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File: Yorkshin_City_arc.jpg (2.46 MB, 3173x2117)
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Entire Phantom Troupe vs. Meruem and gaurds?

Also general HxH thread.
This is assuming you had Uvogin as well.
Pretty sure the only few that stand a chance are Feitan and Hisoka
Spiders would be obliterated.
Just Meruem then. Would anyone stand a chance?
Meruem is untouchable. Quwrof *might* have a skill that could harm the king but he's just too weak in comparison to let me believe that he could survive long enough. Meruem would just kill everything in a single hit, so people who need time like Phinks are useless and Feitan's damage reversal ability is also useless. And neither Hisoka nor Ubo wold be able to cause a scratch too, even if the latter is a master enhancer. Maybe the Spiders could find some kind of advantage if they could bind Meruem but only Hisoka and Machi could do that, and they'd need some kind of setup.
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Interesting. Why not Ja-Janken lol
If they had all the time in the world to plan, my guess would be the troupe. This is if its only vs the king. Teamwork with the use of some gimmicky nen abilities can put down anything. Who knows what chrollos got in his book? Combining a couple abilities combined with a plan could put the king in his place.

Just remember abilities like 'indoor fish' dont give a fuck about how durable your physical being is. I'm sure with some planning they could whip up a bullshit plan to kill the king.

If all 3 guards were there their ability stacking would be too stretched out to put any one individual down. Troupe members aren't the strongest but I believe they are when they work together.

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