realized what was happening they would be conquered.
Why not just use some fenatyl laced food stuffs?
Addiction, death, and coma are all good.
Just read through the whole thing on pastebin
been away from SPG for a long time, but I'm glad to see theres still good writefagging going on in here
I wonder what happened to another Vinyl green, where they were sound-designing a movie
>>A knowing Pimp that will make Twilight more cum than pony with his clients
>Anon comes to take a turn with her every once and a while for old times sake.
>He's the only client that makes her cry knowing what could have been.
>That is cruel anonymous and perfect for one sad ending

The next day is the turn of Dr. Rogers, he pays an extra for making him try some harmless substances, he never touches her just observes how she succumbs to lust, the pimp is happy with the deal, the client does not damage the merchandise and makes it more popular and receptive

Meanwhile Anon is consoled by Rarity every night
I think some of that fear he holds for Cadance might finally be wearing off here, but he's definitely not Shining. I'm near convinced now he is a changeling, the only question being whether just some random bug-horse or if that 'I don't want to lead' line should lead me to believe that's Thorax or even CHRYSALIS of all ponies. I'm not entirely clear on what happened to changelings after the humans came.

>Megan and Flurry's apology
Both sound pretty contrite after their punishment but I'm not really sure if what Mayor Mare was getting through to them as they mumble out their apologies. The idea that Mayor Mare 'doesn't forgive them outright is also very good, it means it gives them something to try and earn back. Her outrage is especially justifiable when she goes into detail about what's at stake.

This was kind of heart-breaking on a personal level. Pointing out, admitting, that what happened to her is permanent. That she'll have a limp for the rest of her life and stuck with a barely functional horn because of what happened to her, that feels like it had more effect on the girls. Also really impressed with her keeping her hoof down at first, denying Megan's hand as she makes it clear how pissed she was. Figures she'd also be the one to comfort them both afterwards though once her lecture has worn off.

But that one line, about her being 'nopony'? About that the worst thing about her injuries was Anon blaming himself? That hurt the most. Anon should have a talk with her about this because I've lost track how many times we've pointed out that Mocha has self-worth issues and sees herself only as good as she's useful to Anon. That line about being nopony is starting to cross lines, she is most certainly 'not' nopony. Hell if Megan weren't being punished I imagine she'd shoot down that bullshit upon hearing it. Help this poor mare out at last, Anon.
>Mayor Mare
That must have been hard. Being forced to turn on your own ponies or else suffer a gruesome end yourself due to old age. The thought of tearing apart family members in particular I hope Anon appreciates the gravity of what slavery has forced her to do, given we've recently gone into the thought of what should happen if Sunbreak or Megan were torn away from their parents. Something to think about.

>Our decision
I'm going for acquisition for random lottery but set a maximum of risky purchases.

We want to help whoever we can but the camp simply can't survive by sheer charity. If we obtain worthless ponies who can't contribute due to old age, lack of skills, or being rebellious, it is only going to hurt everyone else and make it harder to keep up with demand, which means we'll get fewer chances to do this again later.

However, we also 'did' make a promise to do it by lottery, and if we ONLY chose family members that were useful it'd send up red flags we had an agenda. We should mix it up and get a mixture of randos 'and' useful ponies, enough so that we can claim we kept our promise and no one will bat an eye. Plus, even less useful ponies could improve morale and make their family members work harder.
Are pony slave rebellions a thing?
How would they work as actual rebellion and not just cyos gtfo plan?

Anon probably sold the audio back to him for some money or actions/affiliation for any future project. Anon abilities would be useful for Roger and someone with the breaked heart and betrayed by his most loyal friend/mate would be perfect for the job
Let's say that Anon decides to risk his money and lose valuable dividends in exchange for giving the ponies that need him a bit more comfort before we makes the final trip, what can him gain from getting ponies considered useless and incorrigible? a lesson for his ponies, see what his life could have been if Anon had not acquired them and ended up in the hands of cruel masters who would only see them as disposable and replaceable beats, there will undoubtedly be reunions, anecdotes will be told of their experiences in other places of work and those who did not get it, the ponies will celebrate their farewells and increase their sense of community, many could hate Anon for being the master, but many will see what he is trying to do here, and like everything It could end badly if they do not help you to carry out all your projects
I would like to see the part where the newly released Swettie Bell decides to thank Anon for his second chance taking the place of his sister as his Bed Mare
Gentlehoof has a whole “husbandry” wing dedicated to sexual training, and seems to specialize in that sort of thing. Sweety Belle will not graduate from the program until they Dr. Taylor and Dr. Roger are satisfied that this particular product is performing to their exacting standards. She does not know about Anon’s unusual attitude, and will certainly be makeing herself sexually available to him. Only question is what Rarity thinks of her, given her own problematic ideas about the role of a slave.

Octavia did say the blue cubes were not addictive; I wonder how a normal, less powerful unicorn responds to them? And what’s ‘Tavi up to these days; is Dr. Roger honoring his promise to not use his experimental lust potion on ‘anypony’?

>Vega when?
But what if buyer wants a virgin, just as she was captured? Would they just restrict themselves to buttstuff, or do they have theoretic course that prepares her for inevitable?
Sweety Belle was caught with Rarity, has been a slave for many years now. She's gone through several owners before her violent incident with this last one, and has a long history of other black marks. Her temporary corporate owner sent her to Gentlehoof to be re-formed, and would have no restrictions on how that happens.
I still doubt this is legit in that green
Would you mind rape a pony into being a slave?
Just blank their brain and rebuild, nothing of the pony left?
Or break them with physical torture so they are too scared to resist?

>always try to be nice
>have a lot of pony snuff videos
>just put the audio in the night every night
>that will be a reminder that she should be glad that she isn't owned by them
>with only three day she will wake up with a blowjob everyday and allow you to fuck her everynight just for the fear of you selling her
The best slave pony is the pony free
page 9
Sweet Pig enjoys the garden salad the camp sends out for us every evening. All well here.

I’m looking to expand my herd (or at least make it plural) and reunite her with another guinea. Should I take the first one available by random chance, rescue an older pig from the shelter that really needs my care, or buy a strong young pup with a pretty coat from the pet market?

>Page 9, and thread is not even autosageing.
Annnnnd, 29 seconds later the Sweet Pig bumps page 1 instead. Just a bit slow on the trigger there, sorry.
How else would the ponies be enslaved?
Can you name a single instance of enslavement in the entirety of human history that WASN'T the result of one culture invading/subjugating another?
>Be filly
>In your bed
>Something is wrong, and whatever it is just woke you up
>"Ponies!," a strange man's voice whispers. "Ponies! Were're not going to hurt you. We've come to set you free"
>You open your eyes and just manage to make out the outlines of two men over the glare of a flashlight
>Men are in the dorm!
>"Just come with us quickly and quietly and you'll be freed"
>This sounds pretty suspicious
"How?," you ask.
>"We gave a van waiting outside and a network of Christian churches from here to Canada that will keep you hidden"
>"Once you get to Canada," the other man says, "you'll be free. But you have to come with us right now. Quick!"
"Is that like Jusus Christ and the book that saves souls?"
>"Yes," the man with the flashlight replies. "So you know you can trust us"
>You see the outline of Snowdrop sitting up in her bed
>"What do we do?," she asks in your direction
>You take a deep breath
>And yell
>As loud as you can, over and over
>The men panic and run out of the dorm
>Minutes later you're relating the experience to Madam
>And after that a couple police officers
>You've never seen police up close before
>And you can't take your eyes off the guns they carry in their holsters
>It's crazy to think they could pull it out, point it at you
>And BANG!
>You'd be dead!
>But you manage to tell the officers what happened
>Including the detail about the network of Christian churches between here and Canada
>The officer writes it down in a pad
>Then he turns to Madam and says, "With this many ponies under one roof you should probably have better security"
>"I intend to tell the owners just that," she responds
>To the rest of you she says, "Girls, I know that was a lot of excitement, but it's the middle of the night. Back to bed"
>Then she walks out of the dorm with the poice to show them out
>Turning off the lights on her way
"That was scary," you whisper to Snowdrop
>"What do you think they were doing here?," she asks
"Trying to steal us, obviously"
>"What about that stuff about being freed?"
"I don't know. I DO know that they mentionned Christ, just like the client who gave me the book and wouldn't sex me"
>"What does that have to do with anything?"
"The guard said it means they believe things that aren't true"
>"What things?"
"Stuff that sounds like really powerful magic"
>"Humans don't have magic, silly"
"Exactly. But they believe their book is magic"
>"That's stupid, unless you're in Equestria. There are definitely magic books there"
"I've never been. I was born here"
>"I was born there, " she says, proudly
>Then sadly adds, "But I don't remember it at all"
"I'd love to go there someday"
Addictive jizz?
Ponies find servitude comforting?
Equestria was dying?
Discord zapped a pony to Earth for the lulz because they sassed Fluttershy?
One of the Worst Case Scenarios seen in Glimmer's time fuckery happens and ponies flee Equestria for human protection from Changelings/Sombra/Nightmare Moon/Midnight Sparkle/etc?
Hard to say; I don't know what the market for Guineas is like up there. Is there a way to let your pig meet the other first? So you know if they're going to get along?
>"Maybe that's where the men wanted to take us"
"They said Canada. Definitely not Equestria"
>"They said we'd be free there"
"Maybe that's what they think. But they also think the have a magic book."
"And they come to the brothel and don't want to sex the fillies... Would YOU trust them?"
>"They said they had a van"
"Do you think getting in their van would have made you free?"
>"No, it would have made me a runaway"
"Right. And you know what happens to runaways"
>She's quiet for a little bit, then you hear her sobbing softly
>You get out of your bed and climb into hers
>You cuddle up against her
"The scary men are gone. And you're safe here. Go to sleep"
>She gives you a little kiss on the cheek, then rolls over and you spoon her until both of you are alseep
paste updated here:
There's currently slavery happening in South east Asia, as well as all across the world to the tune of at least 25 million people. Look up the borderlands. Hell just look up anything related to human trafficking and you'll see a myriad of stories about how there are people that lure their own countrymen out to sea with promises of work, then hold them hostage out there and strip away their rights and identities. Ready to be sold back to the highest bidder once they get to land. Fucking hell, many African Americans were slaves that were sold into bondage by their own countrymen. Some of them were from defeated tribes yes, but others came from unpaid debts, or straight kidnapping of kids, or handed over as tributes to chieftains. The point is that Slavery comes from a disparity of power and a weak rule of law in a society; not just subjugating your enemies. Suggesting otherwise is blatantly false. Read a book, motherfucker; or even just a Wikipedia article if that's too hard.
>You look through the window of the car as Anon drives down the highway.
>The city is is a sea of light in the darkness of a clear winter sky.
>The lights of the cars in the distance look like a giant glowing snake.
>Anon clenches the steering wheel.
>Metal booms out of the speakers.
>You try to make heads or tails of the situation.
>The piece of shit tried to rape you.
>He almost killed him.
>Then he called his boss to get on a project.
>A project in Equestria.
>And now he is going to smuggle you there.
>Anon doesn't even notice you as you watch him.
>His dilated pupils stare into the distance.
>If there is one thing you hate about him it is his silence.
>You can't tell what he thinks.
>You can only tell that there is something on his mind.
>He barely gives you any information ever.
"Hey Anon," you say as you turn down the music.
"Why do we have to run?"
>"I fucked up an elder citizen. I'm going to jail."
"But he tried to rape me!"
>"Who they are gonna believe? Some punk with a criminal record or and elder citizen?"
>Anon groans.
>"Have you seen his face? I'm *so* fucked!"
>"And if I go to prison you're going into the grinder."
"Running away from the police will only make it worse!"
>"Not running will kill you."
>He faces you.
>"Not metaphorically, not maybe. They will put you down!"
>Why? It is him who attacked someone. How can he be so sure?
>He faces the road again and hits the steering wheel.
>Somehow you’re no longer afraid of his outbursts.
>When did you begin to trust him like that?
>You shake off the thought.
"So we have to get to the portal before he regains consciousness and calls the police," you mumble to yourself
>"I should have killed this son of a bitch!"
>The hatred in his eyes.
>He would have.
>There is one question on your mind though.
"Could you have gotten me to Equestria before?"
>Anon shakes his head.
>"Don't get the wrong idea. I asked a favor to get on this project and this is not a plan. It is a gamble."
>"I have no idea how to get you from the portal to freedom."
>"And even if it works you're probably getting smoked or captured."
>It is not that you think Anon is lying.
>You should be happy.
>This is a way home but you don't feel it. It is so abstract.
>The thought of ever getting home is so distant.
>It is like a flame. You can tell someone it has hundreds of degrees that it will hurt but it takes a touch to really understand.
>Before that they're just words.
>Anon takes an exit ramp.
>Only the main road has streetlights.
>In the darkness you can make out buildings like the ones in the suburbs.
>But there is nobody that lives here anymore.
>Some houses are simply squalid.
>Other fallen into ruins or burned down.
>Most were damaged in the fighting.
>There is the footprint of an Ursa Major in what used to be a front yard.
>In the distance you can see a blue glow.
>It is the portal that Discord opened.
>There are floodlights and trucks in the distance.
>Anon turns into one of the abandoned side roads and stops the car.
>"We got some hours to kill."
>He bows over to you and takes a CD-case out of the glove-box.
>Then he takes out the small bag and credit card.
>"Try to sleep."

>You flinch as something shakes you out of sleep.
>"Hey, wake up."
>In shock you hit the attacker with your forelegs.
>A familiar silhouette pulls away into the distance.
>"Argh! Fuck! Stop it!"
>"Yes. Who the fuck did you expect?"
>He rubs his arm.
"Sorry Anon! Did I hit you badly? I was just-"
>"Take a leak," he commands while examining his arm.
>"It is almost time."
>A minute later you lie in a gym bag.
>Various hard objects press into your sides but you manage.
>"Whatever happens no sound and no movement, Snowflake. No matter what happens."
"How long will it take?"
>"An hour? I have no idea."
>He begins zip up the bag.
"Hey Anon," you push a your right hoof outside.
"Thank you."
>”Yeah, whatever.”
>The bag closes.
>You can hear Anon grunt as he lifts up the bag.
>After being carried for a while there are voices and the sound of a car. You are lifted and set down.
>The car stops a few times and there are voices.
>You can feel the pressure as it accelerates and climbs a slope.
>Your eyes go wide in the darkness and your jaw drops.
>You can feel it in the air, in your muscles, even smell it.
>This can't be real.
>You bite into your foreleg to ensure you're awake and to muffle your sobs as you start to cry.
>You’re home!
It finished, didn't it?
There was only ever intended to be two updates.
I really need to work on that. I hope to answer these questions real soon. Thank you for your feedback!

I miss that one too.
There are many that I miss.

What a good filly, she deserve a prize.

Also we need to know the damage of this operation. How many fillies get in the van? I don't think that our filly was the first target after all.
Most of the african slave trade. They were enslaved by their own people and sold to the dutchfags.
is the star story done

Nah, that was bigger tribes bullying the weaker tribes. They weren't necessarily their own people. It would be as much as if a bunch of spaniards when and enslaved a bunch of french or italians. They weren't really their own people per se.
Not entirely. Think about it. You're a chief. You're supposed to be the boss and have nice things. And you do. You have a bunch of wives, a couple nice chairs, plenty of animals and a shit ton of kids. Colonial slavers arrive and threaten your position with guns, ships and nicer things. But because you're chief you not only have enemies, but also peasants under you who sometimes need your help. You can harvest the families of both to keep you in the slavers' good graces. This solves problems for you even if your primary source for product is your warriors harvesting the unwitting subjects of a neighboring chief from a different ethnic group.
File: AChangeOfKey.png (169 KB, 1280x800)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
This story kind of had a bunch of things keeping me from finishing it. It was only ever meant to be a oneshot, but then File started singing and dancing and I didn't want the original ending, so I chopped it up. Its been a while, but I think I posted twice. There didn't appear to be much interest so it went all the way to the back of the pile.
I figured people just couldn't get into it without the music, so I tried writing down the notes in my head, but it seemed like so much work for little return. Since then I have moved, so my digital piano is boxed up, and online programs to make music would take a bit to learn.
I really would like to perform the musical numbers, but again might be a bridge too far. I suppose I can write another update or two later since someone seems interested.
Do it, I dare you, faggot.
>another update so soon.
Wow thanks. Though you seem to be in a hurry. You don't have to answer if u don't want. But end soon? Or is this maybe just a new chapter?
There is no sadder than experiencing the reality with the eyes of a child
Congratulations snowflake and welcome back to home

Need Gryphons! Gryphons!
Love your slaves
It's shit
>30 hr later
Pathetic. Think of your reputation!
I love this story. So glad you came back from the deads.
It was still a nice one and I miss it.

>Christian church

Good choice filly, you will probably get raped there anyway and without your own room


Anon should make another plan when the cop come to return him to earth and throw him to prison
Imagine the humor of punishing a griff for scratching by putting them in mittens, and then them complaining to an earth pony.

>What a good filly, she deserve a prize.

Both her and Snowdrop move to a better and bigger room for being good fillies
File: 1518129263189.png (338 KB, 596x536)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
>How else would ponies be enslaved.
>Where we assume the thread's implication doesn't exist.

You guys are missing my point entirely. The vast majority of stories take place in today's society, with the culture almost no different, but for some reason everyone is ok with mass enslavement of a sapient species. The history of the world pre-portal is seemingly unchanged, where every society decided slavery was bad, freed the niggers, then changed their minds when they ran across the ponies.
Why does it always need to be modern society, aside, maybe, for blatant wish fulfillment? Why don't we see the Roman legions invade, and now Pinkie Pie dutifully serves Anon the Aedile, helping him make his year's celebrations the greatest the Republic's ever seen?
Why don't we see the Confederate States of America win the civil war, and by the time contact with ponies is established, slavery was just never abolished, and now AJ works alongside a group of niggers?
Why wasn't Equestria just an island off the coast of Central America, and the Pope declared them to be without a soul, fit only to serve the invading Conquistadors as slaves? We could see the Wonderbolts serving the Spanish as an air force while they conquer the Aztecs.
Why don't we see ponies flooding in through the portals as refugees from the Storm King's completely successful invasion, and with no paperwork, no way to tell who's who, and who made it to Earth, ponies are easily exploited and sexually trafficked? Anon could be a detective, hunting down instances of enslaved ponies.
There are millions of options besides "modern day humans invaded and won a war." But between laziness, uncreative writefags, and the naked, boring wish fulfillment that runs rampant, I doubt this thead will ever see something truly creative. Except that one writefriend who wrote the story set in the middle ages. That was fantastic.
Sounds like you've got some ideas. Why don't you write them instead of complaint about other stories not being what you want?
>Why don't we see the Roman legions invade
>Why don't we see the Confederate States of America win the civil war, and by the time contact with ponies is established, slavery was just never abolished
>Why wasn't Equestria just an island off the coast of Central America, and the Pope declared them to be without a soul, fit only to serve the invading Conquistadors as slaves?
3/4's of your examples involve humans invading and winning a war anyways, all you're doing is changing the flavor. Is the only downside it being modern? I assume most of these are an AU where America never had the stigma associated with slavery that it does day, likely because the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade never existed or something, who cares: the interesting part of the story isn't 'why is there slavery', it's how the characters 'deal' with being slaves.

