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It is important to remember that history is not populated solely by despots. Please share selfless gestures and acts by people/countries who went out of their way to help someone else.

>India sent an elephant to Japan after Japanese kids sent letters to the Indian prime minister asking for one.

>Tonki an Indian elephant in the Ueno zoo had died tragically during WWII
>The children of the Taito-ward, submitted a request to SCAP asking for an Asian elephant. Soon a petition drive was launched and some 900-1500 kids wrote to Pt Nehru in India asking for an elephant.
>The elephant chosen was smart 15 year old named Indira after Nehru’s daughter.
>nehru wrote - "Indira is a fine elephant, very well-behaved. I hope that when the children of India and the children of Japan will grow up, they will serve not only their great countries, but also the cause of peace and cooperation all over Asia and the world. So you must look upon this elephant, Indira by name, as a messenger of affection and goodwill from the children of India."
>The elephant was loved by everybody in Japan. Children who were starving brought sweet potatoes for Indira. They waved Japanese flags when she passed by.
>India signed a separate Peace Treaty with Japan in 1952. This Pundit Nehru felt, gave to Japan a proper position of honor and equality among the community of free nations. In that Peace Treaty, India waived all reparation claims against Japan.
>Indira died in 1983. It had watched over Japan’s recovery for over three decades as a true ambassador of peace.
>Addressing the departed friend, the Director of the Zoo said, “You came from a faraway country. It must have been so difficult for you to get used to this new country that became your home. And yet you brought cheer to so many, day after day, for so many years. You will never be forgotten. We pray for the peace of your soul.”
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>Abdul Sattar Edhi
>Born to a Muslim widow who becomes paralysed due to a stroke
>Can't afford any medical care for her so cares for her himself until she dies when he is 19
>Decides to help others in similar need
>Uses all his earnings for charity, restricts his possessions to two pairs of clothes
>Since his earnings aren't cutting it, stands on the streets and begs people for money
>buys an ambulance and learns how to drive it
>uses it ferry unclaimed corpses and give them a proper burial
>sets up cradles throughout the city for unwanted babies who he helps raise with his wife
>sets up the Edhi foundation and develops a network of ambulances, orphanages, dispenseries, women shelters and funeral homes to create the biggest charity organisation in Pakistan out of nothing
>marries a nurse working for him, chooses to donate all her jewelry to charity
>gets called an infidel for helping non-Muslims, retorts that his ambulance his more Muslim that his Islamist critics
>his 4 year old grandchild is doused in acid and boiling water by a mentally disturbed inmate causing his skin to come off before he dies. Concerned that the inmate would be brutalised in prison, he chooses to forgive her
>news show that Taliban plan to take him hostage to get prisoners released. Taliban issue clarification that they wouldn't dream of doing this
>suffers from renal failure, refuses to be sent abroad for treatment because he wants the same treatment the rest of the countrymen get
>on his death, the entire state and military leadership comes to pay respects along with 60000 people

Dude, stop
I don't wanna feel things
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>Taliban issue clarification that they wouldn't dream of doing this
File: 1524874777685.png (97 KB, 475x285)
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I believe it, remember the Taliban only like shooting 15 year old girls who want to get an education
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>a Sikh widow is taken as a second wife by a Hindu moneylender
>forced to have three abortions because the man doesn't want children from the second wife
>Puran Singh is born when his mother promises that her child wouldn't demand inheritance and would be raised Hindu
>Gets kicked out of school because no money
>Goes to a temple for shelter where he's made to sweep the floor by the Brahmin and then kicked out
>Goes to a Sikh temple where people working there provide him with food, water and a place to sleep without being asked
>Chooses to become a Sikh there and then, and lives his life as a volunteer
>Comes across a leper child that was abandoned as he was paralysed and severly autistic
>Adopts the child, takes care of all his needs from food to cleaning
>Goes around the streets with the child in a makeshift cart and begs people for money
>Notices that lepers are thrown out of their homes and left to fend for themselves
>Starts to take care of them, helps clean and feed those who can't do so themselves
>sleeps in railway stations, post offices or the streets
>Is unable to wash his long, unshorn hair for 18 years as he spends every waking moment caring for destitutes and invalids
>cleans streets and roads of garbage when he has time pic related
>sets up a house for abandoned invalids and takes care of all of them by himself
>adopts abanoned children
>finally gets recognition from society but refuses any government funding
>takes care of the first leperous child he adopted until the day he dies
>learns English and starts reading European philosophers and humanists
>starts a printing press to publish booklets asking people to care for the environment and give up social ills, distributes them for free
>a Sikh woman hearing of Puran Singh joins his cause
>Puran Singh adopts her as a daughter after seeing her dedication
>Inderjit Kaur inherits Puran Singh's foundation and chooses to remain single all her life to carry on her adoptive father's mission
File: Dawkins.jpg (63 KB, 948x1414)
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>funds international project to assist religious leaders who have lost their belief in the supernatural
File: 1510539980706.jpg (12 KB, 186x271)
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>Jeeta was too small then to miss his mother much and became attached to Bhagat. One night the boy's body felt abnormally warm to Puran Singh. He rushed Jeeta to the doctor. 'The doctor refused to administer Streptomycin to him, saying he was beyond the treatment stage.'
>'With a heavy heart, I watched him die a slow death. During his last three days, he did not get up from my lap. On the third day, as I tried to put him down, he uttered a single syllable, "Ugh", in protest, and then just stopped breathing. I broke down.'
>Bhagatji gave the boy his last bath and took him to the cremation ground. Before lighting the pyre, he cried again. 'I kept crying even as the fire raged. I did not leave till it died down completely,'Bhagatji recorded. 'I cried, saying, "Jeeta, look, I am not leaving you alone even now"'
>A few weeks later, Bhagat came across a paralysed boy lying on one of the platforms at the railway station. He lay covered in his own urine and faeces, flies buzzing all around him. He could not move at all. 'I picked him up and brought him to the dera, cleaned him up and named him "Kalu"
>The shelter was moved from the railway station to a broken down house that had no doors or windows, opposite the Hussainpur railway line. The sick would be put inside the room, while Bhagat and his sewadars would sleep outside. He personally prepared Kalu's bed, spreading a sheet over the ground. One evening, however, he was too tired and told Narain Singh to make Kalu's bed.
>'Perhaps he was careless in his job, for when I went to check on Kalu in the morning, the sheet was not under him and he was lying on the cold ground, shivering miserably. I rested his head on my lap and realized he was running high fever. I shouted for Narain Singh to light a fire to keep Kalu warm, but it did not help. Kalu too died in my lap within the next few hour'
>In his notes, he wrote, 'Every time one of my children died, I died with him.'

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