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File: Holyland_v02_c016_p105.png (365.36 KB, 805x1200)
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How's your 1-2 punch, /a/?
Holyland thread
>Which fight was the best?
>Why does everyone become a bro after getting their ass kicked and who was the best friend character?
>Is an MC still a pussy if he's terrified of the main girl but beats the shit out of thugs all night?
>How's your street fighting career coming along anon?
Not your I box blog!
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p106.png (240.87 KB, 807x1200)
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I'll dump a little bit of Ch. 16 since I know Holyland isn't super popular. Shouldn't be any spoilers.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p107.png (170.39 KB, 814x1200)
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170.39 KB PNG
One of my favorite parts of Holyland is the pseudo-realism of it. Weapons will fuck you up.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p108.png (264.04 KB, 745x1200)
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264.04 KB PNG
Remember, don't try this at home.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p109.png (279.22 KB, 821x1200)
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279.22 KB PNG
Typically in knife-related deaths, the victim will have wounds all over the hand and wrist area because they were trying to habitually defend themselves. Knives are sharp, don't try to grab them unless you're Shirou.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p110.png (320.60 KB, 742x1200)
320.60 KB
320.60 KB PNG
Anybody reading? I'll finish out the chapter regardless.
This chapter must have ended in many dead otaku wannabe thug crushers. What was MC called? something crusher? Been awhile.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p111.png (302.92 KB, 824x1200)
302.92 KB
302.92 KB PNG
Author-kun agrees, don't try to grab knives.

More than likely it just got some people's asses kicked. Even thugs feel bad for an otaku who wants to man up.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p112.png (296.01 KB, 739x1200)
296.01 KB
296.01 KB PNG
Sadly, people don't line up and fight you one-on-one. Unless plot shit happens like in Holyland, then they totally fight you one-on-one.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p113.png (320.94 KB, 809x1200)
320.94 KB
320.94 KB PNG
The author seems pretty hard-set on a jab being used solely for blinding someone, but I don't know the truth in that. Anyone who knows about boxing know?
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p114.png (286.83 KB, 742x1200)
286.83 KB
286.83 KB PNG
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p115.png (308.23 KB, 816x1200)
308.23 KB
308.23 KB PNG
I've heard it said before that the point of throwing a punch is to hit someone in the back of the head, which usually just means following through on punches. Rabbit punches are pretty dangerous.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p116.png (238.64 KB, 823x1200)
238.64 KB
238.64 KB PNG
For some background, the MC is a horribly bullied boy who dropped out because of the intensity of his bullying. He picks himself up by the bootstraps and starts teaching himself boxing and catching the people who bully others at night off guard with his weak looks but surprising strength.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p117.png (217.56 KB, 808x1200)
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217.56 KB PNG
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p118.png (268.35 KB, 763x1200)
268.35 KB
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File: Holyland_v02_c016_p119.png (259.19 KB, 819x1200)
259.19 KB
259.19 KB PNG
By the end of the story there are several different martial arts being practiced. There's even some MMA fighters who wreck shop. It goes into detail about the different fighting styles and how they interact with each other, so it's kind of a martial arts manga in the truest sense of the word.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p120.png (269.86 KB, 819x1200)
269.86 KB
269.86 KB PNG
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p121.png (275.86 KB, 817x1200)
275.86 KB
275.86 KB PNG
Running away is usually the best thing to do in pretty much every situation. Shinji had it all wrong.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p122.png (274.13 KB, 816x1200)
274.13 KB
274.13 KB PNG
They're not gay, I promise.
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p123.png (319.27 KB, 819x1200)
319.27 KB
319.27 KB PNG
File: Holyland_v02_c016_p124.png (226.29 KB, 816x1200)
226.29 KB
226.29 KB PNG
Holyland's a pretty good manga if you can get past the rough art. It's mostly about the martial arts themselves with the plot being an excuse to have different kinds of fighters fight each other, but there's a decent plot wrapped up in there towards the end. Lot of friend characters who actually do stuff and contribute to things. It's great if you're looking for a story about martial arts with a semi-realistic approach or an inspirational story with a lot of character growth.
Art is pretty good sans nose.
You read the author's other works? I have only read Destroy and Revolution and oh boy it is corny as hell.
I this worth my reading?

I like Suicide island BTW
It's pretty good. The psychological element is less focused on, but it's still there if that's what you're into about Suicide Island.
I've boxed for a couple of years. A jab takes less energy and is generally quicker than a straight, and thus is thrown more often. I wouldn't comment on power because a well thrown jab with proper foot work will hurt more than a poorly executed straight, and vice versa. Either way, both are more than capable of a knock out or fatal strike. That being said, for someone who's just starting the right will generally be a more powerful punch.

But this dude switched stances in the first chapter 9 so you apply those rules to both fists depending on which foot is leading.

A fun way of describing it is a cardiovascular-intensive combination of DDR and Chess, except you try to kill your opponent.
im one of those people that start practising muay thai after reading it, really like it, good figths and a nice inspirational story, made want to try hard to become good at something

Go read Suicide Island right now.

Every single one of his MC's is Shinji.
Yeah it is on my backlog. It seemed to similar to Cage of Eden which I dropped but I do like the scenario as Battle Royale and some others can pull it off. I will probably check it out after finishing some series I am current re-reading.

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