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Do you think I'd enjoy saki even if I don't understand mahjong?
Someone post the Akagi/Saki enjoyment as mahjong knowledge grows chart.
I never watched Saki but that girl is cute as fuck, would hold hands with.
It's a boy.
I'd recommend reading how Mahjong basically works, you don't need all that advanced stuff to enjoy it but at least know the basics I think.
>Not using Saki: Tanoshii as subject
You screwed it.
It ok,
No, it is incredibly fucking boring.

Unless you are somehow more invested in fapbait than anything else, to the point where you need to watch a series to fap to the doujins.

Otherwise just watch an ecchi show.
Mahjong knowledge helps but is by no means a requisite.

Also, if you do know reach mahjong it's best to know enough so you recognize their hands but not enough to the point where you realize how ridiculous it all is.

I went in only knowing the rules of speed variants meant to be played for gambling purposes so pretty much next to nothing about reach other than high-value hands and some win cons. But if you know any other form of mahjong you can pick reach up just by watching the show.
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Mahjong is fun
>About Saki
>About Mahjong
I know jack shit about Mahjong (and still don't), but I still thoroughly enjoyed all three current seasons of Saki.
You will be fine, they handhold heavily early.
It's pretty much just Rummy with tiles, I don't understand what people think is so hard to understand about it...
File: 1246640133607.jpg (814.18 KB, 2120x2187)
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You have to know a little about the game to know that they're doing once in a lifetime hands to order; but yeah, mostly it's a magical girl show with tile game subtext.

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