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Good day /a/. Please help me remember the name of a manga I read ages ago. It's about a time where pure japanese people (or something like that) were almost extinct, and this boy was one of them. The government (or some science group) keeps close watch to him and sent an athletic,military girl to accompany him as he was sheltered all his life, and they want him to live normally (and continue the race). They fall in love with each other after a lot of shit went down.I think it has a flower in its name,though I'm not so sure.Thank you
Please /a/,someone else must have read this before
Sounds like something I'd read but I have no clue. Do you remember something that could potentially be in the title?
I think a flower or a color is in the name,along with "days",though I'm not even sure about that
The girl was tsundere
oh shit never mind,I actually found it
it's sakura sakura (morishige)
The closest thing I can think of is Sakura Sakura, but the main girl felt more Ojou-sama to me than military, unless you're thinking of the 2nd girl.
Well, this is a surprise. Have a nice day OP.

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