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I picked up the first volume today, again, after my cat pissed on my last one. I've read the VN and am wondering what people think about the manga so far?

It feels like there is a lot of rearranging the story to make it more cohesive, and clarification and new info to help understand the solutions better. A new art style is refreshing.
VN > Manga >>>>>> Anime
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There was an anime?
File: 393382.jpg (2.18 MB, 2873x4099)
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Yes, there was. And that 'There is no X anime' is getting old.
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You're getting old, and Battler will never come for you on a white horse.
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>and Battler will never come for you on a white horse.
But I'm not gay.
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Nothing in Umineko can possibly be gay, no matter the sex.
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posting more Best, which isn't hard because everyone in Umineko is Best.

Yasu ;__;
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Without love, it's healthy pussy cannot be seen.
Only read the first five episodes but I really like the manga, it's a good adaption. I got the feeling it made the Ange parts in ep 4 more bearable too.

The only thing that's missing is the music.
File: 11_0124umineko0057.jpg (359.78 KB, 1600x1200)
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Ive been playing through the BGM list while reading, problem solved!

Also, who here feels like buying a small island off Japan? It will be fun I swear.
File: angeannoyed.png (180.96 KB, 462x600)
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but check it for hidden bases and bombs first.
Reminder that Umineko is a shitty plagiarism of this
and that R07 is a hack
Well there isn't.

The manga is great if you can't stand the sprites in Umineko.
>implying it's plagiarism and not a hommage when he even mentions the book in his story
Dude, it was perhaps loosely inspired at best, and by that I mean like 2-3 elements are similar in theme. The execution is completely different though, and R07 is clearly channeling the established murder mystery genre as a whole, and pulling many elements from it and acknowledging it withing the actual meta.

If anything it has way more in common with "And Then There Were None" (down to one of the murder answers) which is also lamp-shaded directly in Chiru.
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First two EPs can't compare to the VN but are decent. EP3 and 4 though seemed quite a bit better to me and are a good adaptation of the series. I'd still insist on the VN for Umineko while for Higurashi the manga is good enough to match the VN (especially in Kai)

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