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This is a normal Oreimo thread.
I'm not inciting anything. I don't give a fuck if anyone posts in the threads or not. They often fall off the board without many replies.
What you're asking me to do would still be very limited. I don't feel like making a new prose every time and the amount of ideal pictures is also small. It would be several threads to rotate, but would ultimately be the same thing.
You can't complain about them being deleted then. Your threads are unnecessary.
As is the case with many other threads which are ignored. And that's what bothers me. Special treatment because of preferences. Also, when something productive actually happens in the threads and people are having a sensible discussion about the series, it gets interrupted just because of the fact that someone he doesn't like made the thread. That is just rude to those people.
Dude why should I give the slightest shit about your tripfaggotry drama like for real dawg why don't you eat a dick? You's a bitch anyway. I bet you even suck dick. Like who does this kind of sht? "hey guys look at this log of shit nobody is going to tracke back between threads". For real dawg this shit's mad gay get real.
It's not special treatment, every single "daily x" thread should be deleted immediately. It's why I never bump your threads and try not to start discussions. Your thread is inherently unproductive, which is what the mod meant with "If you want to talk about Oreimo make a normal thread like everyone else".
Do you think "what the fuck did I just watch" makes a thread productive? The original post rarely has influence over what goes in the entire thread. The people who post in threads, in any threads, are what makes them productive or not. If you want me to use VPN and samefag a discussion to make it productive myself, then sorry, but I can't be assed to do that.
Another thing is that the board has much bigger problems than a couple people posting short-lived threads, and that's the 15 or so generals that I see in NEET right now.
The "what the fuck did I just watch" are just as stupid as the daily threads. Your threads are the proof that the OP does have a big influence, while most "normal" Oreimo threads get 100+ replies and often live for 20+ hours it's incredibly rare that your threads get past 40 posts (and those 40 posts are shitposts almost all of the time). Nobody wants you to samefag, just understand why they are getting deleted.

I agree but that doesn't mean it's all right for you to make these threads.
This is not a forum. If people don't reply ie when the thread is not "productive", the thread gets pruned automatically.
>those 40 posts are shitposts almost all the time
You have a very strange definition of a shitpost. Let's look at say 3 threads before this conversation started. So 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October. Please, do link the shitposts.
Oh, the dates are in JST, so just subtract one day.

That's the thread you complained about getting deleted, one of the rare examples with an actual discussion about the series.
2 posts.
"X a best" with a tiny bit explaining at the very end.
A generic question with 3 answers.
Again, utterly unproductive.

Even threads with stupid OPs like >>115146340 or >>115190079 are far better qualitywise.
Wait, let me get this straight. "X a best" and talking about fetishes is bad? It really sounds like you have a fundamental problem with whole /a/.
Now, to retort, number 2 was deleted. I really don't see the problem with number 3. If you do, refer to the first two sentences. You could find posts like that in any thread right now. 4 underwent natural selection, as mentioned earlier. Inactive threads deal with themselves. 5 has opinion, insult and /a/non wanting to fuck his sister. You can't blame him. 6 is same as 3, also deleted.

It seems we have a totally different view, I consider a thread great when there's a lasting discussion about characters/themes/implications, good when there are bits and pieces of discussion or anons explaining things and decent when I (only) get to spend time with fellow Oreimo/Kirinofans, for example people
dumping images. Just because a thread is alive doesn't mean it's good (in my opinion). People simply talking about their preferences without any reasoning is shitposting to me, just like people talking about their fetishes or sisters. I could have picked almost any of your other threads, it's almost always the same.

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