The one idea about it being mostly sex-trafficking slavery has some appeal, I've seen a story or two like that. But in those cases, slavery is outright illegal and isn't institutionalized/government-sanctioned like the majority of stories' chattel slavery is. In which case there's less to do with the Anon because unless he's extremely morally deprived, any slaves he comes across at all would be immediately freed by him and thus it's less like a slave story and more like a liberator story. The other angle, making it from a pony's point of view who's been caught in an underground slave ring, more or less fits the same tone as all the other stories with the only difference being whereas such a pony would have hope of being free if anyone ever found her or if she ever escaped, situations where ponies lost a war and there is no Equestria or home to go back to are deprived of that hope which makes the situation all the more desperate, which makes things more dramatic.
Because I refuse to write for the thread until as long as Jingles remains in charge of the Discord.
There's been several historical stories with already with everything from ww2 nazis to Victorian England to Ancient Rome. If it's not something a writefag wants to write then it's not something a writefag wants to write though.
Lol caring about discord. Sounds like your problem.
We already had a green about Romans, and it was really well-written, some of "modern"-world greens explicitly mention Equestria appearing as an island somewhere in Pacific and confederates were too busy fighting each other either way, but maybe that would be used in future too. But that's still war and conquer, not, for example, genetic engineering a new race, or aliens who were forced to jump to Earth and lost a legal argument about their citizenship, or whatever else that is non-military.

Hypothetically, if someone else were put in charge, you would write?
>Why does it always need to be modern society, aside, maybe, for blatant wish fulfillment?
That's really it. Most greens are some flavor of self-insert erotic fanfic. The status of ponies as slaves gives a default conflict to any story we write. It's a great, if somewhat lazy hook for a story, because it allows even the most mundane details of a green to be feelsy. I ignored this general for 130+ iterations of it. But it didn't take all that much lurking before I was compelled to write for it. Why? Because the hook is irresistible. No matter what you write it's going to be crushingly tragic because the ponies are enslaved. As a writer who struggles with emotional content this conceit isn't just a crutch, it's a fucking jetpack. Everything is emotional because the scenario you're writing is so desperate and fucked up.

This is not to undercut the talents of the writefags here. We have a few outstanding ones. But you'll notice the greens here have a particular emotional vividness to them, which is at least partially the result of the conceit most of us are operating under.
Jew begone
>Tfw you're one of the co-founders of this general but instead you get hated
You fuckers are gonna get the Shot

If you weren't such an obnoxious wanker, maybe people wouldn't have hated your guts so much.
File: fallout.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
Begone, Todd Jokes aside, I hope you understand that they are not completely serious
They kicked me out from the discord because i raided another one's server even if i didn't do shit in the slave pony general cuz sympathies from the past
File: Spoiler Image (41 KB, 612x612)
41 KB

What's that? You act like a twat on the internet, and various circles start preemptively excluding you, and you act surprised?
> pidgeon or bird
How hard is that to detect an African Grey parrot?
No one cares about you or the discord, stop shitting up the thread with your self righteousness.
I hope you fuckers ain't mad when i'll shoot up your schools you fuckers
Do it
You reputation is shit
The issue I have isn't that the usual setting is modern, it's that the vast majority of the time, the is no real REASON behind the war. That it doesn't make any sense, given the history. If you're going to have a war, give it a good fucking reason.
>"Teacher, why did NATO invade Equestria?"
>"Because, Billy, ponies aren't people."
>"But why didn't we just leave them alone? It's not like they're useful compared to robots."
>"Because we needed land, Billy."
>"But...half of the US is basically unused territory."
>"There were lots of gold and jewels they weren't using."
>"Then why did we bother bringing ponies back through?"
>"For sex, Billy. For sex."
>"Then how come sex ed was abstinence only!?"

Funny enough, I wasn't thinking of there being a war against Equestria with the Confederacy idea, just that any ponies foolish enough to end up in the wrong parts of Earth would quickly find themselves sold off. Shit, that one would also work in modern day, the whole world would have been changed by the US being split in two, a hundred and fifty years ago.
>Government sanctioned chattel slavery bs outlawed slavery.
>Outlawed means there's not much for Anon to do.
You say that like most of the stories don't have Anon as the white knight, heroicly saving ponies from horrible masters.

Ooh, I must have missed the Roman one. Could I get a bin of that one? Or did the writefag die halfway through?
In a fucking heartbeat. Especially with a dead SiM.
File: Columbine oc meme.png (6 KB, 995x62)
6 KB
I'm gonna do it you faggot!
>dead SiM
There's a reason for that, you know ?
>That bird
Wait, so are Hermann and Olibird the same faggot?
Yea, but it means I have no where else to write this particular genre of story.
>In a fucking heartbeat. Especially with a dead SiM.

There's your problem, SIM is dead and you want me to return, I'm sorry for you friend but you're in the wrong thread, you'll have to settle for what's there
Who the fuck is Olibird?
File: xbw5ewftvzi01.jpg (23 KB, 554x604)
23 KB
>Asking for real creativity when even the writefags admit they only care for naked self- inserts is asking for SiM to return.
I hope pic related happens to you, faggot.
Nevermind keep your green then. Sim is shit.
I like the idea in common parlance its slavery just like wage slave and other ancap anticorp ganda.
Addict them to drugs, overcharge on rents, pay them in script
All stuff that is normal but looked at even less due to being ponies.
>SiM / SPG merge?
If you want SiM, just bring it back yourself. You don't need any special credentials to start a thread on 4chan; go nuts! Leave us to our white-kinghtery, comfie bath scenes, and tender feels. Keep your pointless torture out.
You're right >>32016673 is a faggot
>still crying instead of getting up off your ass and doing something about it.
Sucks to be you.
Well said.
I'm going to torture candy ass by putting her in charge of a day care.
Lets see her want to be with Flurry after this.
>Yea, but it means I have no where else to write this particular genre of story.
You could just write it here anyways, bending it a little to fit the premise. I caught some flak for my clopfic Give My Love to Rose being too SIM-ish. I side stepped that by writing an ending that implied she got some self-determination and autonomy after all. It seemed like that satisfied folks here.
Joke's on you, the school I attended lost most of my favourite teachers and becomes shittier by the year.
It must be somewhere in the op-post bins, I remember old tavern owner having two mares, and one of them thots her way into the tent of roman general that conquers visantian city
>the is no real REASON behind the war
I see your point, but I think the problem is a Catch 22 of writing for slave general.
Modern societies are more interesting to contrast against Equestria. Spanish Conquistadors and Roman Legionaries really are more or less on the same level, perhaps even 'behind', Equestria as we see in show in terms of technological advancement. The digital age with computers, radio, and machines of war provide more of an alien feel for ponies when they are introduced to human culture, given nothing like these exist in Equestria, and thus more intriguing. To boot, it makes less sense for those older civilizations to be able to defeat Equestria at all given the magical might of Equestria isn't really trumped by civilizations that more or less match them for technological progress, you need that 20th-21st century edge to make Equestria being conquered believable.

But then you reach the conjoining problem, and that's that a modern society like America really doesn't have need or desire or a cultural instinctive drive to invade or subjugate Equestria. It's the one that makes the most sense except that it would almost never 'want' to. Which is why most just come up with some sort of tragic event to trigger hostilities like Twilight's portal nukes in A Deal's a Deal.

Still I stand by my statement earlier that, personally, I don't really care as much about the how or why, much like in Star Wars you don't care 'why' there is an Evil Empire, just that it's there and needs to be dealt with. For slave ponies, I care less about how it is they became slaves and am more interested in how the characters deal with being made property, how they interact with their masters, etc.
>I wasn't thinking of there being a war against Equestria with the Confederacy idea, just that any ponies foolish enough to end up in the wrong parts of Earth would quickly find themselves sold off
Fair enough, but in the case that too many ponies were getting rounded up and sold off in the modern Confederacy, what do you suppose Equestria would do? Just let it happen? Unless it was kept in such small numbers Equestria wouldn't feel it worth the risk (which doesn't seem likely, Equestria seems like the place to not even let a single civilian suffer bondage if they knew about it), they would demand them be returned and, failing that, confrontations would ensue, which would most likely result in a war regardless.

That's the other thing about writing for Slave stories is that Equestria would almost certainly never stand for it, so to justify why it still persists one has to find SOME way of writing Equestria off, and that usually entails it having lost a war (or at least stale-mated in the situation of AWF's 'Break') or some sort of cataclysm like Fire & Sky.

>You say that like most of the stories don't have Anon as the white knight, heroicly saving ponies from horrible masters.
I can't speak for most stories, there's so many I haven't begun to read them all, but my favorite stories involve some of the most monstrous anons that gradually develop into better but still morally questionable people like CYOS, Break, Deal, and Fire&Sky Anon.
>you need that 20th-21st century edge to make Equestria being conquered believable.
I will add on one exception here and point out that, while Equestria itself has been conquered a couple times in show / in the movie as well, it was also due to magical might rivaling their own like Tirek or Discord's sorcery or the insta-kill stoning orbs the Storm King had which were the only reason they could defeat the alicorns. If you wanted to write an older civilization human world that itself ALSO had magic at their disposal, that could be an interesting angle to work with.
>Why does it always need to be modern society, aside, maybe, for blatant wish fulfillment?

Gee anon, it's almost like the writers here are mostly familiar with modern society and not your laundry list of foreign cultures.
Nice excuse, you hack.
You mean people don't want to have to do research to make sure their green is historically accurate. Imagine that.
File: 1517506750945.png (619 KB, 998x1080)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
> historically accurate
> as much it is already historically accurate, allowing animal abuse / slavery in a country which already has laws against it
Contrary to popular belief, we do have lives.
It's like he doesn't know what the word history means.
All this bitching when the problem is so easily solved by doing it yourself.
It's like anybody ITT has deep knowledge of some ancient middle of nowhere typical day
>I see your point, but I think the problem is a Catch 22 of writing for slave general.
It isn't that hard. Portal opens up to another world. Powers that be realize there's tons of money to be made exploiting it and the creatures who live there. Propaganda machines go into overdrive painting Equestria as a threat to the very existence of the human race. Equestria is pretty quickly conquered and it citizens sold into slavery to nearly unanimous public approval. Only once humans and pony slaves start living together do some start to question the ethics of this. That's where our story begins.
>>Why does it always need to be modern society, aside, maybe, for blatant wish fulfillment?

Without forgetting that stories have been made where the human invasion was carried out by the Roman Empire, Victorian Era, World War II and even the sci fi future
File: Pinkonequus.png (226 KB, 624x634)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
>Other people don't have the same creative vision as me!

Some people like different things. If you want something in a time period you're passionate for, then write a story in that time period. No writefag is going to go research the fucking Byzantine Empire to write a story in it if they're not interested in it.

It's hard enough for writefags to muster up motivation to write stories in settings they know and enjoy writing. Getting them to write something they have no interest in borders on the impossible.
>Sci fi
Too bad space celly is dead! Dead! The courier sucks too phys!
>Powers that be realize there's tons of money to be made exploiting it and the creatures who live there.
This I could definitely see: propaganda painting Equestria as some incredibly oppressive regime that must be liberated for the sake of its own people, as well as highlighting the danger of super-powerful demi-goddesses ruling it pose to the US, etc, and thus the invasion of Equestria and the subjugation of its people commences. I'm pretty sure you could draw real life parallels to America itself having done that with countries we've invaded in the name of stopping terrorism or something.

The problem I think with that is just how modern the human society is: with the advent of incredibly fast communication and information sharing the entire world over propaganda just isn't what it used to be and if the powers that be Jews decided Equestria's resources were worth framing their race and invading them, more people would catch wind of it sooner.
>The problem I think with that is just how modern the human society is: with the advent of incredibly fast communication and information sharing the entire world over propaganda just isn't what it used to be
Bullshit. New communications tech has led to an explosion of propaganda to the point where most folks can't tell what's true and what isn't because they come across so much fake stuff every day. In this scenario a well funded effort to cast a strange new world with dangerous, powerful magic creatures as a serious threat to humanity wouldn't be at all difficult. Much easier than Russian hackers getting Trump elected.
Although ... I have not yet seen a history of ponies facing an invasion of primitive mens
I think it's funny that you bring up Trump because, that's the exact argument I was going to bring up as an excuse as to why the ways of propaganda have begun to falter.

Trump had little advertisement funds of his own. Almost everywhere you'd see on the news, on late night talk shows, on websites, on television programs across multiple countries was Trump bashing. I lost track of just how fucking hard everyone everywhere anti-shilled the guy for months and months, up to before he even won the Republican nomination, and despite the literal 'billions' of dollars that went into besmirching him, he still managed to win.

It leads me to believe that in this digital age that empowers and encourages people to look up facts for themselves, it means that the power of propaganda has faltered significantly.
> the literal 'billions' of dollars that went into besmirching him, he still managed to win.
I bet it would take 10 times more money to fund the meme army behind his winning, if he didn't have any.
People post anticom propoganda all the time, yet it still is beloved
This is the time of the antidisestablishmentarism
Trump is immaterial, that he was trained by the Soviets since the 70s with Cohn matters little, he was the outsider and that is what people wanted.
At least until we get the admission of hacked votes then there will be a sudden exit stage left.

As for ponies and propoganda, just play them up like
You mean people don't want to put any effort into making their story good, or even the least bit memorable. They just want to put in the least amount of effort required to get their rocks off. Imagine that.
Yet everyone but you loves them. Must be them who's the problem and not you right?
>only stories written in this obscure setting I picked are good.
lol fuck off or write it yourself kid.
One guy writing one story does nothing to change the pervasive laziness of all the other shitty writefags who just copy Vega and Ephemeral.
File: 1498419162714.png (335 KB, 849x436)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
>Everyone loves them
>That's why the only stories people ask about are the ones that deviate even the slightest from this shitty, generic setting.
What? People ask about all kinds of stories. What are you smoking?
>vega and cyos are set in modern times
>two of the biggest most popular stories right now
>people only ask about other stories
Want to run that by me again?
File: 1520281708849.gif (3.89 MB, 200x200)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB GIF
We should set them in the future.
Bring back Selene
This would be really cool. But Nightmare moon or Sombra would steam roll over Uhg and his quest for fire.
While I enjoy researching stuff, it does take a while to blend it into the story. I wish more people would write historical stuff. I dig it. I can take a swing at more, but i already have a bunch of projects.
This sounds like The Invasion of Florence, except that was renessaince with Italian city state warefare as opposed to Roman era. There was a pseudo roman story with diplomats, but no one has pointed me to the pastebin. I would enjoy reading it.
I would like to read the story of a fugitive pony, who fled from his master and roams our world in search of the way back to Equestria, without a place to stay, him/her knows friends and enemies in his journey and never loses the hope of returning to home
File: 328794234.jpg (7 KB, 194x260)
7 KB
Pony slave in Jesus times when?

I want it historical and bible accurate or I will be really mad
You can have one or the other, Anon. They're incompatible.
See filly brothel
Not necessarily. Jesus' times was Roman times and those fuckers had a 'ton' of slaves, could tell of a pony owned by a Roman noble travelling through Jerusalem, disciples of Christ finds her and helps her out, etc.
File: 951.jpg (46 KB, 680x699)
46 KB
>being this retarded

>someone should replace judas and jesus
>let put two talking horses instead
Well, "bible accurate" is debated even without ponies, so more like one or nothing.
> But Nightmare moon or Sombra would steam roll over Uhg and his quest for fire.

> Early cave-humans invade early field-ponies
> They're basically about the same, except our toolmaking advantage let us dominate them
> Two ponies decide they're fed up with this shit and go on a quest to discover how to earn their freedom
> Crafts a spell that lets them wield the ultimate fire and light: Sun and Moon
> Celestia and Luna banish humans back to Earth
> Cavemen go "fuck, we can do cool shit with fire. Let's use that shit."
> 50,000 years later, we come back wielding atomic fire and laser light.
> Cavemen paintings tell of past wars with the alicorns.
> Oops.
I have a feeling that would come with a lot of ponies being hunted for food if represented realistically.
I take the miracles and mysticism with a very big grain of salt, but they’re still useful stories. Biblical canon was compiled only a few hundred years later, and I have no doubt the everyday “bible times” context it takes place in is absolutely realistic. That deep in the past is actually more alien to me than something like Star Trek, and I love stories set there, with or without slave ponies.

True, but vore is not allowed here. I think SiM was ok with it though.

>I have a feeling that would come with a lot of ponies being hunted for food if represented realistically.

>ponies have to deal with this for a long time
>magic happen and they move to equestria
>Unga unga human keep living in earth
>50000 year later portal shit happen
>first human in equestria arrive
>a primal ancient instinct in the ponies kick in
>invasion successful but the human don't even know why the ponies surrender so easy if they can use magic and shit
But it's so much easier to bitch.
>pervasive laziness
In those ancient times the surrendering ponies would be on the menu, and the ones who ran would pass their genes down to the present. It’s a really great idea with that hidden link though!
>human slaves getting mad that the pony slaves are better than they are

>Be Salvius
>ex-farmer from a small unnamed village in western Anatolia
>and you're fucking pissed
>that little bitch Cloudchaser just took your fucking job
>Consul Gaius Marius is a good owner
>doesn't have you beaten for being lazy
>the porridge tastes good, and you get salted meat twice a week
>but after the latest conquest it's all crumbling like a gaul's "culture"
>you just lost your comfy role as flabellum
>the Consul doesn't need you to wave a fan anymore now that he has a fucking blue horse doing it with her wings
>and now you have to go back to working the fields with all those smug actual plebs
File: maxresdefault.jpg (123 KB, 1920x1080)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>>invasion successful but the human don't even know why the ponies surrender so easy if they can use magic and shit

They simply surrendered to the power of the boop
A story where the anon is a person badly seen by other humans but is a loving and kind master with his pony?

>someponies are used as food
>other ones as sexual relief
>two types of primal instincts appear in the ponies
>fear/obedience/submission or hornyness
>You were... hard sometimes, but not a monster
Tell that to the ponies he deliberately tortured and had tortured you old cunt. Fuck this story. And fuck you deluded cucks thinking this character is in any way shape or form a hero.

t-butthurt slave
File: 1280x720-WF0.jpg (111 KB, 1280x720)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
> Humans create a portal and plan to invade Equestria for their ponies and resources
>They are confident that their superior technology and weaponry will give them the decisive advantage
>They cross the portal ready for the battle but on arrival they discover something disturbing
>In this world the humans are the size of an ant
>And the ponies are giant in comparison

Bad End?
I can't see this picture and not think of something like Fist of the North Star. Just a little filly going
>You are already booped!
Your cutie mark should have the shape of the constellation Ursa Major
I can work with that
All we need is Delta Megazord
I mean... I get your point. He's done some pretty awful things in the past, and he shouldn't be forgiven for those. But isn't he doing better now? We literally just voted to cut our profits buying elderly ponies who couldn't work as hard to keep them from being sent to their deaths in a less merciful camp. Doesn't that mean anything? Or, in your point of view, is there no absolution for what he did ever?

Literally butthurt after he had them whipped, hurr hurr.
Now the colts have something to play and what is there for the fillies?

