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/a/, I need your help.

I just bought a 42" TV, until now I had a laptop connected to a small monitor, but now I want to use that TV to watch my chinese cartoons, for practicalities I think is better to have a home theater pc or something like that.

Thanks to hi10p I can't just buy a shitty raspberrypi, so I'm think in a Intel NCU i3, but it gets closer to EUR300 with HHD and everything. is there any other cheap solution?

boku no pico
>/a/ - Tech Support

You should buy a boku XD
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Yep. That was my plan all along. To miss it by one.
Eye lmao
No need for an htpc in 2014. Buy a $30 Chromecast or similar streaming stick if you prefer, and set up Plex on your media server. I use Plex on a $160 Asus Chromebox (similar to a NUC except comes fully furnished and with chromeos pre-installed). It was very easy to install a proper Linux OS, and even though it's just a puny little celeron, it has sufficient power to realtime transcode 720p 10bit anime encodes and stream them to my Chromecast with Plex. 1080p 10bit also works, but I suspect it is dropping frames in high motion scenes to keep up (can't really perceive this though, just a guess).
>Getting a media-box that isn't going to be HEVC ready
thanks for the response, i read somewhere that chromecast could be a bit laggy (dropping frames) even with just h264 because ... i don't remember, just streaming is bad and lags sometimes, so I just dropped the idea and thought of getting a htpc.
what about h265? would a i3 be able to decode 1080p h265?
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Is this the fun thread?
More like the lunch thread.

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