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Favourite plagues and pandemics, /his/?

We've all heard about the Black Death, the Spanish Flu, the Plague of Justinian, and possibly the Third Plague Pandemic. But there's also lesser known outbreaks that I like to lean over and get handsy with.

The Russian Flu, for example. A.k.a.: the 1889-1890 flu pandemic. Which admittedly doesn't have that an impressive of a kill count, and it fizzled out after only a year. But how fast and wide spread in such a short time is why I have a particular fondness for it. That in only a year, it went from the first recorded outbreak in St. Petersburg, to all the way in the state of Indiana.

The Antonine Plague, a.k.a.: the Plague of Galen, is another case that springs to mind. A plague that I don't think is lesser known (for reasons I'm about to explain next), but still gets my pick for being one of the theorised factors into the Fall of the Roman Empire.

And finally, lol at how we've had seven Cholera pandemics over the years (as recent as the 1970s).

Anyway, what plagues/pandemics/outbreaks/etc. do you like, /his/?
>Pic related, I'm a doctor.
Prussian Grippe
I don't know, but have a bump.
I read the Plague Journal by Daniel Defoe on the last plague in London and it was pretty interesting. People went crazy and started imagining angels appearing in the sky. It also went through several preventive methods they believed in and how some people avoided the plague.

The Dancing Plague seems fun too but I don't know nearly as much about it.
SARS because it almost saved me from this torment.
Holy shit, I forgot I read that. It's absolutely fantastic reading.
Don't know about plagues but I like this video
You mean... neat... :D

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