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For me, I look fine in the mirror, but if I see a photo of myself or a reversed reflection my body and face looks misshapen and twisted.
I used to spend hours just looking at pictures of me in disgust, the only thing that helped me get over it is that nobody noticed my imbalances, even when I pointed them out they said they were barely even there.
for me its the other way around. I think I look dyel as fuck in the mirror but okay in photos. dunno man
I guess I sort of have it (everyone must have some level of a distorted self image), but mine isn't bad and feels natural.

I try not to fixate on it
Sounds pretty weird OP. I wish you luck getting help with that.

And not that I dwell on it at all but the closest I come to think is thinking that my face is halfway handsome until I see myself in the mirror.
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I fixate on my bitchtits, makes me apprehensive about being a lifeguard with no shirt on all summer.

pretty sure i had a bit of it, which was getting kinda bad at one point before i got a grip on it

basically what i did to get rid of it was to cut out everything that led to fixation over how i look, first step was not standing around in front of mirrors or taking photos trying to spot all the flaws in my head

once i dropped some of the negative connotation to my body by not constantly looking at it and feeling shite about it, it was a lot easier to swallow the fact that nobody else stands around to look at you in the way you do, noticing shit like a pec gap or a vaguely bent nose

plus, actually gauging people's reactions to how i look in a non-cynical way and taking compliments at face value as they're meant to be (instead of interpreting them through the lens of my previously shitty self image) did a ton for my confidence
I wish I had body dysmorphia. I'm just fat and ugly. Nothing more to it.
There have actually been studies on this. People subconsciously prefer symmetry, and our brains are very good at picking up minor little asymmetrical imperfections (and subsequently deciding that a person is "unattractive" based on them) without even being consciously aware of it.
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Everybody have it to some extent, it's like listening to own voice recorded.
You perceive your reflected image as normal, while everybody else is used to your true image. There was a study where people had had multiple photos taken and then had to choose better one of the pair - unchanged vs. reflected. In that situation person photographed tends to point out reflected image as better, while friends and family are choosing the original one. It's perfectly normal, you just know better your reflection than yourself.

don't forget that others tend to see our beauty whilst we are vulnerable to fixation on our flaws
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remember, cameras have a way of distorting your face because of the lense. Also, you're used to seeing your face in a mirror, so seeing a picture of yourself seems weird subconsciously.
That's right, too.
Hating my face pretty much defined my life for the past few years (mostly at univeristy)
I'm still shakey at the moment. I go through down-spells where I get massive anxiety from it, but I'm learning to cope.

My face is lop-sided.
I cannot over-exaggerate too much about how much it controlled me. I've had surgery twice toplel.

Erm... The best way I can describe it:
Having BDD/body dysmorphia is like being allergic to your own image. And the "allergic reaction" is depression and anxiety. You see yourself in the mirror, or you imagine yourself in your head, and your mind goes into meltdown. I think describing it like that lets people know how automatic it is. At my worst, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my eyes start blacking out, like when you look at the sun. It is absolutely horrible.

It's a pathetic, embarrassing problem, I know. I'm ashamed to have it, but I've given the above description of what it's like above just if anyone is interested.

I cannot speak for other people who have had it, or who have had non-BDD related mental problems, but I think I hit the deep end during my worst periods of breakdown. Suicidal thoughts were common and not even leaving the house to get food (just surviving on coffee) was sometimes the situation when a down-spell lasted a week or so.
>from white to Jew in ten easy steps

I'll say a few more things just because the thread warrants it.

You get people who are anxious, and that's bad. And you get people who are depressed, and that's bad too, of course.
But I wonder (and this is just a theory) if my BDD, and perhaps other people's, was bad because BDD induces both anxiety and depression in a nasty mix.
Anxious people are anxious but they know that it is a mental problem they have; their anxiety isn't tied to something permanent that cannot be altered. Whilst I think the anxiety of a person wth BDD comes from them thinking that they are utterly repulsive and that being utterly repulsive will never change, and this leads them to become depressed.
Lots of depressed people are indeed depressed, but still often go to parties and the like, getting drunk etc. and hence seem to lack the anxiety.

So I wonder whether BDD induces a feeling sort of a halfway point between depression and anxiety.
that's just because you're not used to seeing your face in a non mirror reflection so it's not what you expect. do what you can to improve your looks, but beyond that try not to sweat it. its a waste of time to fixate on bullshit like that. Focus on things that matter, and will matter decades from now, and on things you can actually change
Top kek

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