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So Aria....

I watched a handful of the first season episodes and it was pretty good though I'm going to have to be in a certain mood to watch more.

My questions: Does the entire series pretty much retain the lazy slice of life pace? Also does the cast remain exclusively female? Do they ever go into more detail about the nature of the world or are viewers pretty much left to accept things the way they are?
If you don't like it by now, you won't.

But while we're at it, what was it with the fucking airships?
>viewers pretty much left to accept things the way they are
In the second half of season 2, there's a huge Undine race tournament with special moves and everything. Then the evil Undines show up and they ll have to join forces to defeat them.
I don't dislike it. But kind of knowing what to expect sort of influences my motivation to watch this over something else first. If things build up some later on, awesome. If things just stay pretty much constant to the first few episodes then okay I'll probably watch it in between other things.
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knights of cydonia - the animation
Aria's mostly the same from beginning to end.

And there are basically four male characters in Aria that are of any sort of importance - The Postman, Akatsuki, Woody and Al.

Otherwise girls take center stage.
things stay pretty constant. There are minor male side characters, but the main cast is all female.
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ara ara~
this is probably my favorite show.
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Oh wow, fukken saved, why would anyone even make such an image...
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best god damn show ever
Who's gonna buy the boxset? And where do you think they're gonna add the OVA? I think adding it to ORIGINATION would make more sense, as it's a smaller season than NATURAL.

ARIA the Campaign
No reason they can't have it as a stand alone release especially if they fill it with some free artwork or the like. Just need to keep to the sensible pricing range.
Hey I think i might download this.

Can you sum up why its good?
>>Who's gonna buy the boxset?

I'll be buying the box set. Shame about September 30th, but CrystalNova has been training us to wait.

You missed the memo. /a/ buys good deals.

You watch it when you're stressed. That's about it.
Fuck, subbed ep 09 and 10 have disappeared from the face of the earth
It's relaxing.

Watch it before bed, sleep well.
Greatest anime in the history
this, it also amplifies happiness

they're on BSS' bot
a plot needs some kind of conflict, doesn't have to be violence, but something has to move the story forward
There is conflict in Aria. Internal conflict - man against himself: Akari's effort to overcome her own inexperience and lack of self-confidence in order to achieve her goal of becoming a Prima. You won't be bludgeoned over the head with it, but it is there.

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