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My buddy got me DBZ Kai on blu-ray.

I have fond memories of watching the original years ago. What are the differences between the two?
Basically just DBZ with a lot of the standing around doing nothing cut out, and the filler episodes cut out

Other than a few classic filler episodes like Goku getting his driver's license, Kai is superior in just about every single way.

Why? They cut out the bullshit where people gain power for three episodes and a lot of the unnecessary exposition.
Best way to take in the show really.

It has the blood and swearing and it cuts the content in half by removing the bullshit.
It's DBZ with the pacing fixed, so it's decent
>hey cut out the bullshit where people gain power for three episodes
Well, the original Z also cut that because, you know, that never happened.
DBZ as an anime series has aged pretty terribly, amazingly enough the manga still stands up.

Kai is better than the original though by a large amount.

For an example, Piccolo charged his special beam canon for two episodes before firing it off in the original series, in Kai, fucker shoots it twice in one episode.

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