And I do not mean missiles and torpedoes OK?
You underestimate megazord sizes
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 301x167)
8 KB

>Bad End?

No, you just need to move to the giant pony general
>is there no absolution for what he did ever?
That anon comes into the thread every so often to screech about how all slavery is inherently evil and we should be murdered for writing stories about it. Don't bother responding to it.
>Or, in your point of view, is there no absolution for what he did ever?
No. There are some things you just never come back from. This Anon will *always* be a fucking monster, no matter what he does to try to make up for his past atrocities.

I'm not that Anon, but you people are fucking deluded as hell for thinking that some of these things that happen in these stories ever can or should be forgiven.
File: 1399999235237.gif (863 KB, 500x281)
863 KB
863 KB GIF
I don't know, it was just that one line in particular that irked me. Saying "you were not a monster" when he very fucking clearly was, and in many ways still is, was jarring.

> The dinner was, once again, a success. Her medley earned moderate praise and her skill at magically setting the table some unspoken admiration. But then something unthinkable happened.
> Anonymous did not touch the chocolate pudding she had made. It was still warm, too! It was all Celestia could do to keep herself from staring.
> Unsweetened tea was one thing, but this was a personal affront! Perhaps he hadn't noticed? She tried prodding a little:
"Dessert, Anonymous?"
> "Oh, thank you, no. I tend to stay away from oversweet food," the man blasphemed. "You needn't have given yourself this much work."
> Somehow, she kept the growl out of her voice, but it was still strained.
"I like to bake."
> Luckily, Anon didn't seem to notice her tone. He was already someplace else, mentally. The pony knew that expression all too well. "After you've cleaned up, take the evening off. You've done a very satisfactory job today."
> He even had the audacity to push the cup with his dessert toward her! She would eat it, of course, but it was tantamount to insult!
> She slid it back over, slowly but firmly, her eyes never leaving Anon's face.
"Please," she said through gritted teeth, "at least taste it."
> The cup came back. "Oh, thank you very much, Celestia, but no. I'm quite full." He didn't notice her glare because Anonymous had taken his phone out of a pocket and was reading something off it.
> Fuming, the Princess let it go. Despite the loss, she resolved to keep baking. Ever more wonderful, *delicious* treats. She would get Anonymous to appreciate her skill, or else!
One of my favorite SPG tropes is the "ponies are prey" trope. They have prey instincts and are naturally submissive.

> It was now a Quest for her. She accepted the challenge. The man wasn't really averse to sweets - the pancakes that morning proved it. But perhaps that had been the exception. Maybe the shock of her using magic on him had caused him to do something he normally wouldn't have.
> For a minute, the mare considered doing it again. It would be trivial to bind the human and force feed him the pudding.
> But what then? Anonymous would undoubtedly send for one of those rings. Or worse - send her back to the auction.
> Despite these minor hiccups, the mare was enjoying herself immensely. She didn't want her vacation to end after one day! And she didn't think Plain would agree to sell her again. According to their contract, he would just return her to Equestria and collect his pay.
> Fine! The pony nearly growled in frustration. The human had won this round. But she would find ways to make him eat her desserts. And not only eat - enjoy them, too! She swore it to herself.
> But tonight... tonight she would graciously settle for the second prize.
"One more question, Anonymous..."
> "Hmm?" he didn't even look up. The fact that the man wasn't even aware of their struggle really irked. But the alicorn kept her voice pleasant.
"I couldn't help noticing you have a large bathtub and a sauna. I hope it is not inappropriate of me to ask-"
> He cut her off with an absentminded wave of his hand. "Oh, I got those because an old friend kept insisting I should. But I hardly ever use them, it's too much work. Please feel free, if you enjoy that sort of thing."
> Her jaw fell down. No sweets and no hot baths? And no steams? Was the human even alive?!

> She closed her mouth with a snap. At least she had his permission, so that was something. But should she extend her Quest to getting Anonymous to enjoy a steam? Would it be too weird?
> The pony decided to think on it later. There was another concern.
"Will there be enough hot water? I would have stoked the furnace, but I did not find it. If you show me, I will light a fire for my bath."
> Now the man finally stopped fiddling with his phone and looked up in wonderment. "Wait- fire? Furnace? I have central heating, which works on oil, no need to stoke a furnace. Hot water isn't a problem."
> Infinite hot water and the man didn't enjoy baths?! Now, more than anytime before Celestia felt an alien. What kind of world had she dropped into?
> But nothing prevented her from taking some pampering, that was the important part.
"So, I assume the steam also doesn't need fire?"
> "It's electric. There's an on button on the side and a dial to set it-" the human began explaining, but then shrugged and put his phone back into a pocket. "Actually, I'll show you in a bit. You can operate the bath?"
> The mare gave a nod. She had seen the tap during her exploration earlier and understood how to use it.
> "Okay. Do that. I have to review an important case right now. I'll be done in about an hour and I'll come show you how to use the sauna, okay?"
> She bobbed her head again, which helped hide her smile of giddy anticipation.
"Thank you, Anonymous."
> It was almost enough to make her forget about his dessert. Almost. She pulled the cup to herself and dunked her muzzle into the warm, sweet, delicious goop. She didn't notice the human leave.
Kill yourself furfag.

> About a minute later, she came back to her senses and cleared the table. On her way to the kitchen, Celestia realized that she had forgotten to ask Anonymous her questions, mainly about the 'dish washer', he had mentioned, but also about cleaning the carpets, the laundry and - her breath caught at the thought - the mechanical monster in the basement.
> But all of that could wait until the next morning. She simply washed the dishes with her magic. It was a snap, as was drying them and putting them back.
> There was some medley left and she saved it for her lunch the next day. And the remaining pudding would wait for Anonymous' breakfast. For round two of their little contest!
> The mare almost giggled in excitement. It was a battle of wits, just as much as any trade negotiation or peace treaty she had brokered. But this was infinitely more fun! And, she couldn't help thinking, much less stressful. Even if her opponent didn't even know they were competing. In truth, he didn't have to know.
> She'd still win.
> Celestia finished cleaning the kitchen, then hurried over to the best room in the house. A glance revealed that her tail was indeed unmentionable. And the mane was a filthy, tangled mess.
> It was sheer luck that Anonymous hadn't commented upon it. A man like him would undoubtedly expect his servants to be presentable. A dirty, neglected slave reflected badly upon her master.
> A quick rummage of the various cupboards revealed a bottle of lavender-scented bubble bath. She gratefully squirted a generous portion into the tub.
10/10 Anon. That was hilarious.

> She plugged it with the black cork before any of it could escape. Then she opened the tap and pushed it all the way to the right, toward the little red circle. She had discovered that meant hot water.
> And the blue one on the other side was for cold water. Leaving it somewhere in the middle gave her a mixture and allowed her to set the absolutely perfect temperature.
> It was clever and much easier than two separate taps. Another invention to take home, perhaps?
> The water filled slowly and the mare used that time to inspect herself in the mirror. She blushed slightly when she remembered that she didn't have her vest, but the human hadn't remarked upon that either. Not after the morning, at least.
> She was still herself, though. A little disheveled, perhaps. Her fur and mane in a state they'd never be acceptable back home. But it was a vacation, Celestia reminded herself. She could afford to be a little lazy.
> In the court, anything less than absolute perfection was unthinkable. In that regard, Anonymous was already much more comfortable to be around.
> A very naughty thought occurred and the pony covered her mouth with a hoof to keep from bursting into laughter. The face looking back from the mirror could have belonged to a child in that moment, what with the gleam in her eyes and the pink cheeks. The very idea almost made her feel like a foal!
> What would happen, she wondered, if she went out and rolled in the dirt a little?
> How many thousands of years had it been since she had done something like that? Had she ever let herself go that completely, even when young?
> She had to try it!
> But not tonight.

> For now, she went to examine the wooden box. She found the buttons and dials on the side, but didn't touch them. Anonymous would come show her how it all worked.
> Inside, there was a wooden bench, a metal trough with some rocks and a wooden bucket with a ladle. She couldn't see any pipes for steam. 'Electric', Anonymous had called it. She was faintly aware of the term. She knew some of her subjects were researchers, but with her magic able to do everything for her, Celestia had never truly interested herself in machinery.
> Maybe it was time? The humans, having no magic at all, made their science work for them. It was a curious thought - one she would examine more closely when she was back home.
> Some things Earthlings could do with machines went even beyond what was achievable by the best unicorns.
> Celestia stared at the inside of the little house and tried to figure it out.
> The buckets and the ladle started to make sense. She remembered the oven, back in the kitchen. There was no fire, but it still got hot.
> The sauna must work in the same way! But it was dry heat, so she was probably supposed to put water in the bucket and pour it over stones with the ladle to get her steam! It was simple, really!
> Celestia felt immensely proud of herself. At this rate, even the monster in the basement would soon yield to her intellect!
> The thought recalled her and she moved her ears around. Yes, now that she was aware of it, she could hear the hum of the beast, just above the splashing of the water. It was roaring again and the mare looked uneasily at the floor beneath her hooves.

> The most reassuring fact, however, was that Anonymous didn't seem concerned. The machine was probably doing what it was supposed to, the mare decided. It wasn't scary at all, she told herself. She almost believed it, too.
> Besides, her water was ready!
> It seemed to Celestia like mere moments had passed before Anon was already knocking on the door.
> Come to think of it, the water had turned lukewarm rather quickly, too! Maybe Earth's water couldn't retain the heat as well as in Equestria?
"Come in!"
> There was a pause. Then the human asked uncertainly: "Are you decent?"
> The mare's eyes shot open and her muzzle scrunched up in surprise. She didn't know how to answer at first.
"Anonymous - I am wearing exactly the same amount of clothes I have worn all day."
> "Oh. Right. Of course," the human said quickly and entered. Celestia noted that he still kept his eyes averted, as if looking at her would be somehow inappropriate.
> She held back an amused giggle as she stood up and climbed, dripping, out of the tub. She walked right up to the human and sat on her haunches. The floor was quickly covered with soapy water, but neither of them paid it any mind.
"Show me how this works."
> A concrete goal, a distraction. That broke the ice well enough and Anon brightened up. He pointed at the little gray panel with buttons and switches and dials.
> "Here's what you do..." he began.
> It turned out to be rather simple. The switch with a circular symbol would turn it on. Then one of the dials would set the temperature inside. Both were easy to use with her magic.

> After his hurried explanation, the human began backing out. He still hadn't even looked at her. And now, the pony worried, he might get it into his head that she was naked *all* the time. It was technically true, but it would make dealing with the human very awkward. Night unbearable, in fact.
> And she was *not* going to start wearing clothes!
> The situation had to be resolved!
"Anonymous. I wonder if I could ask another favour."
> His hand, which had been reaching for the door handle, stopped. "Yes?" he asked.
> Celestia returned to her bath. Lukewarm or not, after a few minutes outside, the water felt soothingly warm again.
"Wash my back?"
> Again she had to suppress a laugh as the human nearly jumped. "What?!" he said, "can't you do it yourself?"
"Well, yes. With magic, easily. But ponies are social creatures. We find things like this soothing. My sister used to do this for me, in fact."
> The mare didn't add '...until I banished her to the moon.'
> Anonymous was hesitating, which Celestia took as a good sign. She floated up a sponge and gave him a hopeful look.
> It worked!
> The human moved a little jerkily, almost mechanically, but he came to her. After a moment, he pushed up the sleeve of his shirt and took the sponge.
> She smiled encouragingly and turned to the side, to get herself in easy reach. After a few seconds, she felt the ginger touch on her back.
"Don't worry, I'm quite sturdy. And - before you ask - no, this isn't weird."
> The alicorn was lying. Soaked and sitting in a bathtub with this alien creature pawing at her back made the mare feel very vulnerable. It was nothing like sharing a bath with a pony she trusted!

> But she was determined to make it right. And controlling her expression came easily after millenia of practice.
> "Feels... inappropriate," the man commented. But he didn't stop.
> Celestia thought she understood. It was like the difference between seeing a mare walking around about her business, and seeing her in the bathroom, doing her... well, 'business'.
> Some things were done strictly in private. She was beginning to discover that bathing was one such thing for humans.
> It almost made a kind of sense. They wore their clothes all the time and didn't like to be seen without. She had experienced that when she walked in on the unclad human by accident. It was logical that these, private activities, extended to everything which included removing their clothes.
> Luckily, there was a simple way to verify her theory.
"So, you're uncomfortable with me in the bath because you're imagining me as a human woman? I can see how seeing one of them naked might be uncomfortable."
> "Yes! Exactly!" the human quickly affirmed. His pitiful attempts at washing her back stopped. "It just doesn't seem... proper!"
> Celestia was a little flattered. She had chided the man to see her more as a person and less as an animal. It had, apparently, worked. Maybe even too well.
"Well, my culture is different, but I understand. It will be alright once I'm out of the bath?"
> He hesitated for just a second, but the mare had been watching for that. "Y-yes," Anonymous said uncertainly. "I suppose so."
"Then, let's simply not think about it. I'm me, and you're you. Everything else is just labels, hmm?"
> She saw him nod.

"Maybe it will help if you give me some orders. I've cleaned most of the house. Tomorrow I will wash the windows and sweep the dust on the furniture. Would you like me to get started on the garden?"
> This was firmer ground and she felt that the human was more sure of himself. "That sounds good. Yes, do that, please."
> 'Please', Celestia thought to herself. Quite polite, even to a slave. She approved.
"Very good, Anonymous. Thank you for your help here. I will try out the steam chamber tomorrow, when I am alone, if that's alright?"
> "Yes, sure. Whenever you like," he agreed. Then he let the sponge fall into the water and took a few steps back, to the door. "Listen, I will finish up my work and retire for the night. I shan't be needing breakfast tomorrow, so you may sleep in."
> The pony tsked and turned to look at him.
"I'm sorry, but I can't obey that order, Master."
> He understood her calling him that was just the mare being contrite, so he didn't correct her. But he raised up his hands as if in defense. "No, it really isn't necessary."
> Celestia allowed herself to glare a little.
"I will hold you down with magic and feed you, if I have to!"
> The threat, however jokingly she might have made it, made the human scowl. "I will order the ring!" he countered.
> Now she let her mouth spread in a nasty smile.
"Try it and see what happens!"
> They glared at each other fiercely for a moment, but then the human chuckled a little. A moment later, a much relieved Celestia joined in. "You really won't budge on this, will you?" Anon asked.

> The pony shook her head. It had been another gamble. She hadn't been entirely sure the man was joking. But she had listened to her instincts, honed by thousands of diplomatic encounters of all kinds. She could spot bluffing when she saw it.
"I will not. We will be eating breakfast every morning. I suggest you plan your schedule accordingly."
> Anon spared his arms helplessly, then let them fall back. "Fine. But you're not really acting like a slave, you know that? Baths and saunas and TV. And ordering her owner around..."
> She poked her tongue out at him.
"You're not acting like a slaver, either!"
> He gave this a bit of thought. "You'd prefer chains and collars and the belt when you misbehave?"
> Now Celestia quickly shook her head. Then she lowered her gaze and let her ears fold down in what, she hoped, looked like abject misery.
"No, Master."
> There was a strange look in his eye. The mare could just see his face in the corner of her vision.
> "I swear to God, I don't know what to make of you, Celestia. Are you sure you're a regular pony?"
> For a moment she worried that he was getting close to uncovering her secret. The earlier remark about her not acting like a slave, and now this! She had to divert his train of thought, fast.
"Do you have garden shears and a mower, Anonymous? I will get started on the lawn tomorrow. And we might need some supplies, which we can pick up the next day."
> "Oh yes," he said, "the shears are in the garage. And you'll have to check if there's enough gas in the mower."

> He spotted her blank stare and shrugged. "Let's leave it until Saturday. I'll show you. And then in the afternoon, I'll take to you to the market for produce and groceries and then to the garden center for anything you need."
> The pony couldn't wrap her head around the idea that there should be a gas in the mower. It didn't run on steam, did it? She imagined that would be quite unwieldy.
> Yet another mechanical wonder, the mare guessed. She was looking forward to it.
> "Anything else?" the human asked. She shook her head and he bid her good night and ducked out. Only then did Celestia remember about the monster in the basement.
> It could wait another day, she decided, and sank back down. But the water was rapidly losing its heat, so she sighed and decided to get out.
> At least she felt sleepy this time. The day had been filled with strange adventure, and she hadn't gotten enough sleep the previous night. The nap on the couch had barely taken the edge off her exhaustion.
> Celestia quickly dried herself off, pulled the plug on the bathtub and went to leave the room. At the last second she remembered that she should clean up after herself.
> But aside from a bit of soapy water, there wasn't a big mess. Plus, the mare was certain Anonymous wouldn't need the room.
> She would clean it up tomorrow, the alicorn decided. It could wait.
> Happy with her reasoning, the mare made a slight detour through the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water. She drank it quickly and went to her room.
> She paused on the hallway and focused her ears, but there was no sound coming from the master bedroom. It looked like Anon was already asleep.

> There were no clocks upstairs, so the pony didn't know how late it was. Out of habit, she reached out to the sun to see how low under the horizon it was. But with the world between her and the shining orb, she could barely feel it.
> Too far for any kind of accuracy.
> Celestia shrugged to herself and sat on her bed. Her vest and hoofguards caught her eye.
> How quickly she had gotten used to being without them, the mare mused. But they reminded her of Luna and she hugged the fabric to her chest.
"Have a peaceful night, Sister."
> She put the items under her bed and pulled the blanket over herself.
> The pony was asleep in seconds.

And the pastebin, too: https://pastebin.com/JatjyA3x

So yeah, I managed to sneak in the bathing scene (see if you can spot it!)
And a bit of exploring the characters, building the relationship, etc. I hope the update didn't feel too slow.

Next one will be a bit more exciting and action-full (is that a word?)

Lemme know what you think! Both the good and bad are useful to me.
It's shit
I want to cut Corona's belly open and play with her intestines.
Your Celestia is top cute
>"Wash my back?"

Hubba Hubba

>"Fine. But you're not really acting like a slave, you know that? Baths and saunas and TV. And ordering her owner around..."
> She poked her tongue out at him.
>"You're not acting like a slaver, either!"

Just switch the roles. Anon will show how to be a good slave and celestia will show anon how to be a good slaver
>he shouldn't be forgiven for those

Why not?
I like Celestia exploring stuff
>The battle of the desserts
Celestia being appalled at Anon's blatant disregard for her beloved desserts looks like it's going to be really fun, especially how her sweet-tooth makes it so personal to try and insist upon Anon through barely hidden agitated the ignorant human doesn't seem to pick up on. This is a slave who wants her owner happy.

>The bath
Got to the traditional bath scene pretty darn quick. Love her continued curiosity / displays of ingenuity as she figures out more and more human technology like the bath and spa. Also appreciate her continued mischievous streak about wanting to try rolling around in dirt.

>Asking Anon to wash her
You brought it up yourself: the thought of Anon being uncomfortable around her nude while in the bath translating to while she's out of it 'does' seem like he took her 'think of me as a human' comment to heart. Which is really nice but at the same time I like Celestia knows when to try and temper it too, asking her owner to spend time with her in a bonding experience (something even she's unsure of) continues building off their relationship nicely.

