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Great fanfic or greatest fanfic?

"It was raining in Lost Noches. The Alancars gathered around a fire that Aize-sama had ordered someother Alancar to make tea over. The water came from the rain. Like tears. Coz there's no water in Lost Noches. "It's time" said Ulkira "for us to take the princess" "no" said Grimmjaw "i wanna have Aize-sama's tea instead" he said sarcastically. "shut up" said Tousen. he couldn't see da fire coz he was blind. It was sad really. Aize-sama was all "go get the princess coz only she can reform soul society". Ulkira nodded sadly. "Oh my god I have to waste tiem on da trash princess" "don't speak to Aize-sama dat way" said Tyousen. And then Gin giggled.

"I like the tea" said Gin."

what the shit?
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I lol'd.
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Happy Cirno de Mayo!
It gets worse. Or better, depending.
"Ulkira gasp "oh she's so just beautiful" and Grimmjaw "lets rape her now" and she was in sunlight and her blond hair sparkled and her eyes where misty blue and when she move her boobs elouqently jiggle. "her butt is cute" say Szayel "i want to expriment on it to see its affects on espada" "shut up" said Ulkira "she is divine if u touch her i'll eat you".

"I know of a tea shop" said Gracey Lou Mist Doe Kurosaki politely always willing to help when she heard Gin say "I can take u its not far"

"yes princess plz take us please please pleeeaaase" said Ulkira and then CRASH!!1 BANG!!11 BOOM!! KAPOW!!1 while everyone was lookin at da princess the Wonderweiss was crashed by car and it died. And Touser hit the ground angerily and Gin giggled.

"Fuck the traffic, let's get tea" said Gin "
Me: You're gonna fall in luv with my best friend ok?


Me: Shut up. You like Gracey Lou Kurosaki.

Ichigo: but she's my sistyer ... o.o

Me: Yup! -
this has to be the most painful thing i've read in years.

a win for the internet?
thread makes me lol.

silly Japs and their xenophobia.

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