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So I downloaded this after a link was posted here a few months ago, I then promptly forgot about it until today.

In which I read it all. I couldn't stop.

Holy crap this is fantastic.
got the download link?
Gimme a moment and I'll upload it all onto rapidshare.
I wanted to read it until I noticed that it's fucking huge. I don't like extremely long manga.

So what's so amazing about this?
what is this? slice of life comedy or hentai?
Slice of Life comedy about real estate(of all things.) The series struck home because I experienced the exact same shit not one year ago, when Socal's real estate bubble imploded. The male lead is a douchebag, decent series overall though.
Read it too, probably from the same thread. Good times.
It's from the early/mid eighties isn't it?
>Slice of Life comedy
all i need to know. cannot wait for the rapidshare link
It's just a very well down romance, with a lot of character development.

The part I like best, probably, is that after the couple hooks up, they don't just stop the story. They continue on and show the difficulties they have to go through for quite a bit of time afterwards.
I've just lost the game : (
Wow, someone besides me actually read and liked it?
Every time it popped up on /a/ Anon said he hated it.
Wasn't there a daily chapter thread of this series here on /a/ before?
I'm pissed. I'm stuck at 83% of the whole thing and no one is seeding.

Eh,we all know that /a/ dosn't actually hate anything, they just say it to be cool
Don't worry, I'll be uploading a rar soon.
Yeah, but newfags saged it.
File: 1210360123100.jpg (220 KB, 747x1100)
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The series needed more Nanba-service.

The whole thing was already on /rs/.

File: 1210360604983.jpg (134 KB, 744x1100)
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