Most of all I love that exchange at the end where the 'slave' orders her master to eat breakfast no matter the cost and the cute exchange of asking who's the owner and who's the servant, and Celestia's little faux 'worried' look as he brings up the collars, chains, and belt (though part of me wonders if Celestia would goad him into it just to experience it too, this mare's trying out a LOT of new things as it is). The weird power balance here is interesting, with Celestia taking so much charge of Anon's life where he desperately needs it. I'm curious if he'll reach a breaking point though because as appreciative as he's been so far, his newfound pony housemaid might prove to be a little overbearing for him at one point.
File: maidlestia.jpg (144 KB, 1200x1096)
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144 KB JPG
Overall another really good update, I think my favorite elements of this so far is your interesting exchanges between subservient-master and dominant-servant, and the continuous playing off of that as I feel it'll switch more than once, and especially at how you just seem to 'get' Celestia. Regal but with a playful side, strong-willed but attentive, somehow plays the balance of servant and master beautifully but at the same time realizes her place, and her curious/adaptive nature to new situations that must come from experience. Is there any particular inspiration you look to when writing for Celestia? Because even the show sort of has its limits as to how well you can characterize her.
Anon here seems a good guy, quite considerate and tolerable despite the fact that the same payment to have a pony as a slave, he grants a lot and really asks for little, he has his needs covered, but apart from money, work and sustenance that goes with his Affective needs? He has an age that indicates that he dedicated too much time to his work and little to create relationships with other people, he does not seem like the type that goes out to parties or drinks in bars, maybe he likes the quiet of solitude and does not want to disturb his world with the vicissitudes of a relationship, we have not seen other humans and co-workers or what he personally thinks of the situation with Equestria, maybe his experience with Celestia pushes him to see what he has done and what he needs do
File: 1492646157200.png (193 KB, 412x615)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>At the Market
>"Look at him, such a loathsome creature"
>"Always looking down on people, talking to everyone in that... condescending way of his"
>"Did you hear? The other day someone heard loud screaming on his house, and next thing they knew, a woman ran out bawling her eyes out, the poor lady"
>"Really? That's awful! Does anyone know what happened?"
>"Not really, but apparently, she got hit really hard in the face, came out with a bruised eye"
>"*gasp* What a brute!"
>"Yeah, he's the fucking worst, I can't believe he even owns a pony slave"
>"Just knowing that he's enough scum to buy another living being"
>"And the poor thing must be abused every day by that beast, no less"
>"Slave or not, no one deserves to share a roof with that mons-"
"Are you two talking behind my master's back again?"
>The two gossiping ladies stop their little chat and quickly spin on their heels to face you
>Petrified like deers caught in the streetlight
>Or something like that, you're not good with human sayings
"I would appreciate if you stopped spreading lies about my Master like that, again"
"Honestly, do you even listen to anything I say, or you just prefer to believe in your lies?"
>Seriously, it's getting really annoying that everyday these two whorses are trying to talk shit about your master with outdaded, and outright incorrect, statements
>"But what about-"
"The woman you just talked about? I'll have you know she was theatening me, and my master came to my defense and decked that bitch right in the face"
>Yeah, that got the two of you to shut up, didn't it?
"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go help my master with the groceries, because unlike you, I don't have time to chit chat about things that aren't true"
>With a huff and a head turn, you make your way to your master in the cashier line, after wasting enough time with those harlots
>"Oh the poor thing, beaten so badly she now thinks he's a good person"
>You groan in exasperation
>Some humans don't want more ponies slaves in earth
>Not because "muh moral" or shit like that
>They only don't want ponies taking the job of other peoples
>They make a team and a plan called "fuck off ponies"
>The leader of the operation, a serious nofun oldman anon is helping his slave(1# prize from his local lottery, he is still mad about it) a very old unicorn expert in the creation of spells to make a "massive selective teleportation" to move all ponies in earth to equestria and the human in equestria to earth
>the spell is finished
>even the one that will close the portal forever
>but they need a massive source of magic
>the EoH are already collected too
>the previous operation of rescue of the princess was successful but they can't use the elements anymore
>The new plan is reunite the current holders of the EoH
>They rescue other ponies(mainly unicorns and pegasus) to help in the mission
>Never a single sign of sympathy or friendship in the both sides, only ponies that want to return home and humans that want the ponies to fuck off
>The ponies still don't like the name of the plan
This is gold anon

It's shit
File: 1510080263663.gif (1.84 MB, 202x360)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
>Humans create a portal to another fucking dimension but aren't smart enough to scout the unknown territory first to see if it is worth spending resources on a full scale invasion
C'mon son.
The recognition drones never reported anything strange, the change originated when biological matter that has no quantum relationship with that dimension crosses the veil between both realities, a kind of natural system of cosmic defense against external pathogens
File: QuestForHorse.png (20 KB, 300x300)
20 KB
>Day Quest for Horse.
>Ugh watch.
>Ugh watch long.
>Small horse walk.
>Take grass, but not eat.
>Put in wood, pull.
>Go to cave, but not cave.
>Smoke leave not cave.
>Horse leave with brown rock.
>Brown rock look soft.
>Small horse eat brown rock.
>Ugh think hard.
>Many day pass.
>Red horse give rock pink horse.
>Pink horse give red fruit.
>Red fruit spill purple water.
>What mean?
>Other horse come.
>Horse give dirt, get brown rock.
>Small horse work hard.
>Ugh not like work.
>He think more.
>Small horse work man.
>Ugh not work.
>Ugh play.
>Ugh sleep.
>Small horse work man!
>Ugh run, long.
>Ten night he run.
>Find Klak.
“Small horse there.” Ugh point big rock. “They make cave, not cave. Make food, not food.”
>Klak shake head.
>”Long time live. Not see small horse. Only dream.”
“No. Ten day, there!” He point again. “Many color.”
>”You lie. No small horse.”
>Ugh angry Klak.
“Ask Lum.”
>Lum sit with fire.
>They talk small horse.
>”We ask fire.”
>Lum throw bird fire.
>Fire blue, angry.
>Green smoke, much move.
>Lum say, “Small horse, yes?”
>He watch fire long.
>It dance.
>Then say, “Yes small horse. Tasty. Not rat. Fire see!”
”We feed fire. Who give light. Who give food. Who keep safe. We feed fire.” Ugh, Klak say.
>Many day walk.
>Fire sky hot, bright.
>Make move hard.
>But Ugh, Klak, Lum walk.
>Go past big rock.
>Over big hole, big rock.
>Big water, fall.
>Take two day past.
>Then Ugh stop.
“There. Watch.”
>They look, not believe.
>Much small horse dance fire.
>Hide bush.
“What are those things doing?”
>”I don’t know. Just ignore them.”
“They smell bad.”
>”Yeah. Let’s throw rocks at them.”
If that's the case than all tech and weapons are still normal sized and didn't shrink, correct? Then all the ant sized humans need to do is push a nuke from their side of the portal into Equestria, and blow that bitch up.
Remember what Crescent Moon lectured us about? Don't think about ponies as tools, think about them as people? Sooner or later, 'sorry' isn't going to be good enough?

If Anonymous has taken any of that to heart, he'll give every pony a fair chance at acquisition. Because all it would take is one word getting out - one word - that he's exploiting this program to his own benefit instead of holding to the promise he made them, and sorry definitely won't be enough. It would crush every bit of trust they've built with him. Cadance especially, and he cannot risk having her not trust him in this high-stakes moment.
Don't take that shit laying down, Ugh. Get those ponies under your thumb and then sleep all day!

Ugh sounds like a God tier slaver
Slave is for succc
What is wrong with her face.
You didnt put your dick in
File: Los_hermanos_macana.gif (29 KB, 200x199)
29 KB
Just wait until they discover the wheel!
File: curso-de-caza-rsm.jpg (35 KB, 500x370)
35 KB
Ponies did not practice the philosophy of friendship in those times?

This is funny anon
Assuming that the military armament and radioactive objects have not been altered during the dimensional crossing and the uranium or plutonium have not become inert.
File: 34gtre.jpg (9 KB, 263x192)
9 KB
A good slave mare knows her place
What a beautiful flower
What ever happened to that one story of femanon jacking shining armor off in the bath tub? That was super hot
2gay4this general, peoples want mares, not stallions or females humans/anons. Just remember mini shitstomr with the gay blowjob scene in red sky
Confirming hotness, but has not updated is some time. Fearing the worst...

Poor Fluttershy, sticking her neck out for her fellow pony like that must have been really hard for her, but she was powerless in the end anyway. Shining, of course, acted completely in character. That whole scene at the pet store was really affecting.

But THIS Anon liked it just fine...
I want a femanon story. Even if they are not finished, post the bin pls.
Slightly smaller update.


>Your everything hurts.
>Your liver is burning, your mouth is dry, your muzzle is sore, your muscles are screaming in agony...
>You never had a hangover this bad in your life. Which is not a small feat, considering the number of wild parties you had in the past.
>It's been nearly a hour since you woke up, if the clock resting on the nightstand next to you were to be believed.
>Well, it wasn't really a nightstand. It was more like a stool on which someone, probably Anon, placed a clock, a plate of rolled-up crepes and a pair of water bottles.
>The memories of last night are fuzzy, but you still remember the important part:
>You seriously fucked up.
>Saying you disrespected your owner is an understatement. You got drunk on purpose and openly insulted him and Mistress. Some could say you had a death wish.
>But you're not dead, far from it. You are nicely set on the sofa bed, with your blanket and a comfortable pillow, in Anon's spare room. He is currently not here, but his computer is on.
>You take a look at the plate next to you. You are hungry, but you still feel too nauseous to eat something solid. So you just reach feebly for one of the water bottles, and drink slowly from it.
>Putting the cap back on, you squeeze the fresh bottle against you and curl up under the blanket, clenching your eyes shut.
>You stay like this for some time before you hear the door open.
>You don't move as footsteps comes next to you.
>"Hey, Vinyl, you awake?"
>He doesn’t sound angry at all, quite the opposite actually.
"Y-Yes, Master," you answer quietly.
>"Good. How are you feeling?"
"I think I'm about to die," you answer, not moving from under the covers.
>"Yeah, I think that's your punishment for yesterday."
>You don't say anything right now, instead you stay focused on the persistent feeling of sickness that permeates your body.
>"You're not feeling hungry?"
>You slowly shakes your head.

"The crepes looks good, but I prefer not to eat anything right now."
>"That's ok, they're as good cold. I take you one, you don't mind?"
>You hear him moving his chair next to you, then nothing else aside the occasional shift in Master's position. But eventually he speaks up again.
>"You know, I took a long time to think about what to do with you, Vinyl."
>That doesn’t sound good.
>"Things can't stay the same after what happened, you know that?"
>He's getting rid of you, he's sending you back to the store, or will hand you over to Mistress!
"Master, please..."
>"Quit it with the ‘Master’ thing, I don't want to be your master anymore."
>Ignoring your raging headache, you crawl out from under the blanket and bow before Master.
"Please don't throw me away Master! I will behave, promise! Please don't send me back to the store!"
>Anon is as good as a human can be, you don't want to be bought by another abusive owner.
>"No it's- Vinyl, let me talk would you?"
>You shut your mouth and look down, ear flat.
>"I'm not getting rid of you. But I don't want to have a slave anymore. I thought a lot about what you told me yesterday, and... I feel like a monster. All theses things you went through, everything you lost... I'll be honest, I couldn't believe it."
>You listen to him intently, but still not daring to look directly at him.
>"So I've done some research on the internet, and I saw what us, humans, could do to you, ponies. There are some atrocious stories out there, I didn't realize it was this bad."
>"That's why I don't want a slave anymore. But I can't get rid of you, because I know it would just be like handing you to another master, you'd still be a slave. I don't want that."
>You slowly look up to him. He looks sad. You're having a hard time processing what is happening right now.

>"And I have to admit, I need you, Vinyl. I need your company. The only friends I have are those I have on the internet, I can't just go out and hang with them when I'm feeling like it."
>He pauses, taking a deep breath.
>"But, before I continue, I need to know what you want."
>Your head is spinning, but you still manage to sit up on your haunches.
"What do you mean by that?"
>"What do you want. I get it that you don't want to go back to the store, but do you really want to stay with me?"
>You don't really feel like you have a choice actually.
"... Yes, I do."
>"There is not just the store, you know. I could place an ad to find you another owner, I could make sure it's a nice one..."
>You shakes you head. You doubt you could have more luck with someone else. Anon is not perfect, but hoping for better would be crazy.
"No, I really prefer to stay with you."
>There is another silence before he continue.
>"I can't legally set you free, because, that's just not a thing yet. I looked that up on the net, there are discussions about it but that's it for now. But, between you and me, you're not a slave in my eyes anymore."
>He looks at you, expecting some reaction. But you just look at him, dumbfounded.
>"Sadly that doesn’t mean I can keep you around for free, you'll have to work a bit. I mean, I still have to feed you."
>You know that makes sense, it's only fair. Still, you don't have a choice, and if he just asks you to do the chores and provide him with company, things wouldn't be as different as before, you'll still be his slave, no matter what he says about it.
>"I don't know what you can do to earn money though, I'll have to make research."
>Oh, he wants you to earn actual money. That's... a change.
>Anon then takes a look at the room, brushing a hand through his hair.
>"But first, I think it's time you get an actual room. I'm moving my computer to my bedroom, so you'll get this place for you."

>You look around with wide eyes.
"For real?"
>You start to feel a pang of emotions filling your chest. You never had a room of your own since your world fell apart.
"Anon, you better not lie to me, please."
>"No I'm serious, I'll let you have the sofa bed even, until we can afford you something more comfortable."
>You never thought something like that would mean so much to you, but it does. For the last four years, you had nothing more than a kennel or a basket to sleep on. To finally have somewhere decent to rest, and maybe have some intimity... that suddenly meant the world to you.
"Th-Thanks Anon," you murmur.
>"It's the least I can do, you deserve better than that."
>He gets up and stretches a bit, before heading toward his desk.
>"I'm going to move all that already, then as soon as you're feeling better, why don't we go outside, take a walk, and see what we can buy you to fill this room a little? It's gonna get empty once my desk is gone."
>He then motions to the plate of crepes. "You should still eat a bit, it will help."
>You simply nod, and reach for one. They are stuffed with strawberry jam.
>Making sure Anon is busy unplugging his computer stuff, you let a tear roll on your cheek before wiping it with the back of your hoof.


Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/va5dDWep
That whole story was top unf and top feels Shining pulling the poster of Cadance off the wall to sleep with my fucking heart but I guess the writefag just burned out? It wasn't like they were getting shitposted on at the tie.
Another day another hangover.
Dont feel much like writing today.

I'm glad you like it!

You give me an interresting idea.

I am not sure.
We are close to a point that could either mark the end or half-time.
this is an evil update

Vinyl could start producing music with the computer
Also she definitly needs her magic back
Evil update?
Thanks for the update, liking the story so far.
You got 666, the Number of the Beast, in your post number. Your post suffers demonic influence and must be purged with fire. Shame, it was really a great update, but the inquisitions rules are there for a reason.

>great update
oh fug I'm retarded, why didn't I saw that

Where we left off:
>Diamond Tiara was trying to sleep off the injuries suffered at the hands of Silver Spoon’s former clients.
>Meanwhile, the rest of Sterling's whores were watching the live news coverage on the TV.
>No one bothered to wake her as Sweetie Belle led a new group of refugees through a portal to Earth, each and every one wrapped up in heavy coats totally unsuited for the land they arrived in.
>At Bill's house, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo watched Sweetie step up to a podium next to the human dignitaries and declared her intent to find her friends.
>One was overjoyed at the hope this brings, the other terrified by that very same hope.
>Meanwhile, our farmer was accidentally joining his ponies to watch the sunrise, something that had become a tradition for the pony refugees on Earth following Celestia's assassination and the war.
>What was once a calming ritual was anything but this time, but not because of his presence.
>As Moondancer put it, something was wrong. It didn't feel like the sun was rising that morning.
>Some readers speculated that feeling has something to do with the portals and Sweetie Belle's arrival. I will neither confirm nor deny that.
>After the sunrise, Moondancer and our farmer spoke to Silver Spoon, the mare still bed-ridden from her hunting trip at Sterling Stables.
>The pair were hoping to take advantage of her talent at business to find a way to raise money to build proper housing for the farm's indentured ponies.
>He finds out that, like Hematitie, Silver Spoon hasn't been taking her magic suppressants.
>Silver was terrified, but since she's so injured and wasn't showing any signs of withdrawal, he decided to leave things as they are.
>While Silver was looking over the farm's finances, the farmer received a call from Lauren Steffords.
>She had gone into town the day before so Hematite could speak with the doctors and nurses in the town's clinic, and also to arrange for the building supplies he needed but had ended up spending the night because of an injury caused by Apple Bloom.
>Dr. Alda had insisted, but she seems to be recovering well.
>Unfortunately, the price for the building supplies the farm needs was far higher than expected due to a sudden surge in local reconstruction efforts.
>Our farmer did not take the news well and his reaction scared both Moondancer and Silver but was able to calm the later.
>Moondancer continued to be skittish and distracted by that morning's sunrise.
>He expected only more bad news from Silver Spoon, but the mare presented him with one option and he had some ideas of his own.
>He accidentally touched Silver Spoon and felt a sharp static shock but shook it off.
>Between her suggestion of selling the government's warbonds at a loss for a quick influx of cash and his thoughts about selling off unhappy ponies to better places in town, suddenly things didn't seem quite so overwhelming.
>The farm couldn't afford to lose too many ponies without harming production, but many have skills that would be in high demand.
>By selling off a handful of those at a higher price, or by selling the warbonds, the farm could make all of the improvements it needed.
>Both our reluctant farmer and Silver Spoon seem hopeful for the first time.
>Bon Bon's name is mentioned, but she's not the only pony dissatisfied with life on the farm.
>Apple Bloom might be happier elsewhere.
>He still needs her, but after lying about being the only mare in heat and what that lead to, he doesn't trust her.
>And if she is pregnant he already has a buyer lined up.
>There's a rich couple somewhere that wants to buy their daughter a pet foal.
>Pony birth rates are so low that they would throw enough money at the farm to pay for everything he wants to do.
>Too bad that by law foals can't be sold away from their parents.
>But if it would make her happier...

