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Just finished this and am I the only one who thought the show got worse after he was killed off? Kano was dull and generic in comparison.
>Kano was dull and generic in comparison.
Don't really agree that he's 'generic' -- it's just that Yoshii was an easier character to understand, and he was obviously more charismatic and endearing.

I honestly don't think anybody has delved into Kano enough when discussing this show (i.e, unpacking his statements and rambling), which is certainly helped by the unfortunate lack of elaboration on the Class when it comes down to it.
>which is certainly helped
*certainly isn't helped

I forgot to add that I think that view is pretty common along a lot of people that watch the show.
And then everyone was plants.
What the hell was Yoshii even trying to do?
Yeah, that was a major gripe of mine. When they go upstairs and we see just how "boring" life is compared to underground, we don't have much to compare with. The atmosphere of the show, in general, made it hard to differentiate.
He just wanted to feel alive.
>we don't have much to compare with
Apart from the frequent blood sports, spectacles, group-driven ideologies and egos that run rampant underground -- the very stuff that got them banished to the underground in the first place?
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Yoshii was the failed messiah

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