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>a good stunning start/beginning *o* but a little usual that intense gore u see at the first moments in a horror movie...

>typical opening nothing new loud screaming noise + faces n people walking on water plus some sun n sky landscapes ...

>the art.. i like it tho it's quite usual but a little detailed more *-* ...

>the blood scenes look shit -.- no deepness or bevel or emboss

>animation in the street scene is shitty..

>face expressions are the most noticeable things in the animation they're done well :v

>pacing going well so far..

>dub-step soundtrack xD

>weird, where are all the people ? why are the streets empty . _ . ....

>ending isn't quite well set-up up cuz no intense scenes or motivation or something that gets u attached to wait for the next ep except the story itself...

>gore scene aren't quite that 'gor'y ...

>the sight of blood still looks like Ketchup , _ , neither bevel nor emboss ..

>nothing to say abt the characters ... typical characters in the first ep..

>Did i miss anything ? oh, the flying dog shit .. wasn't explained well but what do u expect from the 5th anime this season that starts with a boob grab...

Overall : 4/10
holy shit, its like im really on mal
what the fuck....
MAL please leave
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File: 1412635544887.jpg (119.66 KB, 440x626)
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Why don't you just say you found the episode mediocre? Or is there a gargantuan difference between a 4/10 and a 3/10 or 5/10?

Also >>>/mal/ or your blog, you fucking autist.
File: A (2).jpg (78.82 KB, 500x375)
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Wow, you really, really tried your hardest to sound clever and erudite.
Too bad you failed so miserably.
i need to explain why ffs u fucking dumbass so stupid bitches won't come saying why how what .... and it's a very detailed scale so give it whatever u want it doesn't matter the point is clear the ep was mediocre, why are u questioning the source instead of the idea itself... stupid fuck
File: 1406409889652.png (49.20 KB, 604x453)
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>u see
>sun n sky
>up cuz no
>gets u attached
>say abt the
>what do u expect
More Gaia than MAL, possibly trolling.
Fuck off Newfag.
File: get out.jpg (3.19 KB, 192x137)
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3.19 KB JPG
Are you shitting us?
File: 1406905517172.jpg (76.61 KB, 960x639)
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76.61 KB JPG
>it's a very detailed scale
Can't wait for the based parasyte Tamura.
I can't believed they're ripping tokyo ghoul off THIS soon
But they're not. A co-existing theme isn't TG's invention.
And the sky and the sea in the OP, well you have at least 1 show with it every sdeason lately. Seriously, what's up with it?
This has to be b8.
Kiseijuu is an award-winning classic manga, and the anime had nothing significant to complain about, so if you disliked it that means you just don't have interest in this type of story, or you're shitposting/trolling (episode 001? really?), or you're just an idiot who can't comprehend what you like.
Oh man, I still remember the first time I nervously jacked off to that one doujin.

You know which one.

She's so mysteriously arousing.

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