>Moondancer nods silently, agreeing – or at least acknowledging that you spoke.
>You choose to believe it's the former.
>Time for some change around here.
>She may not believe it – she may not even believe it’s possible – but neither did you. Not until a certain little, grey pony gave you hope.
>Might not be easy, but what is these days?
>If she can do it…
>You look back down the hall.
>If she can, then you can, too.
>You hesitate for a moment at the door.
>The rain is slamming down outside, but it's only a short run to the next hall of the dorms.
>You open the door and take the first step.
>Moondancer follows, more reluctantly than you had expected.
>You’re soaked through by the time you’re inside again, even more than you were already.
>Now, for sure, you can’t get any wetter.
>You don’t hesitate to jump out into the rain again and make the mad dash for the dining hall.
>Things can’t get any worse, so why wait?
>The rain’s not going to get any lighter.
>It’s not going to miraculously stop.
>And you’re already soaked.
>You just go for it, and leave Moondancer scrabbling madly to catch up.
>She’s caught off guard; you’re jerking the door open before the last has even fallen shut behind the mare.
>Her hooves kick up little sprays of water with each step she takes.
>It’s wild, it’s wet, and – honestly – it’s probably messier than if you and she had simply trudged along like before, but it’s over sooner.
>”Give me a little warning next time,” Moondancer grumbles as she passes through the doorway.
“Yeah, sorry, I just... I don’t know. I almost feel like skipping.”
>She raises an eyebrow.
“But I wouldn’t. I’m not gay.”
>”Uh... huh.”
>She almost laughs. Almost.
>For some reason, that seems important to you.
>There hasn’t been enough of it around here. Not for years.
>It’s time for that to change.
>Her snort and faint, lingering smile will be close enough for now.
>It stays on her face as she looks along the hall, at the tables full of ponies, some eating, some simply waiting for the rain to come to an end before they return to their... their what?
>Their cots?
>The lucky few to the tiny 'rooms' they share with their family?
>A few are just sitting around talking, their empty bowls piled together or pushed aside.
>Most look worried. Some scared. Some dull and hollow.
>One looks completely dead and devoid of all emotions, but that’s okay.
>She always looks like that.
>Well, not quite.
>She's almost smiling.
>Sure, her face is blank as normal, but you can sense it.
>She's *almost* smiling.
“How's breakfast, Maud?”
>”It's fine.”
“High praise.”
>”Indeed,” she answers flatly.
“Are... you being sarcastic?”
>”Are you?”
>Roma is nearby, only one table away, easily within earshot.
>Her ears are down, limply – tiredly – flopped back.
>It’s still morning, and she’s exhausted.
>The poor mare is finally sitting down to eat her own breakfast, long after everyone else has finished, or nearly so.
>She works too hard around here - keeping everyone fed - for you to badmouth her efforts, particularly right here, in front of her and everyone else.
>You shake your head.
>Besides, you mean it.
“You seem happy with it, Maud, so… yeah. High praise.”
>The mare shrugs.
>”I’m not a picky eater.”
“No, but you’re rarely happy and today you - *almost* - seem happy.”
>Maud fractionally tilts her head to the side.
>“I suppose,” she answers after a moment of thought. “Want to try some?”
>You glance out one of the few windows.
>You don’t know why - you haven’t suddenly been struck deaf; you can *hear* the rain coming down in sheets as thick as lead, rattling and banging against the roof like it’s trying to fight its way inside.
“Sure –“
>But –
>Roma must have heard.
>She’s looking your way and pushing her stool back.
“I can get it.”
>”You don’t know where the bowls are,” she sighs. “Or…”
>”I’ll... get it,” Moondancer mumbles softly with a shake of her head. “I haven't eaten yet either.”
>She forces a wavering smile onto her face.
>”Maybe everything will be clearer once I’ve had some breakfast.”
>You hope so.
>And for you, too.
“Thanks, Moondancer, but... uh...”
>You don’t think - *hope* - any of the ponies will mind, even if Bon Bon is staring death at you now. She just hates you on general principle.
>It makes you think.
“– *only* there’s any extra.”
>You aren’t going to take food out of their mouths.
>Moondancer nods and trots off, drops of water shaking themselves free of her coat with every step, and Roma settles herself back into her stool with a weary sigh.
>Bon Bon continues to try to make your brain explode via sheer willpower.
>Maud – Maud *almost* smiles. Again.
>Twice in one day.
>That’s a minor miracle.
>”Have a seat,” she says, inviting you to join her at the table with a sweep of her foreleg.
>There's a crude stool opposite her, one of many in the hall, but that’s a bit silly.
>You nudge it aside and flop your ass right on the floor, legs crossed.
>Table comes up a bit high, but it’s better than having to bend nearly in half to reach the food.
“The stool's uh... a little... tall?”
>”Of course.”
>You want to ask who made them, or about the weather, or any other stupid piece of small talk.
>It’s all stuff you already probably know the answer to.
>Apple Bloom, most likely.
>It’s fucking raining like the end times have come.
>Yes, this is awkward.
>Not as awkward as it could be, of course.
>If it was anyone else...
>Luckily, this is Maud.
>The two of you stare at each other in completely unawkward silence until Moondancer comes back with two bowls of porridge.
>One is balanced on her head, one on her back, just like she did with the mac n’ cheese.
>Except there’s a bit dripping down her bangs.
>Just a little spill.
>She seems oblivious to it, even as you reach for her.
>You just grab those few strands between two fingers and gently wipe it from her hair, and she doesn’t so much as blink or ask what you’re doing.
>No reaction when you take the bowls and set them on the table.
>”Oh. Right.”
>She slumps down onto the stool beside you.
>”Moondancer, you seem...” Maud starts, then falls silent.
>At a loss for words.
>”... tired?” she eventually finishes.
>”No, no,” the Moondancer answers, “just lost mentally.”
“Eat. See if it helps.”
>You reach for the spoon in your own bowl.
>It’s cheap. Plastic.
>It’s been used before.
>Washed, though, and washed *repeatedly*.
>Your uncle was a piece of shit.
>These ponies deserve better.
>You should see about getting them something more appropriate.
>Maybe call up a restaurant supply store.
>You have enough ponies here.
>Should be able to get a decent bulk discount.
>But the food?
>The food is good.
>Better than what you expected, considering is porrage.
>Better than that, really.
>It's excellent.
>Superior to what Roma usually makes you.
>You’d be jealous – hell, maybe you are.
>Or maybe it’s just the company.
>Food eaten alone never tastes as good as it does with friends.
>The mare looks up from her own bowl.
“This is great.”
>She smiles.
>Yeah, you don’t think you’re jealous.
>You go at it with such gusto that you nearly catch up to Maud – and she had a head start.
>Not quite, though.
>She pushes her bowl away with a happy – for her – monotone sigh and crosses her forelegs on the table.
>”So,” she says, looking up and down the hall, “who’s watching Silver Spoon?”
“Uh –“
“ – she’s... um... sleeping.”
>Maud... well, she doesn’t *frown*... but she probably isn’t too happy with that and neither are you.
>You should have thought of that.
>If everyone is two or three buildings away from her, who’ll hear her if she calls for her pain meds?
>Or just wants someone to talk to?
>Maud starts to rise, silently volunteering herself.
>Just like she had with going cold turkey on the suppressants to plow the field.
>Just like Apple Bloom.
>The food suddenly tastes bitter in your mouth.
“Wait, I’ll go with you. There was some stuff I wanted to talk to you about, so –“
>”I’ll go!” Bon Bon calls out from her table. “I’ve lost my appetite.”
>It’s such a clichéd exit, you can’t bring yourself to feel insulted.
>She was *waiting* for an excuse to lash out; her bowl was pushed aside before you came in.
>It just... just isn’t worth it.
“Thanks, Bon Bon.”
>She snorts derisively – and when you don’t give her a reason to act out – walks off.
>Hopefully to take care of Silver.
>Her friend, the green one, chases after her into the rain.
>You wait for them to get out the door before turning back to Maud.
”Is she actually going to...?”
>The mare nods.
“If only to prove how horrible I am, right?”
>Another nod.
>”For a while. I’ll check on her later.”
“Well… that’s good. Actually, that’s one of the things I wanted to talk to you about…
“You can’t say some ponies wouldn’t be happier elsewhere. Bon Bon for certain, and she’s not alone.”
>Maud nods.
“I can think of one other in particular.”
>”And what does that mean?” she asks cautiously.
“We might have to sell some ponies, and if there are some that’d prefer to be elsewhere...”
>”I can’t find fault in that.”
“Might not be as many as I thought, though. Silver came up with some good ideas.”
>You tell her everything – almost everything – between spoonfuls of porridge that tastes better with every bite: your talk with Silver, the options she presented, how ponies might be sold and to whom, as the ideas come to you.
>Ponies with talents that could probably be put to better use in the shops in town, if they’re willing.
>Honestly, it probably would have been smarter to have this little talk somewhere private, but by the time you realize that it’s too late.
>Besides, it’s better if everyone hears.
>At least, that’s what you convince yourself, and it isn’t hard.
>Better to be open about it and have volunteers.
>Maud listens quietly.
>Moondancer... she’s quiet too, but you can’t say she’s listening.
>Probably not.
>Others are, though.
>Not as many as you thought; most seem lost in their own little worlds, caught by whatever funk has Moondancer feeling down.
File: DTI20NWU8AMDJ3H.jpg (49 KB, 712x528)
49 KB
>The story that attracted me to this thread originally has returned

>Only a handful have shaken it off to bother trying to listen in.
>Enough, though.
>Word will spread, even if it takes a day or two.
>Maud waits a moment after you’ve finished talking, and then another. And then she nods.
>”I didn’t expect you to have good news like this.”
“I admit I’ve been pretty negative, but –“
>”That too,” she cuts you off, “but I didn’t think you were really working.”
“What? Why?”
>”You know.”
“Because I’m… what…? Lazy?”
>”Because you have a fetish.”
>She looks meaningfully at Moondancer, who smiles awkwardly.
“I’m… lost.”
>”Perhaps I was wrong. Sorry.”
“I’m still lost.”
“But –“
>Moondancer stands suddenly, nearly knocking the stool over in her haste.
>”I’m going to get my suppressant,” she excuses herself.
>Tries, anyway, but some stuff is more important than some weird pony being weird.
“Wait, hold on.”
>You reach for her when she doesn’t stop; the mare freezes the moment your hand touches her.
>At least she doesn’t kick, because she was so quick to get away that you damn near grabbed her ass by accident.
>Aside from her tail, there wasn’t much left within arm’s reach.
>Maud doesn't laugh.
>You appreciate that.
>And you're going to pretend it didn't happen.
"I think you’re right.”
>”Aaaaabout?” Moondancer asks, a million miles away.
“About the suppressants. You were on to something about helping the construction with your magic. It’ll save us a lot of time and money.”
>”Aren’t you afraid I’ll go berserk?” she asks, still facing away.
>Yes, but it’s irrational, like a fear of falling when there’s a railing between you and the cliff’s edge.
“No, not really. I don’t think you’d hurt me or anyone else. Besides, it doesn't *have* to be you... but...”
“And Maud, if you’d be willing…?”
>With her strength and a pully or two, she could take the place of a crane.
>Who knows how much that would save?
>Probably one more pony that wouldn’t have to be sold.
>”I’m not sure...” Moondancer answers.
>Maud just blinks.
>You turn back to Maud.
"And you’ve barely been back on the meds, but –“
>”That’ll make it easier,” Moondancer adds softly. “They'll take a while to get back in her system, so the withdrawal won’t be so bad this time.”
>”T-true,” Maud admits. Hesitantly. Like she’s afraid. Like she can feel *anything*. “I can still feel the magic.”
>Apparently she can, though you more meant emotions.
>”Or at least I *think* I can.”
>Close enough.
>She looks troubled. Worried.
>You reach out for her – and jerk your hand back at the sudden shock.
“Shit! Fuck! That’s the second time that’s happened today!”
>Moondancer laughs as you shake your hand.
>Maud, too.
>Both are quiet, barely perceptible, but for their own reasons.
>Maud’s just like that, silent and stoic.
>”Must be your coat,” Moondancer says after a moment, after her nervous giggling dies down.
>You give her your best what the fuck look, because you’ve had this coat for years.
>“I had a sweater like that, back in – in Equestria,” she continues. “I loved that sweater, but the way it rubbed my coat the wrong way and –“
>Maud *giggles*.
>Maud Pie.
>Everything stops.
>Everything stops because holy shit emotion.
>From Maud.
>Even the rain itself seems to pause in recognition of the impossible.
>Even Maud herself.
>”Sorry,” she mumbles. “I apologize for my emotional outburst.”
“But… uh…”
>”I don’t even know what was so funny.”
>”I believe it will be,” she answers. "Okay, I mean."
“So... let me get this straight –“
“- everyone else here is morose and pissy, but you’re suddenly giddy?”
>”Apparently,” Maud giggles.
“That makes *no* sense at all. It’s like –“
>”It’s the last violin,” Moondancer says suddenly, her eyes snapping open wide - wider than her glasses. “The last violin, all over again.”
>That means nothing to you.
>”I know I said that before, about us – ponies – and how magic was a symphony that we never heard until it stopped playing, and our own magic - each ponies' personal magic - was the last instrument to stop.”
"Oh, right."
>You nod.
>”But I was wrong. There was one more. I just… never *noticed* until it stopped this morning. Didn’t you hear it, Maud? Didn’t you hear the silence?”
>Maud shakes her head.
>”I didn’t notice anything like that.”
>”You *had* to have! You were acting like something was off, like everypony else!”
>”Because everypony else was.”
Will there be a story where Bonbon does not hate humans?
>There’s nothing funnier than an egghead who thinks she has everything figured out, only to be rebuffed by plain, simple facts.
>You can’t help yourself; you laugh.
>Of course, you feel guilty about it, but you still laugh.
>”Well, *fine*,” Moondancer snorts. “Maybe grey ponies are immune to it, whatever *it* is. Or earth ponies. I… I don’t know.”
“Maybe it’s just Maud?”
>Maud nods on cue.
>”No, no,” the other mare grunts and shakes her head. “Silver Spoon was scared, but of *you*, not… whatever has the rest of us freaked out.”
“The last violin?”
>”Yes, the last violin.”
>Maud raises an eyebrow – and the rest of her follows a second later.
>”This conversation is getting beyond me,” she says, stepping away from the table. “I’m going to check on Silver Spoon now.”
>You nod to the mare as she walks away, and then turn to the one still beside you.
“Last violin, huh? That’s a pretty good analogy, you know. Makes it really easy to understand.”
>”I wish I could take credit for it, but I heard it in the camps," Moondancer sighs. "From a musician.”

>"Between us," Sterling says quietly, "are you worried about her?"
>"It would be understandable if I was,” Octavia answers. “She used to be one of your most profitable mares, sir. Just a few weeks ago, in fact."
>"But we've seen this before. She's started on the downward spiral."
>It's true.
>You have.
>And you never even knew it until it was too late.
>Until you'd taken the wrong client. Then another.
>And now they're the only ones who *do* want you.
>"Yes," Octavia agrees. "Just like Silver Spoon. You could give her some time off to recover."
>You creep closer, straining to hear, to hope.
>You hadn't meant to listen in - you were just walking - stumbling - past when you heard your name.
>No, you were hoping he would see you. That he would be alone and he would... you don't know.
>Forgive you?
>"I could," Sterling admits, and you almost feel hope, "but it would set a bad precedent."
>"She's already lost her private room, perhaps -"
>"You *are* worried about her."
>Dead silence.
>"Aren't you?" he presses.
>"No, sir, I'm not. She has a job to do and she should do it."
>"Then what's wrong?"
>"I think... I think you can stop looking, sir," that cunt answers. "The final violin has stopped playing."
>"What does that mean?"
>"I believe..." she whimpers, impossibly soft, "... I believe Vinyl is dead. I no longer hear her song."
>"Damn," Sterling sighs, "that's a shame. Do you need some time -"
>"That would set a bad precedent, sir."
>You dare to hope.
>Maybe, if he lets *her*, then -
>"Are you sure, Tavi?"
>He wants to.
>You know that tone.
>You know desire when you hear it.
>"Yes, sir. I need to work. We all should."
>Sterling sighs.
>You don't dare to make any sound.
>"Okay, as you wish," he concedes. "Then about this new shipment we're getting..."
>Your ears perk up.
>You've heard rumors.
>Even started some, but you never thought it was true.
>You never thought he was really "thinning the herd."
>You thought... you thought Silver...
>"... you've already looked over the paperwork?"
>"Yes, sir. I read through it all when you gave it too me last week, right after you signed off on all of the employment contracts."
>"Good, good. Any names you recognized?"
>"Of the twenty new ponies, there are five I know."
>"Musicians?" he asks hopefully.
>"One *is* a notable singer, sir."
>"Bah," Sterling grumbles, "find me a damn pony who *can’t* sing."
>"She's the sister of an Equestrian heroine."
>Octavia sounds... she sounds worried.
>Most of the mares were.
>When you saw them.
>They didn't bother to wake you.
>You don't care.
>You have your own things to worry about.
>"This may cause problems, sir," she continues. "The media will be watching, and these new ponies..."
>She growls slightly.
>You can imagine the irritated head shake she must be doing right now, hear the faint, derisive snort.
>"I don't know what Equestria is like these days, but they didn't have to spend a year in the camps."
>"No," Sterling responds. "They're been shipped straight to their contract owners. That's why I had to get that paperwork to be finished before they even came through."
>"I know, sir. I understand. But they haven't been through the refugee camps. They won't..."
>They won't have gone through the same hell you did.
>You and Silver.
>Starving. Alone. Selling yourself for the tiniest bit of anything that would dull the pain, just to survive.
>Octavia's haughty attitude pisses you off to no end. It pisses everypony off, but you find yourself agreeing with the way she snarls at the thought of the newcomers.
>"The media will lose interest soon enough," Sterling laughs. "Besides, the sheriff will turn a blind eye towards us and anything that -"
>"That's the bigger problem, sir," Octavia interrupts. "These ponies are coming straight from Equestria. They won't be used to such -"
>"You mean they haven't been broken, yet."
>Then Octavia sighs.
>"Yes, sir. A number of your current staff were prostituting themselves to the camp guards for food long before they were shipped here. Most of them are grateful just to have a warm room to sleep in and regular meals, but these newcomers might not be so... *accepting* of their new position. They haven't been through what we have."
>Sterling sighs.
>Just the sound of that makes you shudder.
>"Okay, I get it," he finally mutters. "I'll ask the sheriff to keep his boys away for a few weeks and try to warn off a few of the other rough customers."
>You could almost feel hopeful.
>"And those that won't play nice?" Octavia asks.
>"Well, I hate to turn away a paying client. Good thing we know exactly who to direct them towards."

