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Your name was Kuro, a fitting name for someone who has had such a dark past such as yourself. "Kuro... wake up! You'll be late for school!" You hear it's tiny voice call out to you. Ever since your alarm clock broke, your contractor has been the one waking you up.

It took all your willpower to get out of bed again today. "Good morning Kuro..." The white cat-like being greets you from your nightstand. You could still remember your surprise the first time he showed up in front of you. It made you a deal to save your life as your life slowly fades away after you slit your wrists in the bath tub.

"I'm not in the mood for it today." You snap at it as you get out of bed. Just thinking about going to school and seeing your classmates sapped the life out of you.

"Eh? you seem to be in a bad mood again today..." It says mockingly. "You know a lot of girls would kill to be in your position... you are a magical girl you know!"

You turn your head towards him and give him a glare. "Stop joking around with me... I'm nothing but your slave!" It was true. The only reason you exist nowadays is to slay what it called anomalies. Creatures born from the malice of humans that manifest themselves as dangerous monsters that you have to kill. The reason? That's the sustenance of your contractor.

"I saved your life! So it's only natural for you to pay me bac-"
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"You tricked me... I wanted to die..." 2 years ago, in your last year of middle school you watched your parent's commit suicide after they got into debt. You had no one else to take care of you and you were passed around from abusive foster home to abusive foster home until you decided it would be best to just take your own life. Unfortunately it showed up and robbed you of freedom. Luckily, it at least granted you the ability to live alone using it's powers.

"I wouldn't say trick... besides a high school girl like you should be more optimistic!" It's lips curl into an annoying smile. "Are you going to school today? or are you going to skip again like you've been doing for the past week?"

[ ] Go to school. It won't be good if you get kicked out of school.

[ ] Go to the arcades. Nothing good ever came out of you going to school anyways.

[ ] Custom
>[ ] Go to school. It won't be good if you get kicked out of school.
Might want to try /tg/ if you don't get any posts here, OP.
I don't think they'll like this one there. Thanks for voting anyways, I just thought I'd try it here.

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