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I enjoyed watching this anime, does that mean that I'm not elite enough to be a part of this super cool board with you handsome, young men?
Didn't /a/ love Uchouten Kazoku tho
Tanuki shit was a shit and overrated as fuck anime.
Show was great and what the hell are you taking about?
Most people enjoyed Uchouten Kazoku, OP

Why is Benten so best?
Nah, your shit thread means that.
No, it was shit.

/a/ just somewhat liked it and paraded it as being the AOTS because ''no other decent anime was airing during the summer'' last year.

Fuck those people and fuck this boring anime.

>Why is Benten so best?
Overrated cunt that has the whole beautiful to an insane level as a plot point and is completely stupid.
whatever op, I personally watched and really enjoyed mitsudomoe! and felt liek a pedophile, but its ok, no one knows
I'm glad you put effort into you're bait, but it didn't make me react in the way you intended. Try harder next time, 5/10.
>hue hue bait
>anyone who doesn't like what I like is trolling
Disguise it if you don't want your bait to be called what it is.
That would imply that it is bait if I have to disguise it.
It was perfectly enjoyable. Solid 7/10 series.
> Why is Benten so best?
Benten was CUNT. That bitch ATE! FUCKING ATE mc's father!! It's not like she any reason to do so. Then she tried to eat mc too! MOTHERFUCKING SHIT! This show may have been good and all but the existence of Benten makes me give this a -1/10 . All my fucking rage. I can't even. Dammit. It all felt like some kind ntr doujin.
File: uchouten.jpg (173.39 KB, 1280x720)
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Yasaburo and Benten's conversations were always a delight, the two of them flirted in a similar way to Horo and Lawrence.

It was a genuinely fun and beautiful show. 9/10.
Granted it was me both of the times, but it doesn't change the fact that Benten is the shittiest of all.
What about the man who kidnapped her because he wanted to get inside her? Stop shitposting already.
That was before the tengu took her. And you are saying that allows her to eat mc's father or mc himself?

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