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I need your help /a/, I'm going on a long trip. What are the best finished (all 12 or 24 eps out) anime around this season and the past one? so I have something to watch
Boku no Picos
Kill yourself
Aldnoah zero
Tokyo ghoul
Black bullet
Mekakucity actors
No game no life
Ping pong
It's pointless asking the seekrit club, bro.
I'll get my ass fucked for spoon feeding but fuck, I'm feeling generous today.

Just so you know, only faggots watch Boku no Pico and you should stay away from that sick piece of shit.
Alright, first of all, regardless of what anyone says, Avatar is a crowd favorite and IS considered as an anime, so you should get to it. There's also this cool anime called Wolf's Rain about MOTHER FUCKING WOLVES. Feeling excited yet? Well, hold on to your shorts you little thrill seeker, because you should definitely watch Master of Martial Hearts. Lastly, Totally Spies is what you want, it's this board's guilty pleasure.
Glass lip and boku no pico.
One Piece
Hunter x Hunter
Boku no Pico
D. Gray Man
Soul Eater
Master of Martial Hearts

Don't bother with anything this season until you've finished these first.

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