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File: top_karen.jpg (143.27 KB, 600x450)
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143.27 KB JPG
what the fuck did I just read
File: Caren (6).jpg (3.13 MB, 1740x4965)
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3.13 MB JPG
CAREN best girl
Literal slut.
about as slutty as it gets
She's in the running for world champ of Slutmania 30
File: Caren.png (158.30 KB, 264x554)
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158.30 KB PNG
I was really disappointed to find out she's a shitty whore. Worse than Sakura. At least Sakura didn't want it.
File: Caren (10).jpg (271.98 KB, 1123x1600)
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271.98 KB JPG
Sakura is a slut who enjoyed getting raped but would never admit to it. Our lord and savior Shinji-sama confirmed that Sakura liked getting raped by him. She might not have wanted to get raped but she enjoyed it and other than that her life was fine.

Caren on the other hand was forced into a life of basically being a slave for the churh and eventually having her skills abused by the church to make their work easier. She is literally obligated to get her bones broken by demons repeatedly in order to make the churches job easier.
>Willingly surrenders her body to anyone and everyone
>Gets horny and orgasms from intense pain.
>Gets raped by literal demon
>Falls in love with said demon as a result

She's on another plane of sluttiness. She is to sluts what Gil is to Servants.

See >>115261014

They pretty much hit the nail on the head

Captcha: Clergymen - Things Caren has probably done
File: Caren (7).jpg (97.43 KB, 600x825)
97.43 KB
97.43 KB JPG

>>Willingly surrenders her body to anyone and everyone
Because the church has convinced her it is her job.
>>Gets horny and orgasms from intense pain.
She gets it from her dad.
>>Gets raped by literal demon
Again, her job.
>>Falls in love with said demon as a result
Falling in love is bad?

Also I need to sleep so dont keep me here long.
File: shiki.gif (38.63 KB, 500x500)
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38.63 KB GIF
Groundhog day
Hey man if you want to argue there's a good reason why Caren is a turboslut the likes no one has ever seen before then feel free, but that doesn't change the fact that she is.
>giving a shit about sluts in fate after extra

Extra came after HA, anon.
Also Extra is terrible and a non-thing.
We are discussing a good game in this thread.
Caren is good at playing piano and getting fucked repeatedly.

Amazing writing by the legendary Nasu. Yet another forced tragedy character.
Only one of those things is true and its not the Piano playing
Only such a loving father could produce a daughter like that
You got me with the filename

From what's been shown, she only recognises men as weak & needy, partially because of lust. She's just as bad as Shirou's "because you're a girl".
What happens if Tohno meets Caren?
File: Karen.jpg (119.11 KB, 503x531)
119.11 KB
119.11 KB JPG
Karen is possibly the sluttiest being in the Nasuverse. But, that just makes me like her even more.
He'd get turned off by the lack of challenge and give up.
How come Bazett had some "work related experience" but never had a boyfriend? Was she captured and gangraped or something?

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