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File: tegaki.png (303 KB, 400x400)
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303 KB PNG
OC Thread #12: The Dozen Edition Anonymous 10/20/18(Sat)21:55:07 No.559543
bosting in epic thread
What's her name?
Imagine getting upset over a drawing of some autistic maid getting shot.
imagine drawing it in the first place
Imagine actually drawing.
well now you've just gone full circle
it's not like anyone left on this board actually draws
I draw, but my style sucks too much for this MS Paint board. I do it for personal enjoyment, not for pay or some arbitrary "advancement," but just to decompress, doing something I've dabbled in every so often during my life.
I already know my style isn't good enough for /ic/, that's why I didn't bother going there, but it seems refugees from that board want to make this place just as bad as that one.
Don't be rude to our drawfriends, Anon.
what school are you gonna shoot up when you realize you cant find dwego
cursed thread
whats dwego?
It's a meme associated with some namefag or discordfag or something that people think we should care about, and somehow gets in the way of people posting actual drawings. I dunno, I'm just here to doodle.
File: procastinating.gif (175 KB, 470x470)
175 KB
175 KB GIF
>new OC thread
>not a single image posted
Wow... Is raging your way of procastinating?

Lets change that.
Post something new you spic, youve spammed that low effort shit gif before
I did a newer drawing, but it's on the old thread.

Also less compaining, more contributing.

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