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File: momo sora.png (847.62 KB, 547x748)
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Hello, /a/!

Today, I will be dumping new project from /a/nimango scans (which you probably know from Tsugumomo threads), a manga named Momo Sora by Itokatsu-who is also the author of Silver Nina.

Momo Sora is a SoL manga about Nonohara Himari, her brother and their step-mother dealing with life after death of her father- as you expect from Silver Nina's author, its not a dark manga. Its fluffy SoL

I will be dumping its third chapter using Mkw's translation.

Gdoc link:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9oL4MLYSA3Lc2t4TGtlVGh2M00&usp=drive_web
File: CCF_0052.jpg (185.98 KB, 1524x2134)
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Chapter 3: Observatory
File: CCF_0053.jpg (463.79 KB, 1524x2134)
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463.79 KB JPG
sfx(panel 1): *foolish grin*
sfx(panel 2): *wipe*x2
sfx(panel 3): *grin*x2
File: CCF_0054.jpg (476.43 KB, 1528x2134)
476.43 KB
476.43 KB JPG
>Himari: You know...
>Himari: Momo, that face is a little scary.
>Momo: Eh?
>Himari: What do you mean, 'eh'? You've been looking at us and grinning for some time now...
>Momo: I was making a face like that?
Text: This is the "Sasanoha Observatory". It's built a short distance away from our home.
Text: It's Momo's workplace.
Text: Hearing that Momo was going to clean the whole place up by herself...
>Momo: Um...
Text: Kōta and I decided to help her out, but...
File: CCF_0055.jpg (384.71 KB, 1528x2134)
384.71 KB
384.71 KB JPG
>Momo: You see- For example-
>Momo: When you're a child, you visit the family grave with your parents, right?
>child: Yaaay!
>Himari: Yeah...
>Momo: Then, your mother says-
>mother: Now, sprinkle plenty of water for your grandpa and grandma.
>child: Okay.
sfx(panel 4): *dripping*
>Momo: While watching you sprinkle the water...
sfx(panel 5): *dripping*
File: CCF_0056.jpg (418.02 KB, 1518x2134)
418.02 KB
418.02 KB JPG
>mother: We've raised this child well.
>Momo: -something like that.
sfx(panel 2): *smile*x2
Text: Oh, nevermind...
Text: So that disturbing look was an "undisguised maternal gaze", huh...
>Himari: For now, please stop with that face.
>Himari: It's creepy.
>Momo: Ehhhhhh?
Text: Although, certainly, it might be good to call this observatory my father's grave marker...
File: CCF_0057.jpg (356.63 KB, 1518x2134)
356.63 KB
356.63 KB JPG
Text: Due to the local government's financial difficulties, it was decided that this observatory would be closed.
Text: My father, an astronomer, expressed his heartfelt wish that the closure be stopped and he continue operating it.
Text: With the conditions that only the minimal operating expenses would be provided, and that my father would operate it alone-
Text: It was able to escape the danger of closure.
Text: In other words.
Text: It's the observatory my father protected.
File: CCF_0058.jpg (509.37 KB, 1518x2130)
509.37 KB
509.37 KB JPG
>Kōta: Say.
>Kōta: This telescope is really something, huh?
>Momo: You understand? Kō.
>Momo: When I heard it was an observatory on the brink of destruction, I thought the telescope, too, would be in bad shape.
>Momo: It was installed at the time when this observatory was created, so it's a really old piece of equipment.
>Momo: It's reallly durable. It's still plenty usable for an active role.
>Kōta: Ohhh?
File: CCF_0059.jpg (394.03 KB, 1518x2130)
