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Hey /a/.
I've been reading manga on and off for a few years, but never really to get into it until lately, where I've found more interesting stuff than rehash shounen.
Could someone explain to me why are tropes and near exact narration schemes so prevalent in manga and anime ?
Is it because of the sheer number of each produced each year that it seems like it ? Is it because Japanese creators have a different approach to them than western ones have to comics/cartoons ?
Enlighten me please.
because you only read battle shounens
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Come on, someone must know, or at least have a theory.
>Could someone explain to me why are tropes and near exact narration schemes so prevalent in manga and anime ?
This is no more true for manga than it is for literally any other medium. That's what makes anything good in any form of entertainment stand out, if it's one of the few works that deviate from the norm.

That being said, sometimes the "norm" is what people want. There's no job security in risk taking, so the vast majority of entertainment producers churn out oft-used tropes because they know that's what people have responded to in the past. That's why there's a "pop" industry in music, and how Paramount justifies funding more Michael Bay movies, and why King can sell people more pallet swapped versions of Candy Crush.
Previously, yes. But you're just bullshiting if you say it's exclusive to that genre.
It's perfectly subjective of course, but it seems more present in manga than the 'cousin' industry I know better, european comics industry, for example.
More or less exclusive to Shounen and Shoujo manga in manga's case.

Not too surprising given the demographic
Even in Seinen, especially more thriller or horror themed ones, it's less about tropes, but the narrative schema is oftentimes very similar.
No not really

If you actively look for similar series you will find it but they tend to branch out of the norm often.
I must have been looking in the wrong places, then. I'll try harder.
American industry is dead though.
The only comic book serie I read was Punisher MAX, so I've actually no idea of it's state.
I promise you it's not. In fact cape-comics are probably worse at recycling tropes than manga.
If you were to compare comic industries

Euro = Seinen/Josei manga > non-cape comic American > Shounen/Shoujo manga > cape comics
Thanks for the explanation, people.
I guess I might as well ask for spoonfeeding now that I showed myself a retard.
Any interesting Seinen then ? Or Shoujo/Shounen that subverts/make fun of their tropes ?

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