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I've been looking through some of the /a/ recommendation lists and I'm surprised by the fact that Black Lagoon is on so many of them. Not only that, but it's also on many of the elitist/enlightenment lists too.

How come? True, it's fun series with cool characters and kickass action but is it just does it seem to fit together with stuff like Monster, Nausicaa or Akira. I know people enjoy it, but why is it considered that "good"?
How is Akira's movie any better than Black Lagoon?
The anime cut a lot and simplified the story, read the manga, it's awesome.
I have, it's one of my favorites.
JoJo is a bog-standard battle shonen once you get over the novelty of all the characters being flamboyant men.
It shouldn't be, but any chart/list is going to be polluted with bias. For example, the posted chart has a few I could pick a bone with.
I dunno, I think Black Lagoon proves that a manga/anime can actually be fun and action-focused and still be really good. It mixes introspective, dark, action and humorous elements very well.
Because Revy is best girl
She's honestly a very interesting character. She's tough and bad ass but also learns to confront her own hypocrisy and way of thinking she artificially tried to attribute to herself.
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This. It probably isn't the most sophisticated thing out there, but it does the things it wants to do well.
No reason for it not to be mentioned in those charts.
It all boils down to opinions anyway.
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Because its fun.
If I want DEEP I read a book.
But battle shonen can be fun as well. But no one puts them on those lists.
I find kids who get stronger by screaming really loud just stupid, not fun.
Black Lagoon is like a compressed 80s action movie, in every episode.
That's why I think she's the best of them all. Roberta or Balalaika might be stronger, hotter, whatever but there's just so much more to Revy than that.
Taiwan girl
The taiwanese people claim that they are china
Because Roberta is the best girl. And to me most interesting.

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