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>tfw no qt4.13 space elven girlfriend to go on an adventure with
Godfuckingdammit. 4th season where.
Abh and their race-traitor puppets need to be exterminated.
She clearly wants his dick, obviously.
Fucking be a man, dude, your princess wants a fuck!
Abh were just humans genetically engineered for long range space travel and frontier expansion that ended up becoming a race of their own.

Wanting to commit genocide on Abh is the same as wanting to commit genocide on any other human race derivative.
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I-I went for a hug in episode 40 something. Pretty balsy, aight?
I saw this years ago, but seems to go by different names each season. Anyone know what the name of the overarching series is called? I wanna find a batch.
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He could have at least fucked the other girl, if not the princess.
I love this series.

It has not only the most comfy slow parts but great action and space battles.
I absolutely loved it, one of my favourite shows, especially the first season. Their relationshp and interruction is like a better, space Spice & Wolf. The best arc is them being stranded on that planet where she has to play human with him.
>*their interraction
I'm pretty sure they even held hands at the end of the OVA.
Except that retarded fight at the end.
The one with the graves-spaceships?
>I'm pretty sure they even held hands at the end of the OVA.
I'm pretty sure they didn't. Handholdings are my fetish so I would have noticed. Also I've finished rewatching this just now and
>I wir becom his word and wir make khim wan wrad
the gratitious engrish makes it even better. Hngh.
Mines... Fucking MINES.
He probably means the shooting action with the soldiers in the last episode. I agree that two kids beating hordes of trained armymans while riding a pony wasn't one of the highlights of the show, that's for sure.
Should I watch Tanjou (the one ep OVA) before I start this series, or just go fuck it and jump into the first 13 eps?
It worked best for me when watched after the first season.
I guess I'll go with that, I mean, how much content can they cover in 25 minutes.
The short haired one that was a batshit crazy pilot and "hated" his cat? No way in hell would either of them piss off Lafiel that way. They'd end up in their own little space coffin on a direct course for the nearest star.

This. You need to get a handle on Abh dialogue before you watch that one. They hold very odd conversations.

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