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So why does /a/ hate FMA, i quite enjoyed it. I know it's overrated but its still a good show.
Manga is better
We're supposed to watch obscure anime on /a/.
because it was on adult swim. THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES IT FAIL
"Hey, you remember FullMetal Alchemist?"

"The anime? Oh yeah, I really liked it"

"What was good about it?"


anything popular is hated on /a/, even though when it first aired it was loved by all.

see: elfen lied
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>see: everything.

Character design in OP looks dramatically different.
also see Gurren lagann
Hell, I thought it was great.
Even Lucky Star?
>So why does /a/ hate FMA
It aired on american television and became popular.
it was good

english script sucked

english VA was good
the story was decent till LOL DEAD PEOPLE = ALCHEMY
No, not Lucky Star.
missing a picture there, fag.
FMA was great, but /a/ sucks

Yeah, pretty much.

As for the dub, I thought the script was as strong as the voice acting. The lines read SO much better than the stilted "So-you-think-you've-seen-the-true-nature-of-my-Zanpakutou?" you typically get with this stuff. The acting was also pretty strong; Funimation has been pretty well off on that front for a while.

And as for the, ahem, big twists at the end of the anime, I personally felt that the rest of the series AND the actual ending of the series (FINALLY, a downbeat shonen end, I am so fucking sick of these stupid punks pulling out the power of love and friendship at the last second and magically beating an enemy who was mopping the floor with them up to that point) were so strong that it more than compensated for the relative absurdity of Robo-Archer and LOL ENGLAND LOL.

So yeah, I still enjoy FMA quite a bit. Easily one of the strongest shonen shows in recent history. I have never seen an anime so creatively re-use what seemed like one-shot characters to such awesome effect.
I liked it. It got a little preachy during times, but whatever.

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