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As such, to claim anime is 'deep' and that by watching it you 'enrich' your spirit, or however you want to put it, is nothing more than intellectual masturbation. The need to claim your own life is more meaningfull than others' just because you can 'understand' whatever convoluted messages you think you're getting. So watch your 'deep' anime and chew on your philosophical ideeas. If you really want something truely deep though, there is still hope. Lucky Star is the only show that has reached a level of insight into the human intellect, surpassing even that of classical literature. The colorfull, realistic characters, that anyone can identify with; their interactions, wether comical or sentimental, that manage to move anyone, either to tears or laughter. Indeed, 'slice of life' fits this show like a glove, for it's a glimpse into that ideal life we all seek. Watching the characters develop and their relationships intertwine, watching their happy and sad moments, you end up realising what they treasure: the simple everyday life and its mundane but fulfilling joys. Nobody that has watched Lucky Star will remain the same; they will have new insight into themselves and everyone else, and the wish to acheive the same state of mind as Konata, living every day for what it is and what it brings. Throwing their preconceived notions aside, disregarding society's standards, all Lucky Star fans will find that each sunrise brings a day to be enjoyed in its fullest. Buy Lucky Star DVDs now.
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What is it that makes people consider anime 'deep'? Wether it's NGE, Haibane Renmei, Monster or the trolled-to-hell-and-back Geass, they all have something in common. It's either a grimndark universe where characters fight, not so much on a physical ground but on the level of ideeas and concepts, morality and ethics. Or an artistically painted world, filled with metaphors and between-the-lines messages. But let's face it, what relevance does this have to the real world? People's lives will never be as 'meaningfull' as those of artfag anime. There won't be any revelations, no higher meaning of life to be found. No intellectual and emotional experiences on the level that you see in those works. Nor will there be conflict, moral disputes to settle. There won't be right and wrong, no fighting against injustice. And because the writers, the people that crafted these series aren't the wiser to whatever 'deep' aspects of life you're trying to uncover. The people that could accurately portray things, soldiers, killers, madmen, people who have experienced emotional trauma, will be found to often lack what you would expect. Anime and movies for that matter are just ideals. A soldier coming back from war won't be sporting philosophical understanding, but a broken spirit, a mind tired of death, and just the wish to rest. On the other hand, you also idealise character interaction, wether it's love or friendship or whatever else. Nobody's life is that artsy, I'm afraid. Even the most 'enlightened' individiuals will be found to be driven by the same needs and desires as everyone else, wether wrapped in rationalization and metaphor or not.
I don't wanna read all this.
tl;dr: copypasta
Please don't lump Death Note or Code Geass with the great masters of DEEP.

Stopped reading here.

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