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Gentlemen, I like war.

Gentlemen, I love war.

I like genocide. I like blitzkrieg. I like aggressive war. I like defensive war.

I like sieges. I like breaking through. I like withdrawing. I like retreating. I like cleaning up.

In moors. On highways. In trenches. In plains. On tundra. In desert. On sea. In sky. In mud. In marshes.

I love every aspect of war that takes place on this earth.

I like blowing away the enemy with a thunderous roar of a line of guns going off all at once. When an enemy is shot to pieces after being thrown high into the air, my heart dances.

I like crushing the enemy tank with the 88 MM on our tanks. When I mowed down the enemy who fled screaming from the burning tank with an MG, my heart leapt.

I like it when the infantry plow through the enemy's lines with their bayonets all in a line. I remember being moved when seeing new recruits, filled with panic, stabbing an already dead enemy again and again.

Seeing an escapee being strung from a lamp post in the street is unendurably exciting. Seeing a captive be thrown down with a piercing shriek, as my own hand falls, was spectacular.

When the pitiful resistance came bravely with their small firearms...and we destroyed them and a good chunk of the city with the 4.8 ton bomb, I was at my height.

I like it when we are destroyed with the morning dew. It is a sad thing when the town one is supposed to protect is trampled, and the women and children violated and killed.

I like being squashed and destroyed by England and America's amount of material resources. Being followed by English and American forces and having to crawl around on the ground like a pesky insect is the ultimate disgrace.

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