394.03 KB
394.03 KB JPG
>Himari: What's this, Kōta?
>Himari: You interested in stars and stuff?
>Kōta: Just a little.
>Kōta: Not just stars.
>Kōta: There's a load of various specialist books in the library.
>Kōta: There's a projector in the video room.
>Kōta: Supposedly it's a facility on the brink of closure.
>Kōta: But, this place is surprisingly interesting.
>Himari: Really?
Text: Interesting...is it?
Text: From my viewpoint, it doesn't look like that at all, though...
File: CCF_0060.jpg (409.71 KB, 1529x2130)
409.71 KB
409.71 KB JPG
>Kōta: May I come to visit here again?
>Momo: Yes, that's fine.
>Momo: Come visit whenever you like.
>Momo: Kō, you take after your father. Definitely.
>Kōta: Is that so, I wonder?
>Kōta: I don't see that at all, though.
Text: So, about the projector's film-
Text: Ohhh?
Text: Still, somehow...
sfx(panel 4): *glare*
Text: That makes me feel subtly angry...
File: CCF_0061.jpg (363.63 KB, 1529x2130)
363.63 KB
363.63 KB JPG
>Himari: You know...
>Himari: This observatory...
>Himari: Is wastefully roomy.
>Himari: Shouldn't we do the rest next time?
Text: Ugggghhhhh!
>Momo: No, no. When you decide to do something, you have to do it the end.
>Momo: Let's work hard on the rest of the cleaning.
Text: Here you go.
>Himari: Ehhhhhh.
File: CCF_0062.jpg (567.90 KB, 1521x2130)
567.90 KB
567.90 KB JPG
File: CCF_0063.jpg (394.39 KB, 1521x2130)
394.39 KB
394.39 KB JPG
sfx(panel 1): *squelch*
sfx(panel 1): *drip*x2
File: CCF_0064.jpg (377.76 KB, 1522x2130)
377.76 KB
377.76 KB JPG
>Himari: Ohhh, geeeeze!
>Himari: So hot!
sfx(panel 1): *removing clothes*
>Himari: I'm thirsty...
>Himari: Somewhere-
>Himari: A juice vending machine...
>Himari: Why would there be one here...
File: CCF_0065.jpg (306.02 KB, 1522x2130)
306.02 KB
306.02 KB JPG
sfx(panel 1): *flap*x3
sfx(panel 2): *flap*x3
>Himari: Arggggh!
File: CCF_0066.jpg (393.54 KB, 1519x2130)
393.54 KB
393.54 KB JPG
>Himari: I'm deaaad tired!
sfx(panel 1): *thud*
>Momo: Good work, you too.
>Momo: I bought water, would you like some? It's good and cold, you know?
Text: Water!
>Himari: Ah, please!
sfx(panel 3): *gulp*x3
>Himari: Ahhhhhhh.
>Himari: This water's delicious...
File: CCF_0067.jpg (552.02 KB, 1519x2130)
552.02 KB
552.02 KB JPG
File: CCF_0068.jpg (422.83 KB, 1522x2134)
422.83 KB
422.83 KB JPG
>Himari: Momo.
>Himari: Supposing Dad were still alive, would the four of us be drinking water here together?
>Momo: Yes.
>Himari: Is that so...
>Himari: Then...
sfx(panel 5): *drip*x2
File: CCF_0069.jpg (503.74 KB, 1522x2134)
503.74 KB
503.74 KB JPG
>Himari: My father needs to...
>Himari: Get a portion too, right?
sfx(panel 3): *grin*x3
>Himari: Momo.
>Himari: That face is creepy, so it's prohibited from now on.
>Momo: Ehhhhh?!


CH 1
CH 2
final bump before I go

Didn't seem to attract too much attention. Well that was cute chapter nevertheless.
File: Spoiler Image (23.81 KB, 310x294)
23.81 KB
23.81 KB JPG
I-I.. liked it.
That was cute indeed. Thanks for your work!
I really enjoyed it, thanks! Big fan of you guys' work, I love Tsugumomo. This one looks really great as well, and reading it like this is very helpful for me in learning to read Japanese. I'm right at the level where I can pretty much read this, but I have the english translations in the post to give me a little help if I need it.

Please continue, and thanks!
Thank you kind sir.
freacking hell, she is really short
Pourin' one out for muh oyaji

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