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Anyone still following the Chihayafuru manga?

Taichi confesses to Chihaya. Chihaya doesn't give a clear response. Taichi quits the Mizusawa karuta club in order to focus on his college entrance exams. Chihaya runs after him saying she doesn't want him to leave. Taichi kisses her and tells her he can't play karuta anymore, "all 100 cards look black to me."

Chihaya status: BTFO
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Holy shit

What are Taichi's actual chances of winning /a/?
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>You think
>I'm made of stone?
Damn that's cold.
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chapter 138 translation

There was a thread earlier in the month, might be another thread when the translations are out.

Anyways its pretty clear that Taichi fags are getting BTFO.
I'm a Taichifag and I think it's the complete opposite. He's finally got some balls and admitted his feelings. He even admitted to stealing Arata's glasses when they were little. He's finally decided that he's not going to let his love for Chihaya control his life and gives her an ultimatum. To me, that kiss was a sign that he's ready to move on if Chihaya won't accept him. The only one who is getting BTFO is Chihaya.
If that makes you feel better, then ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but hes still not winning.
Even though I am a huge Taichi/Chihaya shippingfag, at this point, I don't even care if Taichi ends up with her or not. He's by far the most fleshed out character in this entire series and just seeing his maturation as a person is enough for me.

But do you think Arata is gonna win the Chihayabowl? There has been almost no development of Chihaya's feelings towards Arata. I still feel like she's confusing them with her love of karuta.
I used to be a devoted Taichi-fag.
At this point I don't even care as long as one doesn't win both

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