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I know in manga they're a little too busy knowing Hokuto Shinken or Nada Shin Kage or some other made up martial art but wouldn't it be better if they just used more real styles? I know I pay more attention when they say "I use Tae Kwon do" instead of "I use the overwhelming fist of demise!"
Those are real
But if they used Tae Kwon Do there would be no Hokuto Hyuakuretsu Ken and thus no ATATATATATATATATA and thus no "You're already dead". Do you even realize what you're saying? You want to make Hokuto no Ken suck like almost all the martial arts manga who use realistic styles and turn the upside down into complete bullshit at some point.
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It's sad because there are people who think like this
You'd rather have a real martial art that actually has limitations over a fictional martial art that is fucking awesome?

Writers don't know tae kwon do. Therefore, their characters shouldn't use it.

Besides, a manga where a character uses a real martial art as it's meant to be used would be boring. LOL RULES.

"You are already dead."

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Well we got the newfags coming in who have seen a few Ken gifs awesome. Let's talk about Tough then. This is a good example it has both fake and real styles. It's interesting to read.

Sucks beyond comprehension. "eye in the sky" and "liquid bones"... lolwut.

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