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So a while ago I started playing/reading fate stay/night, and I can not for the life of me figure this out.
Why the hell does the status screen give things D&D style rankings and stats?
Is it ever used for anything?
I just saw "its maximum damage is 4000" and I really don't understand why it's presented like this.
It's extremely relevant to everything that happens. It's the basis of each servant's role and the outcomes of conflicts.

See: Saber surviving Gae Bolg.
It's supposed to make you think they mean something, and you will see endless threads filled with sperglords arguing over Nasuverse stats and rankings, but really they mean nothing at all. Nasu works by rule of cool. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.
So you won't forget what each servant has equipped and then bitch about "how did he do that?".
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It's just for fun Anon, relax a little.
Ah I figured it was like that, but it was so prevalent that I thought there might be something behind it.
E rank luckm
I remember my first time checking Fate Stay Night out.

>go into it expecting an RPG
>start the prologue
>spend an hour doing nothing but reading the setup of the story
>suddenly "we're being attacked!"
>find out that it's just more reading followed by flashes and sound effects

Aaand that was my first exposure to Japanese Visual Novels.
I assumed you'd at least get choices once every half an hour or so.
Nasu has autism.
I wouldn't really say it works by rule of cool, it generally obeys the rules it sets for itself.
Though it's clear that first a story is written, and then they add the silly stats.
Because Nasu is a /tg/fag and came up with this shit over a DnD game. It's actually pretty popular over there.

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