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A long shot, but a couple of questions for those of you who have progressed further than current English subs for Gintama.

1. Has Sakamoto (the AHAHAHA guy) been involved in any serious arc? Given his background it's a matter of time...
2. Has Otsu been used or endangered in any way due to her connection with Bansai?

I'm trying to speculate what the next serious arc will entail, and these two seem like the most likely candidates for plot elements, if they haven't occurred already. Though of course Gintama isn't about serious business and all, but after reading the summaries for the latest arc ending in 105, I'm a bit curious.
1. Dunno. I don't think so.

2. No.
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Alright, thanks. For some reason I would like to see both of these happen, which probably means I'm a terrible person.
Gintama fails

The character named Saigo Takamori (that in real life was Japan's greatest hero) is a fucking okama.
Uh, not OP... but where can I download recent chapter of Gintama? manga one, that's it
also, kondou isami is a stalking loser who was almost publicly raped by a gorilla, hijikata toshizou is a mayo freak, okita souji is a sadist, katsura kogoro is nuts and also a trap (you know he rocks the zurako look). so what's your point? the japanese still love it.
1. I dunno i don't care Gintama is Fuck Win as a comedy
2. No

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