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>I can't understand what's going on
>I can't read the situation
>I can't grasp the concept of someone not thinking straight when they're in a dire situation thus making questionable decisions
>I can't into subtlety
>I can't into imagery
>I can't into symbolism
>I can't stop jumping to conclusion

>I'll just brush off my inability to understand story-telling with "HURRR DURRRR SHIT WRITING"

Why are you always like this, /a/?
>>I can understand what's going on
>>I can read the situation
>>I can grasp the concept of someone not thinking straight when they're in a dire situation thus making questionable decisions
>>I can into subtlety, imagery, and symbolism
>>I can stop jumping to conclusion

There's this GINORMOUS difference between "story-telling"and "HURRR DURRRR SHIT WRITING." But that line is blurred because "[Amazon's] What's Selling and Pre-ordering Like A Mother Fucker" lists and "Japan's duds are popular everywhere else."

AND. /a/ HATES opinions.
Because around here you can't have fun without pissing in anyone's cornflakes.
If you enjoy some anime you're a newfag with low power level who can't see how shitty it is and your enjoyment is objectively wrong a.k.a /a/'s famous fun-things-aren't-really-fun principle.
Also if your anime sells well it's shit because it caters to masses/lowest common denominator and Japan has shit taste. On the other hand if your anime sells badly it's shit too because no one wants to buy it. Mediocre sales don't mean masterpiece either.
Whoever wrote anime you enjoy is a talentless hack who wouldn't recognize good writing even if it jumped from the bush and bit his ankle.
Never forget to look for high literary values in mass produced entertainment for teens and young adults and don't be afraid to present your opinions as irrefutable facts.
Attack anyone who disagrees. Best kind of argument is 'It's shit because I said so'.
That's how we do things around here.
File: 1330846931608.png (107.81 KB, 800x800)
107.81 KB
107.81 KB PNG
>Never forget to look for high literary values in mass produced entertainment for teens and young adults
This one's my favorite.
>in anime
Doesn't exist
>fun-things-aren't-really-fun principle

Isn't that /v/'s?
File: Recettear-Capitalism.png (161.76 KB, 482x600)
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161.76 KB PNG
OP, outbreak was kinda just there for us to laugh and wank at. Although the school scenes were worth it by themselves.
>H-how dare a plethora of people enjoy this piece of shit [Animu] which my distaste for has been enhanced by predetermined opinions because I dislike this particular genre
>Too .. much .. hatred .. I have to make a thread on /a/ to let everyone know how shitty [Animu] is
>"wtf did I just watch? I can't believe people are calling this overrated piece of shit AOTY cus muh X and muh Y shit writing masked behind pretty animation by a hack author grrrr"

It is what it is.
Sweet meta thread bro.

Not had one of these before.
Because /a/ is generally being flooded by meta threads, stop trying to fit in and go shit up some other thread.
Go bitch about it on /q/

Oh wait
File: this guy.jpg (52.60 KB, 944x329)
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52.60 KB JPG
>people having a problem with /a/ being /a/

S2 never
File: this thread..png (1.58 MB, 1366x768)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
>Muh feelings
Christ how do you people even browse here? No matter how good or shit the anime is there is always going to be someone disagreeing with you but the bonus side you may have someone agreeing with you unless the Anime is pure dogshit and almost universally hated here.

Plus this, I loved outbreak but I knew what it was, it was crap but it was good crap. Pic related will always have a place in my heart because it was just like /a/.
File: Opinion.jpg (261.86 KB, 800x800)
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261.86 KB JPG
File: AM tells you about HATE.gif (209.20 KB, 450x340)
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209.20 KB GIF
>Japan's duds are popular everywhere else.
>instead of expanding the market, we'll make efforts to surpress fansubs and piracy.
mfw Japanese businessmen
But everything in the recent seasons has been shit, no matter how you look at it.
Just off the top of my head but Nozaki-kun was great.
/a/ is my favorite shitposting board
And also, people here will relentlessly shit on popular shows, regardless of the quality or even if the person doing the shitting actually enjoys it, because being positive about popular things will undoubtedly make the dreaded new/normal/tubmlr/gaia fags move in here and shit the board.
You're missing the point. It's not about "muh feelings", it's about people brushing off their inability to pay attention to a story as "SHIT WRITING".
>dreaded new/normal/tubmlr/gaia fags
Are you implying those fags are okay?
Ok, I won't downplay Barakamon,Sore Demo, Kawaisou, or Nozaki...but the remainder was shit
And then come the "How many anons do you think have died?" threads and everyone is sucking each other's dicks.
that's just 4chan in general.
people get mad at things. for some it's to annoy the fans, and the ones that actually like the stuff see the flaws and blow them out of proportion because they wish it'd fix it and make the thing even better.

If something is actually bad, there's one thread about it, and one every month with "huh what happened to X".
Mushishi and Ping Pong.
No, Im saying that being positive about something popular won't magically make those kinds of people come here.
>not everything that's happening in the story is said out loud
Was a shitty meta thread really necessary simply because people didn't like this subpar show?
Or maybe, just maybe, reaction pic isn't always related to the post.
in my experience i've always been the only, everyone else is always questioning how the writing make no sense when it makes perfectly understandable to me. If it get's to the point where it's get's so incoherent, it's just funny, or obviously self aware, although the in-between usually shows that even if the writing isn't hurting the show for me, the show itself tends to just be plain bad regardless of how i'll always make sense of it

people tend to hate me for this and insist I'm to stupid to recognize bad writing
So it's just another worthless meta thread made thousands of times already by special snowflakes. Gotcha.
welp, it doesn't help that I didn't edit that before posting
File: images.png (2.82 KB, 304x166)
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2.82 KB PNG
No, but being bitter and negative keeps them away when they do come here. Or at least keeps them lurking before posting for some amount of time. But it no longer matters. The tide of newfaggotry can't be held back.
>There are hidden depths to this show no one but me can appreciate and there's no chance this show is just badly written.
Sometimes they'll go a step further and defend their inattentiveness with "it's the shows fault for not being interesting enough to pay attention to".

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