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Yamcha is hands down the strongest character in any anime or manga of all time. Not only has he ascended past super saiyan 7 in the series, he's also so powerful that Akira admitted he hid Yamcha's true potential for the ENTIRE SERIES because if it was ever discovered, people would always just say "Yamcha could have came and saved the world with 1 hit."
Here are 2 secret photos of Yamcha when he awakens his true potential. Yes they are real, my dad works for microsoft. If you put Naruto and Sasuke in fusion mode with Kaguya and Madara, then make them use Potara fusion earrings with SSJ4 Gogeta and SSJ5 Gotenks, you'd get 1% of Yamcha's power. Krillin was the only man to last more than 2 seconds with Yamcha, totaling at a measly 6 seconds in battle. This is because Yamcha simply sat there allowing Krillin to fly across the planet at full speed for a few seconds.... Just to be punched from over 500 miles away.
Yamcha vs Bills & , SSJ God Sasunarukagumadagogetenks = Blowout, yamcha wins in 2 seconds simply by flicking Bills into Sasunarukagumadagogetenks. This is a proven fact. For those who don't believe, here is proof:
"He's right. Jurel is telling the truth. I was too ashamed to admit this myself because I let such an insanely strong character go to waste, hidden behind fake weakness."
-Akira Toriyama
File: Yamcha Strong form.jpg (431.67 KB, 1024x1905)
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Secret photo #2

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