>"Best finish setting up," Bill sighs, though you don't know what exactly they still gotta do.
File: crying apple bloom.jpg (531 KB, 2126x3040)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
>Don't really care, neither.
>You just followed along 'cuz you couldn't stand watching the screen anymore, not like Hematite and her brother.
>Even after Sweetie was gone an' Bill turned it over to some children's cartoon for ‘em, you could still see her.
>Still hear her.
>"Scootaloo, can you -"
>"Get the sign?" she chirps, like a dang bird. Like she's his *pet*. "Sure thing!"
>You slink over outta her way an' find yourself a corner of the counter to huddle in.
>And wait.
>Lauren's comin' soon.
>Bill told you.
>You din't kill her.
>That's good, at least.
>She's on her way, done the shopping and all that.
>Thought she was doin' you a favor, lettin' you spend more time with your friend.
>She don't know how much it hurts, every second you spend here.
>"Hey, Scoots! Catch!"
>A set’ve keys go flyin' over your head an' Scootaloo catches 'em in her mouth.
>"Looks like we have a customer waiting," he laughs. "Go ahead and open up the door."
>You don't care.
>You don't look.
>You try to ignore the sound of the bolt gettin' pulled back an’ the door openin’.
>Either it's Lauren and it's time to go or...
>It ain't nothin' you need to concern yourself about.
>Still -
>Your ears perk up.
>You recognize that voice.
>"YOU SAW IT TOO!?" Scootaloo screams back. "ISN'T THIS AWESOME!"
>Your eyes snap upwards.
>There's someone loomin' over you.
>"Just gonna turn down the ol' hearing aid," he chuckles, givin' you a wink an' fiddlin' with somethin' in his ear.
>You - you try to do the same.
>Try to ignore the two mare's yappin' away at hundred miles an hour 'bout Sweetie.
>Y'hear some more names. Ponies they recognized. Ponies you shoulda.
>"She's here?" Derpy shouts. "Apple Bloom? APPLE BLOOM!?"
>"She's hiding here, somewhere, but... um..."
>Don't make no sense, but it's even harder to ignore their whisperin', though you can't make out a damn speck of it.
>Don't gotta, though. It's easy enough to imagine.
>Scoots tellin' her that you ain't you no more. That you're depressed. That you're a bitch. That you're -
>"Pregnant!" Derpy giggles. "That's great!"
>"That's great, isn't it?" the older mare asks. "She's not going to..."
>"Nah, she plans to keep it."
>"Oh! Great! Being a mom is the best! Where is she?"
>You hear a couple a wing beats, like you haven't heard in years.
>A pegasus, really flyin'.
>"Dang it, Derpy!" Bill shouts from where ever he's gone. "What have I told you about flying in the store?"
>"Sorry," she whines, "I was just trying to see Apple Bloom."
>"She's -"
>Please. No.
>"- over by the counter. Whoah! Derpy! No, don't you -"
>Everything is lost in a flurry of feathers an' fuzz as the mare tackles you from up high.
>But... and you don't realize this 'til the pair of you stop rollin'... she does it careful like.
>Lookin' out for the baby, you realize as you stare up at her from your back.
>"This is great!" she squeals and hugs you.
>You're... glad?
>That there's at least one pony who understands.
>But lookin' at her, you realize she don't.
>She ain't alone.
>Ain't never been.
>Scoots said she got to walk the town. Meet the others. Have friends.
>"Who's the father?" she asks.
>She don't get you at all.
"Ah don't know."
>She ain't ever gonna understand, an' you can't bring yourself to explain.
>To tell her... to tell her it ain't what she thinks, that it's worse.
>An' *that* is better than what you'd hoped for.
>That impossible hope.
>It still hurts.
>Derpy looks 'way, at least her head does. One eye don't quite point remotely the same direction.
>She looks back to you an'... an' hugs you 'gain.
>"You'll be a great mom," she whispers.
>She squeezes you 'gain and then sits back on her rump with a smile.
>"You should come by my church," she says. "I have a ton of mail for you! And probably for some of the others on the farm!"
>"Yeah! Things may be different, but I'm still Ponyville's mailmare, you know! So, if you could do me a favor...”
>She smiles wider.
>Winks at you.
>"Oh," Derpy stumbles, "um, could you look through my undelivered mail and take whatever you can with you...? You know, for whoever got sent to that farm with you?"
"Yeah. Fine."
>"And you should write a letter!"
>She turns her head this way and that with a dumb, loopy grin.
>"Scootaloo! Do you have any paper or - PERFECT!"
>She takes the sheet of paper and pen from the other pony and pushes it towards you.
>"To anyone!" she insists. "I'll do my best to get it to them!"
>... reach for the pen with your mouth.
>Derpy's still smiling as the shop's door slams open.

end for tonight
more guaranteed by next Friday
It's shit
It was worth waiting all this time, it was worth every word.

I hope that soon we will see the most wanted terrorist of two worlds in chains, ready to be delivered to justice for their crimes.

Thanks for return TTGAN
Holy crap.
Thanks for the recap. You dun good.
Give her time. Maybe she'll grow out of it.
That picture makes me really uncomfortable.

This one look really needy for master seed. That happen very often
>"Well, I hate to turn away a paying client. Good thing we know exactly who to direct them towards."

Whoa, deja vu.
Aww yiss. It's been so long, but I am unimaginably happy to see this story back in action. It's a sharp, bitter contrast to the last segments of Employment, but changing it up some is good. This story seems to be doing just that, with things looking hopeful and downcast for various characters all at once.

Let me see if I've got all these plot points lined up correctly, because it's been a while:
>Something, possibly relating to the arrivals from Equestria, is causing ponies to both potentially regain their magic and become emotionally unstable
>However, they - or at least Moondancer - are also interpreting it as something "going missing" or "finally stopping". I think I'm missing something, though - I understand what Octavia means by it, but I'm not sure what Moondancer is referring to. What was missing that morning?
>New ponies are coming through the portals again. Here's where I'm really fucking confused; Octavia implies one of the new ponies coming to work at Sterling's is Sweetie, but Sweetie was pretty clearly acting as a diplomat. Even if getting a nominal work contract is the only way Sweetie could get into the country, they'd have to be fucking retarded to send (or trick) a diplomat to working at a brothel, especially one as low-class as this. Am I missing something obvious?
That's a big update. I mean, real fucking big. I love it.
Ditsy pone to the rescue. But fucking hell. We HAVE to do something about Sterling, like right fucking now. That shit just won't do at all.

Always great to see more of one of my favorite greens. And it even came with some wonderfully savable pics.

You're back on track and doing almost as fine as this Moondancer pic.
>they gave the dirty insignificant immigrant a soapbox to stand on and jokingly call her a """diplomat""".

I think what Moonie and the rest there were feeling to was the last of the music coming from free ponies in Equestria. Now they are all here, and on suppressants.

>judas was actually a pony
>that why the pony slavery is legal
>send (or trick) a diplomat to working at a brothel
Sterling treats Octavia better than the rest and was asking about musicians. Maybe he has another, more reputable business on the side and the brothel is where he puts the rejects.
File: medium (18).png (247 KB, 655x600)
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247 KB PNG
Any stories involving diamond dog enslaving ponies?
On the other hand Applebloom suffers with the terrible possibility of the future, his romantic fixation with Anon was destroyed by reality, the pregnancy of who she believes is his late brother, must believe that there is no reason to continue, the portals appeared too late to she.

I suppose that any idea of an accidental 'affair' between Moondancer and Anon has been relegated

It saddens me how our world turned Octavia into an empty shell, she and many other ponies sold her body and dignity to survive after the violent closing of the portals in the last war, now that she is a prize mare and Sterling's favorite It would seem that I stop caring about the welfare of the other ponies, maybe I develop a mentality of 'Each pony for oneself' something very typical of our species and now that the portals are reopened and there are diplomatic talks she should feel even worse, if there was possibility of returning to Equestria, maybe she would not want to return, after everything she has done and how many ponies she has used and discarded to survive, could Equestria accept it? That and the sad possibility that Vinyl is dead
I like it.

>Pony-Judas was the only pony among the disciples, and the only disciple who understood the real message of Jesus teachings. Jesus ordered Judas to hand him over to the provincial jewish authorities, predicted that his kin would suffer centuries of slavery, but promised they would throw off their chains and come to rule the world before the end times.
>Then, eventually, throw off the 'chains' of the physical world and ascend to the imperishable realm with the True God, forever!

The story takes place during the apocalypse, revolves around a family of ponies and the ordinary middle-class christian family they have served for generations. Nobody questions the doctrine of ponies being damned, or their rightful place on earth. These particular ponies are well treated in return for their good service but they don't have any 'rights' or respect, they're just clever animals; it says so right in the bible! protip: in THIS story the bible might be missing a few critical chapters

The complex, interconnected, and surprisingly delicate industrial society that has allowed human population to balloon to 9 billion is starting start to falter. An ongoing reversal of the earths magnetic field destroys most of the orbital infrastructure, and there's a coordinated terrorist strike on several of the big microchip fabrication plants. Life goes on, but some critical parts and services are becoming harder to get... In every chapter there's a news report subtly pointing to a Sign of the End Times. Meanwhile, ponies everywhere find their magic getting a little bit stronger all the time.
>Here come the candidates:
>Perverted fem slave owner who buys ponies just to dom them.
>She loves how cute and innocent twilight is.
>Especially loves how she squeals when you stuff an oversized strapon into her foal hole.
>Poor Twi never gets to feel a real dick again.

She also like to tease twilight with his favorite broken male slave shining armor, getting ball deep and she only allow twilight to see the whole show.
I wonder what happened to the filly that Rarity had in breeding farms in Vega's history, would she have been adopted by a good family? Will it be a daughter or a slave pony?

Pic not related
She would have an idyllic foalhood with those caring hippies who had her custom-bred. But when she becomes a rebellious teenager and rejects their new-age bullshit, her true status as their pet rather than their child might be hard for all of them to accept. Vega will have to trot her out sometime, he can't let her plot thread hang forever.
It seems to me that the lapse of time between the first contact until the time when the story unfolds has not been more than 10 or 15 years, I would like to assume that the Swettie Bell is in early adulthood (18-21 years) and the daughter of Rarity is not older than 10 years
>not been more than 10 or 15 years
Twi's ran around Equestria for 3 years and has lived with Anon for 3 more years for a total of 6 years since everything started. Rarity probably didn't have her foal right off the bat so it's maybe 4 or 5? Do remember pony ages are a bit different though, for example twi was 15 when Anon bought her and that's an adult roughly equivalent to human 20s. Anyway mini rarity isn't something I have immediate plans for but it's definitely something I'll get to eventually.
Does that mean that Anon waited for Twiligth to turn 18 to be intimate with her? What a gentleman.

Not that counts all the times that she went to see the stallion of the neighbor to relieve herself of estrus
I missed this

> It was a restful night and Celestia had no problem waking up well before sunrise. She lay in her bed for a minute, listening to the sounds of the quiet house.
> Again, she heard the thing in the basement. It was a barely perceptible hum, but now that she knew what to listen for, she couldn't help noticing it. Especially in the pre-dawn stillness.
> It was getting ridiculous! The stupid machine was beginning to take on mythical proportions and the alicorn couldn't be having that. Time to go down there and find out what the device was for!
> Despite her imagined bravado, the pony still muffled her steps and crept down the stairs slowly. She was ready to flee at any moment. The only sound, besides the creature's constant roar, was her own thundering heartbeat.
> All too quickly she was on the bottom of the stairs. The noise seemed almost deafening now, but that might have been just her imagination.
> Whatever *for* did the human use this thing?! It never produced anything, nor consumed any materials. Celestia wasn't familiar with industry, even the rudimentary, hoof-operated devices her subjects used. But she was sure she should understand what it was the thing *did*!
> The TV, she understood. And the stove and oven were just an improvement on things she already knew. Even the dish-washer and the laundry machine were obvious.
> The car was a weird replacement for a carriage - one that didn't require ponies pulling it.
> But this monster was a mystery. It didn't seem to do anything, except make noise. It never even moved.
> The thought made her breath catch and her heart skip a beat. Her blood ran cold.
> Was it that it hadn't moved, or simply that she'd never *seen* it move?

> Thinking about the monstrous assembly of pipes and blocks being able to roam the house was the stuff of nightmares.
> The pony crept forward. The door was open and Celestia thought she could see a faint glow in the room. It was red, like Tartarus itself.
> The human didn't havea portal to the nether-world in his house, did he?!
> She carefully poked her head around the doorframe.
> The monster was full of fire! It was plain to see trough a tiny window on the front part. The flames, fanned into a roaring fury, were what was making all the noise.
"What the *buck* are you?!"
> It went dark instantly. The noise stopped. The light vanished.
> Celestia gave a short 'eep' and jumped back. It had heard her and didn't like her questioning. Any moment now it might come for her!
> With a very brief flash of magic, the mare slammed the door shut and ran back, into the relative safety of upstairs.
> She ended up in the living room, trembling and breathing heavily. She needed the human! Surely Anonymous would know what to do. Demonic infestation was probably a common thing in this strange world!
> She didn't want to go into the ground level hallway - it was too near the dreaded basement. The mare took the spiral staircase, jumping two steps at a time.
> Her haste didn't pay off. Nearly at the top, she missed a step and plunged forward. She hit her snout right on the railing and had to scramble her hooves furiously to keep from slipping down.
> Celestia grunted as she dragged herself into the room above. She rested for a moment, then burst out of the library and into Anon's room.
> She leapt and landed on the bed.

"Anonymous! Come quick, it's after us! We have to go *now*!"
> The human gave a surprised shout and flailed around himself. A stray hand landed right on her face, but the pony almost didn't notice it.
> She wrapped all four hooves around the human and clung to him for dear life.
"Please, listen to me! The thing in the basement! I went to look and it saw me! It's after me! HELP!"
> Finally, Anonymous woke up fully from the strange dream, only to find that it was actually happening. But he recognized the pony and, despite her tight grip, didn't try to fight her off anymore.
> "What in blazes has gotten into you?!" the man demanded angrily. "It's the middle of the night! Let me go!"
> The authoritative tone calmed her down and Celestia was able to peel herself away. She remained on the human's bed, shivering slightly. Her ears swiveled this way and that, seeking out any sound of the monster in the hallway. It was surely just outside the door by now!
> Anonymous sighed and placed a hand on her withers. "Calm down, girl," he said, not unkindly. "Tell me what spooked you."
> The mare swallowed a lump and focused her eyes on the human. Her ears folded down in fear.
"T-thing! In the basement. Pipes and m-metal and things!"
> Anonymous' gaped in surprise. "You mean the central heating?!"
> It was like a slap combined with a cold shower. For a minute, all the pony could do was open and close her mouth in shock. Then she shook her head.
"It can't be! It keeps roaring all the time without anypony near it! And there's fire inside it! And just now it heard me!"
> She grabbed the human again, but this time he didn't resist.

"I went to check- I heard it from my room. And I saw the fire inside! And then I said something and it heard me! It went quiet suddenly!"
> The human put a hand on his eyes. "It's automatic," he said flatly.
> She unwrapped her hooves and pushed herself away, so she could look at Anon's face.
"What does that mean?"
> He didn't move his hand away as he explained: "It means the central heating turns on and off by itself, whenever it's needed. If the house gets too cold, or hot water runs low, it turns itself on to heat up. And when it's warm enough and there's plenty of water, it shuts off again."
> The Princess was gobsmacked. She had enjoyed a bath last night and the water had been *warmed by the monster*?! She spoke slowly, to give herself time to wrap her head around the idea.
"So that's why there's..."
> "-fire inside, yes," Anonymous finished her sentence.
"And it's not going to-"
> "-eat us, no. It can't move. It's a machine, Celestia. A convenience, just like the TV, or the car, or the oven." Now that it was cleared up, the human sounded nothing so much as exasperated.
"I- I see."
> His shoulders shook, but the mare couldn't see Anon's expresion. The hand was still on his eyes. She was worried the human was angry at her sillines. She let him go and shuffled away.
> But then she realized the human was laughing. It started as a low chuckle, but he pulled his hand away from his face, looked at her expression, and burst into a full laughing fit.
> It seemed to go on forever. Celestia couldn't help her embarassed blush. She lowered her muzzle to the bed and closed her eyes. But however tightly she folded her ears against her head, she couldn't shut out the laughter.

> She had known! The first time she saw the thing, she had known it was just a machine, serving a purpose! But she worked herself up into a frenzy over it.
> It roared at her by chance. And of course it roared again when she was preparing her bath! The pony had been using up a lot of hot water, the machine had to make more.
> And it falling silent just as she was looking at it was pure chance.
> The mare drew a breath and heaved a deep sigh, partly out of relief, but mostly out of embarassment.
> It took ages for Anonymous to wind down. He had to wipe the tears out of his eyes when he looked at her again.
"Shut up."
> "You thought it was a monster!" the human said and started chuckling again.
"Not. A. Word!"
> She glared as fiercly as she could, but it only seemed to make the human more jovial. "You actually went down to fight it, and it scared you off!" he said, accusingly. "Dear Lord, frightened by central heating?"
> The mare gave a low, annoyed growl. She was embarassed enough without the man driving it home.
"I'm warning you!"
> He didn't seem to care. "Just how old are you? Did I get a child or something?"
"No! NO! If you *must* know, I'm-"
> She stopped herself just in time before she blurted out the real age. It would have raised some eyebrows. She quickly said the first number she could think of.
> There was barely a pause and Anonymous didn't seem to notice it. "Thirty and you still believe in fairy tales and monsters?"
> The pony raised her face toward the ceiling and heaved an exasperated sigh.
"For your information, Mr. I-never-get-scared, there *are* real monsters in Equestria! Dragons and manticores and changelings and things I'd rather not even think about!"

> Finally it worked. The human stopped poking fun at her and his face grew serious. "Fascinating place," he remarked dryly.
"It's beautiful and I wouldn't have it any other way. And it's my home!"
> His hand went back to her withers, but then slid down her mane. Despite her annoyance, it was deeply comforting.
> "What time is it?" the human asked. Celestia tried to sense the sun again, but it didn't tell her enough.
"Early morning."
> But the human reached over to the nightstand and picked up his watch. The numbers and hands lit up. The pony stared in fascination. Such a useful idea! She put it on her mental list - something to talk over with Twilight Sparkle. She would undoubtedly find a spell to do that.
> "Nearly five," he said.
"When must you leave?"
> "I need to be in my car at six-fifteen."
> The mare did a quick calculation.
"Breakfast will be on the table fifteen minutes before six. I expect you there, too."
> She slowly disentangled herself from the bedcovers and stepped over the prone human. But a hand shot up and caught her hoof. The Princess froze.
> "Come ask me next time you find something 'mythical', okay? Before you work yourself into a panic again." His voice was kind and there was not a trace of his laughter left. Celestia decided she was grateful.
"Thank you, Anonymous."
> She leaned down and nuzzled the surprised man, then jumped from the bed and left. She paused in the doorway and looked back. He probably couldn't see her in the dark, but the pony smiled anyway.
"Remember - five forty-five."
> The best way to get over her embarassing little incident, Celestia decided, was to throw herself into work.

> She was already making plans. More eggs, of course. Panckaes - one couldn't start a day without them. And now she had whipped cream and real fruit! Oh, and some pudding was left from the previous night. She would even warm it up again.
> Oh, and istead just tea, she would make lemonade for the human.
> It would be a feast fit for a king!
> She didn't even notice when she started to hum a faint, pleasant melody, nor the fact that it made the human smile as he watched her go.
> As soon as Anonymous was out the door, Celestia went back to the basement. She felt a little uneasy, but pushed past the tightness in her chest and entered the room with the 'central heating'.
> She traced a few of the pipes wiht her eyes and tried hard to understand what they were for. But it was still a mystery. She inspected the blocky objects against the wall. Yes, the little window was there, so that humans could see if it was working correctly - if the fire was hot enough or something, the mare guessed.
> Just above was a gray panel which reminded her of the sauna controls. There were little switches and dials and glowing numbers, made of little straight ligts. She read: 150. The pony took a step closer and inspected the switches.
> She was beginning to recognize the symbol - a little circle with a vertical line on the top. Humans used that same image on all the machines and it was usually to turn them on or off. There was one like it on the stove and on the oven. And even on the TV and sauna.
> A few of the others were labelled 'pump 1', 'pump 2' and so on - obviously for moving the water around.

