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What opinion has /a/ about MPD Psycho?
Look like persona 3.
i liked it. Better than Death note.
/a/ does'nt read good manga. MPD is like deathnote done right
It's like DN yeah if you mean that the manga turns to shit in the 2nd half.
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Jojo 4 is deathnote done right
Code Geass is Death Note done wrong.
This anon is spot on. MPD has an interesting premise and the earlier volumes were a joy to read but I think the author overdid himself when the main character started to switch bodies or something IIRC. It got too weird from there onwards.

He should stick to the original premise: a detective-like thriller.
I think I stopped somewhere around volume 8. It was pretty good, but I was cirtainly past the tipping point and was starting to tank. It was only good to stick around for that whole thing with the plane for how rediculous it was.
Better than 98% of the shit /a/ reads
/a/ reads manga? There's hardly any threads about manga, ever.

I see a few right now.

Mainly bleach,JOJO & soul eater.
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I enjoy it.
Other than Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, JoJo, and the manga of the week, which now it's Mx0 because of it being cancelled and Soul Eater because it's running.
I stopped around there as well. It's a great manga, but the plot is VERY hard to follow and too confusing for my tastes.
vinland saga naruto/bleach
I did an Eden thread.

Nobody knew what it was
One of those fun series you have to read more than once to actually figure out the plot for.

Also, I want that shirt with the tit on it the one kid in the hostage bombing thing has.
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"Nobody reads manga" my ass.
Sad day.

To everyone reading this and in want of a good manga to read: take a look at anything that was published in Afternoon, they're a great Seinen magazine that has a stellar catalogue.

Examples of stuff published in Afternoon
Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko
Eden: It's an Endless World
Ookiku Furikabutte

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