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>Kids get superpowers out of nowhere
>Figuring things out
>Watch first ep this might be fun
>Second episode
>Half of the episode is about moonrunes and all the billion ways you can read them
>Suddenly I'm watching Nichijou again
>Rest of the episode is highschool shipping complete with blushing tsundere
>There are ebola patients in africa that shit better scripts than this
Nice thread.
I found the idea cute but the execution wasn't really the best, maybe giving it another episode for trial and seeing how is going.
Also I'm not really liking the harem bullshit because it makes no sense.
/pol/ pls
>>Suddenly I'm watching Nichijou again
Well, it is in the title.
>watch Black Lagoon
>No black lagoon in sight
>I want my money back
I hated this episode too, but I'll give it one more.

Unlike Amagi Brilliant Part, that one I dropped already.
File: get out.gif (39.98 KB, 300x365)
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>power level not being high enough to detect if it is shit from the first episode
I'm still going to watch it to the end unless they seriously fuck shit up.

The character designs are just too good to pass up.
We will probably never seem them using their powers again and it will be just generic harem.
>Unlike Amagi Brilliant Part, that one I dropped already.
shit taste
the premise sounds fun
The show revolves around the members of Black Lagoon.
ITT: Shit La Shit Kiddies expecting le ebig explosions.

LWA > Inou battle >>>>>>>> shit >>>>> KLK
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>>There are ebola patients in africa that shit better scripts than this

>Dropping Kanye West gets bitches and punches mascots: The anime
It's like you hate fun. And ass.

Why do you hate fun? And ass?
nobody was expecting something like KLK or LWA because those were original and this is an adaptation
fucking kill yourself
Nice blog, faggit.

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