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So /a/, I just finished watching this show and thought that overall it was pretty good. Why haven't I heard of it? Am I that far behind the times? I hope they make more someday.
its fucking pokemon with lightsabers
i lasted 2 episodes before the shit character designs, shit story, shit characters and shit fighting done me in. Other then that i thought it was great.
people actually watched this?
It made me think of a mix of Shaman King and Pokemon. It's quality went up and down with amsome and shit moment though.
the show was utter shit, but the last episode was unbelievably freaking awesome. people should just go watch the last episode.
Considering it was made to promote a card game it was damn good. It also gets cudos for only one episode of filler out of fifty two episodes. Roya or whatever her name was was annoying as hell though.

Just like Shaman King is the retarded son of Jojo, this is Pokemon's illegitimate black stepchild
Noah was a bitch. He started pretty awesome and then became a massive dick on two legs.
i liked it
It was good, but it could of been better. It felt really disjointed, like the characters and places didn't all fit. Perhaps its because all the territories were so radically different from one another.
Well i am glad to see that i wasn't missing anything when i decided this show was shit. It seams it doesn't get any better beyond ep 2 until the last episode.
i loved the last episode when they were playing the full version of the ED song while showing the aftermath of the resolution of the show.

and that was the only thing i liked.
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897 bytes PNG
Zeto's mom
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<----- only good character in the series
BTW the series was SHIT
I don't even know why i watched the whole thing.

Kiba made me realize Bleach isn't the worse shonen ever

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