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ready for flat chest misaki faggots
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There are not enough words in all the world's languages combined to describe how appalling that is.
Threadly reminder:
-That Misaka stalked and attacked pre-amnesia Touma constantly just because he can block her shitty powers.
-Reminder that Misaka never thanked Touma properly after helping her save her sisters and her sorry suicidal ass
-That Misaka forced Touma to date her while being obnoxious with her shitty hobby
-That Misaka delayed an injured Touma from going to help the Amakusas because she wanted to confirm to herself her own retarded feelings
-That Misaka forced Touma to bring her ass to Hawaii, giving him unnecessary burden
-That Misaka, despite not being his girlfriend and haven't even confessed to him yet, bought rings for the both of them that makes sure that Touma won't cheat
-That Misaka attacked a grievously injured Touma after seeing him with Cendrillon without asking questions because her shit logic believes that "he can take it".
-That Misaka, without even asking questions, again, tried to drag Touma by his belt from a rooftop, nearly getting him killed.
-That Misaka refused to translate Cendrillon's words to Touma because she got jelly, denying Touma a justified thanks from her
-That Misaka shocked an already injured Touma, again, while he was in a midst of an existential crisis while talking about things she knows nothing about


I am actually impressed by your commitment.
She's alright. It's clear that she wanted to thank him at the end of sister's arc, she just couldn't spit it out. It's the feeling that counts at the end of the day.

Do you think the Touman really threw himself in there against Accelerator just so the tsundere electric girl would say thank you afterwards? He clearly knew she was thankful, that's all that matters.

There's a thread you didn't get yet.
Not sure if this pasta is meant to make Mikotofags respond or poke fun at Mikotohater samefag. None of it is especially damning when you put each example into its proper narrative context.

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