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Does she come back for him? Why did she leave him? Do they get married? please my hear can't take this /a/ ;_;
Coming from somebody who loves this series (I have seen the subs twice and the English dub once) I can tell you that Taiga left without warning to go live with her mother and sort out their bad relationship, but then comes back a year later to continue on with Ryuji for the rest of her schooling. Also, if you consider the Toradora PSP game to be canon, which you should imho, then you find out that Ryuji impregnates Taiga with triplets. So I would assume that at some point the two got married. But find solace in the fact that Taiga and Ryuji finished their schooling together at the very least. But seriously, it can be assumed that they marry and have children together.
did they fug in the grandparents house? Did Ryuuji go to fucking college or are they poor for the rest of their lives?
I haven't finished my own personal playthrough of the PSP game quite yet (though it is sitting on the back-burner), but it was implied in fact that no, they did not fug.
>Couldn't get with the mother in the PSP

So close. So much anger.
finish the whole episode you piece of shit

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