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so, sword art online was reccomended to me by a few folks on this board, and I took a gander last night and really enjoyed it! blew through 9 episodes back to back but then it was 4am and I need to go to work today (posting from work) so I had to stop

so... there was this character who had like a pet lizard that died and the main guy helped her bring it back to life. but regarding the lizard owning character specifically; reminded me of a character from another anime

this seems like a common stock character of sorts; is there a formal term for a short and busty girl with shortish light brown (almost orange) hair? theyre hella cute (pic related from different anime)

and I guess sword art online general
I couldn't read all that uncapitalized and rambling crap.

So, this is probably a rec thread, so go watch boku no pico.
You should also try Boku no Pico.
>so, sword art online was reccomended to me by a few folks on this board
yea it was brah
Trying too hard.
for a messageboard about a fun and cute topic, yall are surprisingly hostile

its like going to the lolcats forum and discovering everyone is militantly anti semetic or something

come on, I know there are some decent folks on here who arent self important elitists who deign to speak to the uninitiated

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