> Celestia decided not to touch anything. If she broke it and didn't know how to fix it, the house would get cold. More importantly, there would be no hot water for her bath, which would be an unthinkable tragedy!
> Now that she knew what the thing did, it wasn't scary anymore! True, it was daytime and some light filtered from a small, grubby window near the ceiling. But she wouldn't fear the thing even in full darkness anymore. Of course she wouldn't!
> Finally, Celestia was able to enter the little room to the side, where Anonymous had told her to take the laundry. It did have a basket, with a few clothing items and several enigmatic machines.
> They had circular hatches on the front and the mare could gleaming metal inside.
> At least these weren't scary. Undoubtedly one of them was the 'washing machine', but she didn't know which. But the thought reminded her - there was a pile of laundry hidden in her wardrobe. The pony blushed again and quickly felt for it with her magic. It was a matter of seconds to float the pile down and drop it neatly into the basket.
> All that was left was for the human to show her how to operate this 'washing machine'.
> She was feeling immensely pleased with herself as the mare made her way back upstairs. She gathered up the dishes and took them to the kitchen. There was also a machine for washing dishes, but until she knew how to use it, the pony could wash up faster with her magic.
> She began with the empty pudding cup and her face darkened at the memory. The human had refused it!

> What baffled her was that he ate the pancake with apparent enjoyment, but then refused dessert. She couldn't quite wrap her head around it. In the end, she had to eat it herself! Again!
> The nerve of the man! Celestia couldn't help stomping her hoof in anger.
> She'd show him! When Anonymous came back from work, he'd find a bucking *cake* on the table! And it would look so bucking *delicious* that he wouldn't be able to resist!
> And the pony remembered the perfect recipe for it. There was some fruit left over, too!
> Before she started, however, the mare lifed up the pudding cup to her nose an sniffed. Then she looked around herself, as if afraid someone might be watching.
> She blushed and guiltily licked the dish clean. Then she put it down and did the same with the pancake plates. There was still some whipped cream and jam on them.
> The blush remained on her face until she had washed all the dishes and put them away.
> Then the mare thought about what to do next. The cake could wait until the afternoon - she wanted it to be as fresh as possible when Anon came. The windows it was, she quickly decided.
> She had gotten the idea the previous day as she examined the cleaning supplies. One of the bottles promised *brilliant* windows and the mare was eager to try and see what it did.
> She began to hum her little melody as she went about her business.
> "Excuse me! Hey, excuse me!" a strange voice rang out over the front lawn. Celestia looked up with a small start. She hadn't even heard the car approach - the sound of traffic had just blended into the background somehow.
> But now there was a yellow, metal carriage stopped by the side of the road. A woman had gotten out and was walking over to Celestia.

> The mare quickly swallowed her mouthful and picked up the garden shears. It took all of her concentration, but Celestia endeavoured to look as if she had been simply trimming the hedge. Not eating it in any way!
> "Hey, can you talk?" the lady asked. "I heard you ponies can talk."
> Celestia was wary of strangers, but she still tried to be polite.
"I can. May I help you? Is there something you require?"
> The woman had stopped at a safe distance, staring hard at the floating shears. The pony followed her gaze and gently lowered the implement to the grass.
> At long last the human continued. "Oh, no, nothing!" she quickly said. "Do you live here?"
> Celestia looked at the house, then back to the staring lady.
> She kept her responses simple, hoping the stranger would be satisfied and leave. She could defend herself, if a human became beligirent, but the mare didn't particularly wish for a situation where it would become necessary.
> Luckily, the human realized she was staring. She started and took a hesitant step foward. "Sorry, sorry! I saw the news, but I never thought I'd see one of you for real. I just wanted to take a closer look!"
> She kept her magic at the ready. Mr. Plain had warned her that strangers might try to foalnap her. Ponies were becoming quite valuable as their numbers on Earth fell.
> The alicorn made a mental note to raise this issue the next time she spoke with the human ambassador. Ponies who entered into servitude willingly, were being foalnapped and prevented from returning home when their debt was repaid!

> But right now, she looked at the woman and saw that she was more nervous than malicious. The Princess quickly decided that her unexpected visitor was telling the truth.
"You may come closer. I will not bite."
> She made her voice pleasant and her smile bright. It worked and the lady slowly approached. "You're taller than I thought," she commented. "Oh, and such a lovely white!"
> Celestia kept her smile.
"Thank you. In fact, my owner washed me just last night."
> This took the stranger aback. Her expression darkened slightly and she frowned. "Oh, one of those sort..."
> It took a few moments for Celestia to understand what the human meant. Then she blushed a little and quickly set the record straight:
"Oh! Nothing like that, I assure you! Mr. Anonymous is very polite to me."
> That seemed to help. "Anonymous, Anonymous, yeah, I think I've heard of him. Lawyer, right?"
"That is correct."
> There was nothing more to say and the two didn't really have anything in common. After a few awkward seconds, the lady touched her lip. "Uh, you've got a bit of- a little something."
> Celestia squinted at her snout. There was indeed a leaf stuck there - one she hadn't noticed while she had been focusing exclusively on the woman. She quickly brushed it away with a foreleg. She couldn't help the slight blush.
"Uh, thank you... I was just- I'm trimming the hedge-"
> The pony lifted up the shears again with her magic, as if to demonstrate. The sight of her faint yellow aura lifting the tool made the lady step back nervously.
"I was trimming it, and... well... it's honeysuckle. It smells really nice!"
> For a moment Celestia couldn't meet the woman's eyes.
"It'd be a shame to let it all go to waste."

> Finally the stranger pulled her gaze away from the floating shears. It took her a few seconds to replay the last few sentences in her mind. "Oh, don't mind me! I'll just be... going."
> The woman flashed a nervous smile. The pony returned it, a bit more steadily. Then, after a brief internal struggle, the lady stepped closer and held out a hand. "It was nice meeting you! I'm Christine. I suppose you could call me a neighbor, but I live a few miles down the road."
> The pony lifted a foreleg - it was a human custom Mr. Plain had explained to her. But she saw that her hoof was caked with mud. It seemed impolite to shove that into the woman's hand, so the alicorn extended a wing instead. She placed one of the strong, primary feathers into Christine's hand. The woman didn't even grip out of fear of hurting the wing.
"Celestia. Nice to meet you."
> There was something else on her visitor's mind, so the mare waited patiently. Finally, the question came: "Do you think Mr. Anonymous would mind if I brought my daughter to visit you someday? She's crazy about ponies, ever since she saw the news on TV."
> Celestia couldn't yet say if her owner would agree to it or not, so she gave the woman an apologetic smile.
"I will ask him. If you could come around on Monday - about the same time as today - I'll have the answer, Christine."
> That seemed to satisfy the woman. She said her goodbyes, went back to the car and drove off. Not without turning and staring at the pony every few steps, of course.
> When she was alone again, the mare giggled to herself. It had been a strange encounter, but not an unpleasant one. Except for being caught eating Anonymous' hedge. That was a little embarassing.

> She inspected the dent in the hedge and groaned. There was no way to even it out with the trimmers. Hopefully Anonymous wouldn't notice.
> But the fragrant plant had smelled so good! And it had been *ages* since the Princess had had a chance to simply graze.
> Come to think of that, some of the grass looked pretty tantalizing, too, especially the young sprouts by the side of the house.
> Perhaps, Celestia thought, if she was really careful and bit evenly. Maybe no one would notice if she had just a taste? After a bit more of the honeysuckle, of course. And she'd have to get seeds for some delicious flowers. If the seasons were the same as in Equestria, there should be time to get a few delicious sprouts before the humans dropped snow on the land.
> She leaned closer, inhaled the sweet scent and took a tentative nibble. The garden shears dropped out of her magical grasp, forgotten.

Does Sunbutt have it too good? Is it time for a bit of trouble?

Find out next time! Until then, here's the whole thing in one place, as usual: https://pastebin.com/JatjyA3x

And, as always, comments and criticism are very much appreciated. I make sure to read it all, even if I usually CBA to reply on my tiny phone from work.
i question reading your story after the sudden bout of the gay in your last one
No homo in this one so far looks like. Just a heart meltingly cute Celly. My favorite green in slavepony so far yet since fire and sky.
It's shit

No lewds planned at all. I think they wouldn't fit well into this particular story. I'm not saying 100% no - who knews how this will develop in time. (I only have the main plot points thought up.)
If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit, but I bet the palace guard patrolling all over the place and Luna's incompetence made sexy fun times awkward and difficult for Tia, unless she has an exhibitionism fetish.
She might try to take advantage of the relative privacy slavery affords. Alternatively, she might be able to "make do" with certain men or indulge certain desires, where Princess Celestia would instead have been forced to have standards.
I love the cute you pull out of Celly. If there were a non-jarring way for the story to suddenly turn romantic I would love to see that. But wherever this goes I'm on the ride.
There can be nothing too good for your super-cute Sunbutt! I though the furnace-monster was well done; even Sol Invictus can be frightened of things she doesn’t understand, even if she knows it’s silly. She’s quite horse-like with her mobile ears, fondness for shrubbery, and flightyness.

Perhaps, if trouble comes, this should be the setup for it: Celly ignores a real danger, or Anon ignores Cellys warning. It might even be a magical threat from Equestria that he cannot even imagine, that she has to educate him about.

>Christine's daughter
Cute pony rides have become inevitable, and I’m really looking forward to them! Pony is for saddling, of course, but will Celly accept the bit and bridle as well? Will Christine trust both of them enough to allow a scenic flight, and will they of them spot something interesting from the air? Do either of them technically need a pilots license or takeoff clearance, or are pegasi regulated more like birds?

>no lewd
Never say never, but Celly is not for sexual anytime soon. I am loving their intimate little touches in the meantime though: Anon being awkward in the shower and quick to comfort her when scared. It’s all quite well done.

>gay cooties
Can’t see anything like that happening here, but this reader has no problem with a bit of homoerotic tension as in the last one.

One thing I think the story needs soon is the real evil of slavery. Celly had a vague idea of being foal-napped and detained beyond her vacation, but the real horrors of pony slavery must be lurking out there somewhere, and it’s Princess Celestias duty to do something about it. I suppose that’s how the story must eventually end, with Anon serving her professionally to enforce limited servitude contracts and protect indentured rights here on earth.
File: yes!.jpg (8 KB, 180x157)
8 KB
I think he was always kinda attracted to her but felt weird about it since he thought she was so young. When she told him that she is and has been an adult things changed pretty quickly.

That is the magic word here.
I've not yet found the time to read it but god damn do I have a boner for this!
I am beyond glad that you are back!

That was lovely, between the instinctive and infantile fear of Celestia against the beast (for a moment I thought Anon would tell her to sleep in her bed so she would feel more secure) as well as the encounter with one of the neighbors little by little her is knowing the world of Anon, now missing the visit to the city and the eyes of the people, but what would happen if one of the subjects lives there and recognizes it? that puts your false identity at risk.

Let's hope that Christine's daughter belongs to the adorable type and is not a presumptuous little princess

Good job AWF
>Getting consent from your slave before you rail her.
Surprisingly hot.

> No.
> You'll keep your word, even if your balance books metaphorically wince at the thought.
> This was more than just a question of your bottom line; this was a matter of building trust with your ponies.
> One thing that you'd always tried to keep straight with them was honesty; they could always rely on you being truthful.
> If they realized you were lying to them about something as important as the chance to rescue their families, there'd be all kinds of hell to pay.
> First and foremost from Cadance.
> And you could hardly afford to play dice with their trust when the protesters were literally at the walls.
> Acquiring the older ponies could even be thought of as a sort of investment-in-propaganda, both for the benefit of those within the camp and those outside.
> Reaffirm Cadance's loyalty to you.
> Hell, even confirm to Mayor Mare that she'd made the right choice, putting her trust in you.
> You would make her proud to have given you her dedication.
> "Yes, Master?"
"Arrange room for eight new arrivals, selected by lottery. I'll set up the purchase arrangements through Foremost ELT."
> Her expression broadens into a wide smile, eyes coming alight, and you suspect she had been silently judging you on how this decision would pan out.
> If so, you're glad to see the mare happy.
> "Immediately, Master!"
> ...
> Like the last time you'd taken ponies into the city, you select a handful by lottery and a few for more direct reasons.
> Namely, the ponies who'd been lucky enough to have their choices - their families - selected for purchase.
> At least this time it wasn't so hard to choose; while over a hundred ponies had been acquired on the last trip, this time it was only eight.
> Few enough that you didn't bother arranging delivery, instead just having one of your employees drive another van.
> Unlike the last trip, however, there was no parading around the city with windows rolled down to spook them.

> What they saw was plenty enough.
> The same uncaring society.
> The barrage of ponies being used for every purpose imaginable.
> Just about the only new thing is the circus posters plastered all around town:
> 'The Celestial Circus: An all-equine show to dazzle all ages!'
> Briefly you entertain the bizarre idea that they had somehow managed to find the namesake alicorn, but that would be quite impossible:
> Not even any of your business contacts could turn up hide or hair of that princess.
> Later you pass the tent as well - a garish, colorful, distinctly pony-like thing.
> If you ever decided to give your ponies fifty thousand dollars of paints and decorating supplies, the camp would probably turn up looking something like this the next day.
> Neither did you repeat the 'mistaken early arrival' trick you'd pulled on Bon Bon.
> Ponies did talk, after all.
> It'd be obvious if you kept trying the same thing over and over again.
> This time you were quite clear that you'd brought them in early to share a meal together, and this time that aspect of it went rather more smoothly as well.
> By the time you'd gathered them on the loading docks of Foremost Equine Labor Traders, they were relaxed enough to (mostly) not show too much stress.
> When the new acquisitions come marching out onto the dock, however...
> It's something amazing to see.
> Both groups stop stock-still, ears rotated forward and eyes intent - nostrils flaring as they sniffed the air.
> Finally, one of yours speaks up:
> "F-Father?"
> An older stallion, his muzzle touched with grey and legs turning thin with age, staggers forward against his chain:
> "Maple? Stars above, Maple?! It can't be you; you were darker - your coat, it was so much darker back then-"
> "I... kind of lightened out. When I stopped being a filly."
> "That's im - impossible. Ponies don't - don't just -"
> Approaching nose-to-nose, they touch muzzles and draw breath - eyes half closed.

> And then, as tears begin to flow, they hug:
> Necks wrapping around each other in a uniquely equine embrace, nuzzle each others backs as soft nickers and half-words are mumbled through lips that barely work.
> As if a dam had been broken the rest of your ponies flow forward in a singleminded tide, surging forward to find and meet their long-lost kin.
> The staff don't seem to quite know what to do, but you wave them off trying to interfere.
> Let the ponies have this moment.
> It's enough to move even your hardened heart.
> Besides, you have other matters to attend to as alongside the ponies had come something decidedly different:
> The griffons were only marginally taller or longer than the ponies, but you could see bunches of muscle and tendon beneath their slim coats.
> Each also wore a head-covering hood that left only the beak exposed, plus a harness that straddled their entire body to hobble both wings and legs.
> Despite these measures, the four griffons showed no signs of any rebelliousness:
> Standing near stock-still in a line, chained collar-to-collar, they reminded you of nothing so much as a row of birds on a power line.
> "Anonymous, good to see you again, good to see you!"
> You heard Stedler long before you saw him - his larger-than-life (in more ways than one) persona still quite unchanged.
> Parting the crowd like a runaway boulder, he strides up to shake your hand with considerable enthusiasm.
> "Very sorry I couldn't see you the last time you came in to pick up an order. I hope that wasn't a problem?"
"Not at all. Both your service and your ponies were exemplary; I've had no trouble integrating them."
> "Good, good! Just taking a more modest approach to purchases from now on, then?"
> Mentally you chuckle.
> Of course that was his angle:
> Wondering why there were no more monumental orders coming through.
"For the time being. I'll certainly hope to keep growing my holdings. Speaking of integration, though-"

> You nod to the griffons and their unusual accoutrements.
"-what's with them?"
> "Oh, the binders? They're just for transport. Keeps 'em passive."
"Passive? They wouldn't be otherwise?"
> Stedler shrugs his massive shoulders.
"Griffons can get... a little testy, when being moved into a new environment. Have to keep reminding them where they stand, hence the restraints. Crack a few heads if you need to. Once you do, though - well, they're even more pliable than ponies."
> That explained it.
> There certainly hadn't been anything in these particular griffons' records about... obedience issues.
> If it was something they all went through...
"So, once I... 'crack a few heads', as you put it, I won't have rebellion problems."
> "From them? Hah! No. They're all about pride and dominance; show them who's in charge and you won't find a more loyal bunch."
> Heh.
> Anything part-cat, being prideful.
> What a coincidence.
"I'll keep that in mind."
> Kneeling down in front of the line, you study them carefully.
> Despite being blindfolded, all the griffons quite clearly know you're there - heads rotating to focus on you.
> This close, you can see the little nervous ticks in them as well:
> Some are very much like pegasi - wings shifting beneath the harnesses or tails twitching cat-like.
> Others are more subtle:
> Claw shift and grasp on the concrete floor, leaving little lines of rubbed-off talon in their place.
"Relax, all of you."
> Your hand comes down hard on one's shoulders - out of range of that fearsomely hooked beak.
> Just in case.
"You're going to a good place. You follow the rules, and this'll be alright."
> From the way the griffon shifts, you get the sense he is all too aware of your presence.
> Stedler, however, just laughs - a great, rolling barrel laugh that echoes in the loading dock.
> "You'll have to do a bit more than that, I'm afraid."
"If necessary, I won't be so kind. But I'm not about to just start beating them here just because."

> "Fair, fair."
> Turning to the ponies, you gesture at the still-waiting vans.
"All of you, pair off with your families and figure out who's riding in which car. I'll need four more spots in mine -"
> You gesture back to the griffons.
"- but other than that, pick as you please."
> "You really do let them do a lot on their own."
"Even the little things, yes. It helps. Trust me."
> "Eh, a bit harder in a place like this... but your point is taken."
> Stedler pauses, apparently having not seen something to his liking, and goes off roaring thunderously in an attempt to correct it.
> You watch him go with a shake of your head - at least until a soft voice behind you speaks up:
> "Mr. Anonymous, sir?"
> Turning, you find a familiar equine face peering up at you.
"Scriptorial, was it?"
> "Yes, Sir. May I ask, is Miss Cadance here this time?"
"I'm afraid not. Were you hoping to see her?"
> Ears sink a touch, but Scriptorial nods firmly.
> "May I have a word with you then, sir?"
"Of course? What is it?"
> "A message to pass on to her. And - for you as well."
"Go ahead."
> "Thank you. For - taking them. The older ponies, I mean. There aren't that many good jobs for them, and I'm always happy to see them go to a good place."
> A wry smile makes it way to your lips.
"You're sure what I have is a good place?"
> "Absolutely. Cadance and I had - a talk the last time she was here."
"Ah. Well, I will pass it on... believe me, the choice was not an easy one. But ultimately, I think this..."
> You turn to look at the groups of ponies climbing into the vans.
"...I think this is right. I really do."
> "Are you going to be taking in more?"
"Potentially. More family members - it's being done by random lotto."
> "I will still look forward to it. Perhaps seeing Cadance again as well."
"Perhaps. Can I ask you something else, Scriptorial? Do you know how accurate what Stedler was telling me about how to deal with the griffons is?"
> "Mostly. He was just very..."

