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File: Sailor-Moon-Crystal-3.jpg (130.73 KB, 620x698)
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What's going on here?
Schoolgirl prostitution
Redrawing the whole show must be a pain in the ass
It looks worse on the "fixed" version

Wow, it really does.

How did Sailor Moon of all things get such a shitty adaption?
- No Ikuhara
- No Junichi Satou
- Modern Toei

There is something out there called "manga purists" who think that the original is always better. They are also retarded.
There is a light source in between their heads in the second one.

I'm really worried about the new season of Digimon next year.
>tfw the same hambeasts that were hyping Crystal as a feminist victory for following the manga are now whining because muh sassy Rei, muh female friendship, etc.
>I'm really worried about the new season of Digimon next year.
It will be shit, I just know it.
Look at all recent Toei works.
Why Mamoru is a fucking sperglord now?
Takeuchi has an aspie fetish or Crystal fucked up Mamoru's characterization? The former would explain why she married Togashi
guys the top is the BD the bottom is the TV

still can't believe they managed to get rid of her surprised expression.

Ehh I think you will find the top adheres more closely to the great Takeuchi-sama's original artwork. Therefore it is better. Because the original is always better and no way can an anime ever improve or add anything in an adaptation. Sailor Moon Crystal will easily eclipse the original anime, much like Brotherhood eclipsed the original FMA.
The animation budget got even shittier.
Girls fucking love the manga though. If it wasn't for the cheap production and bi-weekly releases, the fangirls would fucking love Crystal.
File: Sailor horror.png (226.83 KB, 500x373)
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Nothing can be as bad as episode 3
File: 1408310164617.png (555.94 KB, 1280x720)
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