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File: Ranma.½.600.341619.jpg (75.19 KB, 600x450)
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What ever this is called, what?
Ranma and one half?

This art looks so good, it makes me interested in it. Those color choices, the setting which isn't totally stupid.
Is the series worth a watch? I've heard it isn't, but now I'm checking with /a/ which is the /a/uthority of anime.
it is called "Naruto Bitches" as you can see by the center piece, is a piece of Naruto fish cake, the "bitches" is the name of the green leaves on the sides of Naruto Bitches.
Just watch it, who cares about /a/.
I don't know what's worst, the fact that you think /a/ is an authority or the fact that you aren't aware of the hatred of new people.

Just leave.
Also, akane and ranma get married in the end
You are a spoilering ass nigger.
And you are a newshit fuck, want me to spoiler some more, newshit? Lurk more.
"lurking" more will just get me more spoilers dumbshit
I know, and being obviously new will too, since /a/ is asshole elitism: the board.

isn't it wonderfull?
Such a dilemma anon, how about you just leave? Ask /b/ if it's good or something, ignorant shitstain.
I love the smell of newfag witch hunt in the night
Gets my dick hard
I remember one time there was this particularly mad newfag that was so obnoxious not even spoonfeeders liked him, we kept on making him get angrier and angrier, even shitposting the rec threads he made on /tv/ and /co/ i actually masturbated to that

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