> "Blunt. Bombastic. Yes. You don't have to be hard with them all the time, but it is a dominance game."
"Fair enough. Thank you for that."
> When you get back to the camp, Thunderlane and Cadance both were out and about to greet the new arrivals.
> While the other ponies are sent into the camp to settle in, however, when they approach the griffons something fascinating happens:
> A brief look passes between pegasus and alicorn before both stand up as tall as they can, fluffing out their plumage and laying ears back.
> The griffons, freshly freed of their harnesses and hoods, do something similar - hunching down with beaks half open and all eyes focused at the new interlopers.
> Both begin to - there's no real word for it but growl.
> Low, rough, like animals in a fight.
> What follows is an elaborate dance, both groups circling each other warily.
> Half of you is cursing yourself for not bringing a taser, terrified a fight is about to break out.
> The other whispers a little reminder that Cadance had not yet lit her horn - something she had abundantly demonstrated using to restrain a foe before.
> Slowly it becomes clear what the two ponies are doing:
> Ironically, they are 'herding' the griffons like sheepdogs - breaking up their little group to figure out which of the four is most aggressive.
> That one was now singled out and alone; Cadance and Thunderlane circle him with wings outstretched and legs tensed for a leap.
> Until, in an instant, he drops to the ground and rolls his head back to expose his throat.
> Cadance steps forward to touch his neck with her nose, then retreats.
> In an instant the confrontation is over, pony and griffon alike relaxing
> "Mi Amore Cadenza, yes? I did not think any of the alicorns were anywhere but cells."
> "I've been deeply lucky. And, Cadance is fine."
> Retreating to your side, she extends a wing up to you and bows her head.
> "My Master, Anonymous."

> Now you have something of an idea of what was going on here:
> A dominance display, as Stedler had said.
> Cadance had claimed hers, and passed it on to you.
> Even so you keep up your best imperious stance:
"Welcome to my facilities - my town."
> Gesturing to Thunderlane, you add:
"This is Thunderlane, the head of my pony - and now Griffon - security. He'll be your immediate superior; from him, my chief of security Gene and then up to me."
> All the griffons bob their heads simultaneously, in a gesture you assume to be roughly akin to a pony nod or small bow.
"I saw you were already starting to talk with the others on the drive back. That's fine; we operate with a rather more... open environment here than you might be used to. I expect you to be able to work things out on your own. If there are problems, however, I will intervene to deal with problems and set things back in line."
> There.
> If the dominance chain wasn't abundantly clear before, now it should be.
> "And what of M- Cadance, Master?"
> You're about to answer, but pause at the last second:
> He had asked you, not Cadance.
> That reflected their respect for you... but had also bypassed the alicorn's authority.
> Fortunately she is still at your side, and a light tap on her withers spurs her into speaking:
> "I manage the camp in general. Anonymous coordinate on major choices, but many day to day matters - including punishment over less serious mattes - I have primary authority in."
> "...I see. Forgive me."
> Cadance waves a wing dismissively.
"Thunderlane, go get them settled in. Cadance, remain a moment."
> She does, watching as Thunderlane leads them off into the camp.
> There's no sense of tension or expectation of trouble in him; already he speaks easily with the four new arrivals.
"So. What was that back there? Just a dominance show? Prelude to a real fight?"

> "The former. Griffon negotiations are carried out very similarly to griffon squabbles. I... prefer not to do that, but it was something Celestia's staff mentored me in. Just in case, so I could seize control of a situation."
"Well, you did fine seizing control of this. But I can tell something's upsetting you; what is it?"
> "I cannot approve of this, Anonymous."
"...what, don't think predators can get along with ponies?"
> "No. In fact, I think once they settle in they will be fine there... but buying anyp - anyone to be a guard?"
> Rounding on you, Cadance scowls.
> "I asked Thunderlane to start the pony guard team because I knew he cared. I knew he would never abuse his power. But bringing someone in just specifically to give them that authority..."
"If you're worried about abuse, I won't hesitate to put them in their place."
> She shudders sharply.
> "Neither will I, but I'm afraid you've made something like that inevitable by doing this. Or worse, will grow resentment from ponies who see you bringing outsiders to guard them."

How do we respond to this?

This.. this is really sweet.
Anon gained extra points with this action
Shitcunt when?
Space Celly when?
"The only ponies that should fear my anger are those who know they are doing something wrong"
>How do we respond?
"Why didn't you say something before?!"

We ASKED her! We made it clear that SHE, and a few other trusted ponies, were our experts on griffions and other Equestrian imports. What are we, a human, supposed to know about them or their relationship with our pony herd? We don't really understand the ponies that well either so we delegated the camps management to somepony; who was it again...? Oh ya: Cadance! Any problems with these new slaves are every bit as much her problem to deal with as any other. That might not be what she wants to hear, but these four are just a pilot program; she need not fear being overrun with troublesome cat-birds. If she really can't handle it, they can go back where they came from and she can let them know that too. Or, if she insists, we could expand our more expensive human staff and have less funding for other projects...

>But bringing someone in just specifically to give them that authority...
Could have given a better answer it I knew more about pony-guard recruitment. Anon offered Bon Bon a place and she firmly refused. Are there many other ponies eager for the job, and how are they selected? Have there been complaints, and would Anon know if there were? Anon could claim he needs more guards from somewhere and was forced to import specialists, if that's the case.

>Have to keep reminding them where they stand, hence the restraints
It sounds like they might need some reminding from time to time. I and muh bondage fetish hope Anon kept that specialized gear.

>The Celestial Circus
Hmm, wonder what that's like? Will Trixie be performing? Or has her abrasive attitude sent her to a glue farm? Could Anon, Megan, and a few ponies get tickets and have a day out together? Sounds like quite a bit of world-building work to write, but you don't throw these things in if you don't intend to use them somehow.

Ya. Expensive, but really sweet. Nice work, Slaveventure!
Yeah, Anonymous does not run a resort, this is a business and he makes decisions in detail and trusting that they are the best, whether or not other ponies like it does not change the fact that it is a long-term decision, if Somepony feels intimidated or belittled the newcomers so you must remember the importance of integration, not only speak of ponies like Bonbon or Candace, but of those who are planning problems and conspiring, maybe Anonymous does not know them but Candance yes, if She sees this as a problem so she questions her own command capacity and should rethink whether it is worthwhile to keep fighting to make the place a place where long-term living is worth living.
>"The only ponies that should fear my anger are those who know they are doing something wrong"

'I bet they do not like to be slaves, let be treated like mindless beasts, concubines or breedings, draft animals, be removed from their families or die of hunger, exhaustion or being persecuted by bounty hunters or ending up in a glue factory '

'What do you want from my Candace? I have an army of madmens posted in front of my house threatening to commit some nonsense that would endanger my property, my people and most importantly my daughter. I already have enough to deal with enemies outside to have to deal with enemies inside my own farm! '

'I will do whatever is necessary to protect everything that is mine, and when things calm down I will see the way things work here'

>More news to 11
I get the strong feeling this WAS mentioned before, like, way back when the idea of the pony guard was first proposed. IIRC, wasn't Anonymous originally thinking about buying new ponies specifically for the guard?
It's shit
>8 posts down

Little slow on the draw there, pardner.
File: IMG_2729.jpg (646 KB, 1400x1383)
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Remember to love your slave spg
Someone edit in Twilight and I'll love you forever.
File: 1520750620460 copy.png (2.04 MB, 1400x1383)
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2.04 MB PNG
This is as close as you're getting out of me.
File: 1520750620460 copy.png (2.43 MB, 1400x1383)
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I wish to save bubble horse.
File: Jail_RD.png (2.41 MB, 1400x1383)
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2.41 MB PNG
I hope you like RD.

Damnit. You beat me to it.
Skittles when?
File: Spoiler Image (81 KB, 813x694)
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This ones color is more realistic for the scene. Also cutie mark
Actually I like the mane on the first one and the fur color on the second.
File: Mane edit.png (2.36 MB, 1400x1383)
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2.36 MB PNG
Best I could do myself.
Fuck off, autist.
Jingles can stay on his own thread.
Discord drama lama pls go.
>Confronting the monster
Still top cute interactions from Celestia, though while her on-going struggles in understanding human technology is apparent, the sheer terror she displays at the central-heating is rather unbecoming of a princess who's surely fought worse monsters over her life-time. Is she playing this up intentionally at all?

Still, fucking loved the result of her getting so scared like a frightened child she runs into Master's room and clings to him for dear-life as though he'd know what to do when her bounty of magic has failed her. His teasing her after the fact was equally adorable (you really do a good job of making your horses do cute horsie things like the ear flickering and the bowing her muzzle into the sheets), felt pretty bad for her as he embarrassed her more and more. I know he did not mean it in anything less but good fun but I imagine that must have encroached on degrading rather than light-hearted, though I think Celestia made that apparent quickly enough. He was kind enough to assure her to come to him with any questions regarding equipment in the house afterwards as well

>Anon on Equestria
Not much to go into here yet but his passing comment about it seemed to come off as somewhat unimpressed Curious if he'll change his mind given more information about it given, as pointed out before, being wholly ignorant of it is why he was chosen.

This definitely sounds like a troublesome issue that Celestia is right to worry about, though at least to humanity's credit: it is at least illegal here as it is in Equestria. Something to keep an eye out for but I'm certain any foal-napper would be caught out of her league in 'her' case, maybe could talk to Anon about it
This was a very sweet exchange, noticed was her shy demeanor around Celestia. Unsure if she could even speak and only being familiar with them via TV (that must be a common trait around these parts), but much like Anon is much more uninformed than malicious: she's super nice, her complimenting Celestia's coat and being so careful not to hurt her wing when they 'shook'. Can't wait to see her daughter, I'm sure pony rides is something Celestia might find interesting.

>Eating the flowers
Again, I love the addition of horsey behavior, but man, chalk up another score on the naughty list. I'm not sure if Anon will appreciate her eating too many of his flowers, as sweet and delicious (poor Celly needs to manage her sweet tooth) as they may be. Would love to see her try to explain when she gets caught red-hoofed and have Anon play more into his role as Master (since Celestia is still managing to get away with a surprising lot for a servant, he might need to take charge for a change of pace)

Still doing great, can't wait for next update
>His own thread
Wow. This is the only thread on the entirety of 4chan that has an owner. How much do you pay gookmoot to buy a thread?
Just a reminder that if you use the discord for this thread you are either a retarded autist or a content creator. If you use it and are a content creator you are still a retarded autist. Any drama outside of mods locking the thread is caused by your fucking discord channel every single time. It's time to stop.
You pay for your personal thread in patient service and credibility. For 155 past threads he has started OPs, maintained pastebin lists, and encouraged writefags. He does a very good (although imperfect) job and is the reason SPG exists. I can’t speak to what happens on Discord because I don’t go and don’t care, but suspect he does a good job there too. Your anger does him credit, anyway.
And yet here you are stirring up drama? Ironic or just retarded?
>Discord causes drama.
>Calls everyone who uses it autistic and retarded.
>Only discord causes drama.
>Only discord.
Yeah he's fucking retarded.
I never really understood this autistic rage against discord. If you don't want to use it then don't, if you do then do. Why have a fit over other people enjoying something you don't? Oh wait it's 4chan.
> Why have a fit over other people enjoying something you don't?
Except for obvious, local discord dramas are not interesting for anybody outside, and lack of context is not helping to understand what happens, who are all these nobodies and why should anybody care. Yet they still were spilling their own shit here, which is not very polite.
Where? I've only seen people freaking out about discord but no evidence anything is because of it. The whole 'good girl' thing was 100% in thread.
There's more drama about hating discord than actually from discord. Just autists reeeing at someone else having fun when they don't think they'd fit in.
> but no evidence
That's because you're here just a couple of months and did not see it yourself. It was a mess and, luckily, everybody understood that it's better to shoo them back in the pit rather than feed the shitstorm.
>yet they still were spilling their own shit here
Who? When? What are you talking about?

>Any drama outside of mods locking the thread is caused by your fucking discord channel every single time
It's like he already forgot about that shitty writefag's meltdown just a few days ago.
Been here for years buddy. All I ever see is sperging at ghosts like right now. I wish people would quit stirring up drama about non existent drama honestly.
>> but no evidence
I hope your merely pretending to be this retarded.
See >>32032601 . IIRC, last one was around November, but it was pretty mild. Spring was a circuis.

You are either blind or have very big list of filtered tripcodes.

I hope you'll remain without evidence, we don't need more of that shit.
>Good girl
>The roastie
>Fag fag
Yeah all in discord, sure.
Sounds like you don't recall correctly then. Quit trying to stir up trouble asshat.
>You are either blind or have very big list of filtered tripcodes.
Don't have anyone filtered and have no idea what you're talking about. Should be pretty easy to go through the archives if it really happened but it sounds like your blowing things out of proportion.
You edit this in less than a day but whined when we asked you for the Mocha edit. You disappoint the general and our daughteru.
Yeah but Mocha is shit, SHIT!

Moar edits, please.
You don't see a problem with this - fine, you might as well dip in that swamp. What's important is that you know what to do when it happens.
>>Good girl
Remember when he got all his shit deleted? Good times. I guess he's banned or something since he hasn't been back.
He deleted his own shit in a tantrum. And left. Lucky some Anon's saw it. Coming and saved it to spite him.
Oh I mean his like 8 post essay about how he was going to stick around and report us a bunch. Yeah good on that anon for backing up his story though.
Reposting to further the spite. My favorite part of the story is line 3865.
That's because with the current method I used to edit stuff was different back then than it is now. I can certainly give it a shot again if you'd like. What was the pic in question because I don't remember which one it was.
It reminds me of the AWF story; "Something, at least" and what bordering Dash to suicide
Hell yeah
File: 1494801895301.png (707 KB, 750x750)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
A quick archive search gives me this.
File: e4f.png (1.3 MB, 1087x734)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
What future can wait for a liberated pony?
>There's even people walking around in the background.

I never noticed that in that picture before.
I want to enslave homeless Vinyl, but she's probably homeless explicitly because she'd rather be free.
>she'd rather
Somehow I don't think you're fully getting this whole 'slave' thing.
In this circumstance, I assume she has a choice between being homeless but free, or a slave. I suppose she could just be 'liberated' but then I also assume that she'd have places to go in that circumstance, especially considering Octavia is right there.
How many Gryphons exactly are there here? I'd make them watchponies instead of actual guards for now and make them EARN the right to be on the same level as a guard. Don't give them power off the bat until you get a real good feel for them.
The Gryphons are hierarchical creatures that obey the command line -In this story- they obey Anon and their obedience extends to the secondary commands, they will follow orders from Thunderlane and the human guards, but their loyalty is to their alpha, to Anonymous
There are four of them, one identified as the leader but none named yet.

Watchponies are supposed to be the friendly face of Anons security, a gentle reminder to show up for your shift, keep your head down, and be home before curfew. They're kinda like social workers: they'll listen to you and help solve your problems, even if you'd rather they didn't. Guardponies are the ones who wield real force on Anons behalf. They're less about talking and more about doing. They are not just 'greater' or 'lesser' versions of the same thing, the jobs are quite different. Griffons might be better suited for the guard, and actually have less opportunity to screw up too.

A probation period with more supervision and more forgiveness for honest mistakes would be good for everyone though!

But WHY is Anon the alpha? Because he paid Stedler for that privlage? Because he can punish them if they disobey? Our three perspective characters might have more work to do before this relationship shakes out.
>But WHY is Anon the alpha?

Read the story again
> "From them? Hah! No. They're all about pride and dominance; show them who's in charge and you won't find a more loyal bunch."
That's what Stedler claims but that doesn't make it true. Being the leader (or alpha) is about trust and respect, not just cracking heads, and Anon and Thunderlane just haven't had any opportunity to do that yet. These griffons are cats, birds, and complex sensitive people, not rule-following robots, and building relationships with them is as much work as with anypony else. Stedler didn't keep them in those gimp suits for no reason, and Cadance is right to be concerned.
>Watchponies are supposed to be the friendly face of Anons security, a gentle reminder to show up for your shift, keep your head down, and be home before curfew.
They're supposed to be watchponies and report anything suspicious to actual guards.
The Gryphons of the history of CYOS will be what the author decides they are
>They're supposed to report
Yes they do, if and when suspicious things happen in front of them. Likewise the guard nudges the watch into action when detention, punishment, and other blunt force solutions are not appropriate. Being a great watchpony does not mean you would be a good guard, and vice-versa, although Thunderlane did move from one to the other. Pegasi might have a warrior heritage, but the griffons are natural hunters. Matching the pony (or otherwise) to the position is one of Slaveventures big competitive advantages. Putting them in a more passive role on the watch might be setting them up for failure when they could thrive elsewhere.

Not trying to boss the author around, but their personality is not what a Formost ELT salesman or a random pony says it is either! Of course it's his story and they are what he says they are, but these griffons have not had a single line of dialogue. The author still has yet to develop them much.
Stedler is nothing more than a slaver and dealer of exotic creatures, his domain depends on the strength of others, threats and suppression, for the Gryphons are only big cats that behave like birds and believes that just treat them like fighting dogs , put a muzzle and a chain and give them sticks from time to time to be afraid, if one of your "products" rebel and he does not have the means to suppress them him will be as terrified as a paralyzed deer in front of a car.

As I mention >>32030050 Candance had her chance to avoid her acquisition but she did not, if the ponies feel bad about being watched for their safety they can do nothing, the slaves can talk but not demand.

If Anon has the Alpha authority or not we will know in future updates or see >>32035042
>but these griffons have not had a single line of dialogue

>> "Mi Amore Cadenza, yes? I did not think any of the alicorns were anywhere but cells."

>> "And what of M- Cadance, Master?"

>> "...I see. Forgive me."

I read three unless you want each of them to have a personal dialogue, but what about the rest of the population? the 2 thousand or so ponies also have the right to their monologue?
In other mention:
>> "I cannot approve of this, Anonymous."

Fuck you Candance! Keep it up and you will be wearing a hood and living on a hanger!
>several lines of dialogue after all...
My bad. Point still stands though: we don't know how the author will write griffons in general or these four individuals. I'm sure he will read these posts; that's half the fun of it!

> "I cannot approve of this"
Ya, this. Advising Anon on this stuff is Cadances actual job. He specifically asked for her about them well in advance. Then she waits until literally moments after they arrive to express her disapproval?! Not cool, and he should say so.

>wearing a hood
Hmmm... Hot.
File: 1469045694796.jpg (729 KB, 2476x3013)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
Image time for finish the thread and begin one new
File: 1402244297572.jpg (156 KB, 800x1000)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
File: Corona is a good pony.jpg (214 KB, 872x916)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
File: crhisalis.jpg (268 KB, 1280x770)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
File: maud.jpg (151 KB, 683x1024)
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151 KB JPG
File: Fair Lady.png (476 KB, 707x566)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
Remember me Anons?
Bad pony wastes water and tried to kill her master.
The best pony
File: 1518307165216.png (937 KB, 905x1280)
937 KB
937 KB PNG
File: boop.png (479 KB, 800x800)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
File: poipo.png (953 KB, 1280x757)
953 KB
953 KB PNG
File: 1495696493673.gif (1.91 MB, 270x203)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
For Vega
What tender assflesh
File: Derpy 2.jpg (147 KB, 800x1000)
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New thread: >>32035220

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